"Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief" by Lawrence Wright

Discussion in 'Media' started by The Wrong Guy, Nov 14, 2012.

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    I saw this book in costco.
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    Costco US or Canada?
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    Tony Ortega posted this on Facebook:

    Steven Hassan has some interesting criticisms of Lawrence Wright's book "Going Clear," and he also helps us make an announcement about Jon Atack -- that his legendary book "A Piece of Blue Sky" will soon be available in an unexpurgated form! More details at the post.

    Lawrence Wright’s Scientology Book Gets Some Thrashing from Cult Expert Steven Hassan

    Well, not everyone loves Lawrence Wright’s book, Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, & the Prison of Belief. The Church of Scientology isn’t very happy about it, but neither is Steven Hassan, who writes about cults and mind control. He wishes Larry had said more about undue influence in Scientology, and we’d like to hear what you think about that in the comments.

    More at
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  4. jensting Member

    One comfort is that we shan't have the Monica Pignotti drama here - once is quite enough! :D :D
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    I'll keep my opinion to myself as don't want to be barred. Reading too much propaganda or brain-washing stuff has been piling up and I become snarky. So will keep my mouth shut untill regroup. (for awhile):( However, I did like what Hassan had to say.
    I got it-- must be my feline period with the full moon :oops:
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  7. I had no idea what you were talking about until I read the whole thread.

    That was like nails on chalkboard.
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    Can you share a page number?
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  9. Not sure what you mean, but most of the weirdness is a few page refreshes down the line.

    She seems to have one of those one-track minds.
  10. I can relate. Spent a few hours researching a locally emergent cult ( anybody with info on 'God the Mother' -jesus cult that worships Korean lady- out there?) on Rick Ross this weekend.It's hard not to come away with a hatred of mental manipulation.
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    I'm enjoying "Going Clear", it's filling in a lot of holes for me. I'm up to the Paulette Cooper saga now and Hubbard has just come across as obsessive and insane.
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    SIDE NOTE: Since the release of Wright's book, the number of Scilon-related news items within a 24-hour period has dropped by more than 50% in a Google News search.
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    Don't say Beetlejuice one more time!
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  18. failboat Member

    KCRW, Writers Bloc & The Hollywood Reporter Present

    UpClose: Kim Masters in conversation with Lawrence Wright

    Thu. 02/28 | 7:00PM (Doors)

    Tickets ($20):
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  20. Anonymous Member

    So what does that mean? That so many people bought his book that they are no longer looking for Sci news online?
  21. YouSeeNothing Member

    I believe it means that once the big news of the release died down and the associated news items started slowing, the total number of scilon news items decreased. I know it's pretty obvious stuff--big news means more stories--but since I've been following the news for the last six months, I've noticed the trends. I would like The Wrong Guy's take on this too if he can find the time.

    During the Tom/Katie divorce I could search for news over a 24-hour period and get 10-20 pages of items--not all related to the divorce. Now I'm seeing only three pages on average when it's a slow news day. I'm not sure what the significance is yet, just interesting to note.

    EDIT: Here's a link to a typical search scientology

    BTW, I see that this was just posted 18 minutes ago:
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Thanks. I understand now. When the book first came out and the Atlantic fiasco happened, I found 163 new items about Scientology one day, just in English. It's quite different today.
    I guess we'll just have to wait for Jenna Miscavige's book to come out. I don't anticipate that much noise surrounding her book, but I bet she'll be pretty popular as well, since the seeds of interest were already sown by Wright.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Maybe their PR-Machine keeps a low profile atm., also J.Miscavige's book will come out next week and their shrinking OSA team is already busy preparing some "handling" for this.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    I'm sure OSA or "Pouw" will keep on referring to Jenna Miscavige "Ms. Hill" to distance her from DM. But it will make it even funnier, because then casual readers won't understand who the fuck OSA is talking about.
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  25. YouSeeNothing Member

    A lot of the recent news items have been generated outside of the cult. The ones that come from within seem to get the most traction though. Anything related to the celebs increases the hits tremendously--I think it's just a reflection of our celebrity culture. The cult seems to have put a lid on any celebrity news recently, not even positive spin.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Maybe people are busy reading... the book? :)
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  27. tigeratbay Member

    The reporter Freeman says at the end, "It is, in its own dark ways, the inevitable religion to emerge from 20th-century America." It's that attitude one ends up with, that irritates, so "reasonable!"
  28. DeathHamster Member

    The current Pouw isn't in the hole.
  29. The Wrong Guy Member

    Can’t Handle The Truth? How a ‘New Yorker’ Reporter and a Team of Fact-Checkers Took on the Church of Scientology | The New York Observer

    By Dan Duray

    Lawrence Wright’s new book on Scientology, Going Clear (Knopf, 448 pp., $28.95), was spun out of his 2011 story for The New Yorker about director Paul Haggis’s break with the church. Two magazine fact-checkers worked on the story full-time for four to six months of its yearlong inception, and close to publication they were joined by three more. Their first message to the church, verifying facts about its practices, the life of L. Ron Hubbard and the church’s current leader, David Miscavige, contained 971 questions. Peter Canby, head of the magazine’s fact-checking department, said it was the most “difficult and complicated” story he’s ever worked on in his 19 years at The New Yorker. Second place, he said, went to another piece by Mr. Wright, a profile of Ayman al-Zawahiri that came out in 2002, “when we probably knew more about al-Zawahiri than the CIA did.”

    As recounted in the Haggis piece, in September 2010 the church sent two flacks and four lawyers to the New Yorker offices at 4 Times Square in a grand effort to respond to those questions and to see if they couldn’t dissuade the editors from publishing the piece.

    The meeting lasted about eight hours. The Scientology team, outfitted in sharp suits, frequently giggled as Mr. Wright defended his sources. The church representatives presented charts that detailed everything they perceived to be wrong with the story, based on what they knew about it from the fact-checking questions. Tommy Davis, the church’s lead spokesman at the time, would often interrupt Mr. Wright’s references to the church leader, saying, “you mean Mr. Miscavige, Larry, Mr. Miscavige.”

    “He had a pie chart of the 971 questions we’d sent him,” Mr. Wright said, recalling the meeting during a recent interview at the Random House offices. “The pie chart showed that 59 percent of them were false.” He let that sink in. “They’re questions! How do they fall into the true-false category? It was bizarre to me.”

    Continued at
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  30. The Wrong Guy Member

    More Signs of Scientology’s Armageddon as the Media Take Aim - The Underground Bunker

    By Tony Ortega

    Just a quick evening post for some blatant self-promotion as we point out a couple of smart news stories that feature quotes from the Bunker.

    This afternoon, The Observer‘s Dan Duray published an insightful look at the fact-checking process that journalists go through when they investigate the Church of Scientology. Specifically, he talked with Lawrence Wright and his indefatigable researcher, Lauren Wolf, about what they went through trying to get answers from Scientology’s spokeswoman, Karin Pouw.

    And Dan revealed what we told him: that we haven’t heard directly from Pouw since the Debbie Cook lawsuit last February.

    Karin, where’s the love?

    More, and open comments, at
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  31. jensting Member

    That's right - just continue to be distracted by mentions of your name, Mr David "he is NOT insane!" Miscavige, Sir, COB! Nothing at all to see anywhere else. Just follow the sound of those people saying horrible things about your person.
  32. AnyOldName Member

    Hey Tommy: FIFY
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  33. RolandRB Member

    I think the Jenna Miscavige Hill book will have a big effect in turning David Miscavige into a public enemy and it is arriving with perfect timing.
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  34. DeathHamster Member

    With the constant cycling of the "Karin Pouw"s to The Hole and back, the response delays are understandable.

    Herm. Most normal organizations are quite clear about who their spokespeople are. They announce who has been appointed, and who has been removed. Did Scientology ever announce that Tommy Davis was disappointed? (Yeah, the whole meta-problem how do you announce that your spokesvoice has changed? Let's not go there.)
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  35. Anonymous Member

    I'd say he was more relieved than disappointed.
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  39. failboat Member

    An interview with Lawrence Wright, author of Going Clear.

    Slightly below the title, there is a 30minute interview. If it doesn't play for you, click the "play in another tab" link.
    Or Download:
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  40. failboat Member

    Larry Wright is a whirlwind.

    Boston, MA, Tonight
    (audio should be up soon)
    EDIT: Audio is up now!
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