"Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief" by Lawrence Wright

Discussion in 'Media' started by The Wrong Guy, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. YouSeeNothing Member

    Marty's Review:

  2. wolfbane Member

    ^^What a lovely example of epic butthurt:

    I lol'd hard... what a lulzcow.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    DAMN! These mofo's sure like their stats! 4 tracking cookies:

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  4. Anonymous Member

    For starters: Piwik, Google Analytics, Realtimewebstats and ""
  5. DeathHamster Member

    Yeah? Well fuck you Marty!
  6. AnyOldName Member

    It's intended for anyone googling. They don't want "church" members actually reading about the book. Freedumb mag will be doing their usual stupid slam for the "faithful".
  7. DeathHamster Member

    They're paying the Big Bucks for a high-capacity multi-hosting service for it.
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  8. BlackRob Member

    Seems like Tommy is still drinking the kool-aid:

  9. BlackRob Member


    Fast forward to 2013, and they are still twice his height.
    Ain't that a bitch.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Looks like Larry has a gotten some people's boxers in a bunch, lol
  11. BlackRob Member

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  12. YouSeeNothing Member

    They should have gone the Pope route. He lives in luxury because his parishioners are proud of him and their religion and want him to have the best.
  13. BlackRob Member

    Well, i read the whole site... And i am sure they got the book in advance. Anyway, it really sucks. They mostly debunk stories about how it was not january, but february and stuff like that. They don't debunk the fact that LRH was down with the Parsons or about all the fake medals and stuff like that. It's one big ass fluff piece. I am wondering who wrote all that stuff, because it had to look something like this when he/she wrote it:


    Plus the site looks like it was made in Word 2000 ==> Export to HTML. That shit looks cheap. They could've atleast used an ready-to-go template or something. This shit looks unprofessional. It's a shame. And the interesting thing is that they consulted Tommy Davis in some of the pieces. So he prolly still drinking the kool-aid.
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  14. BlackRob Member

    I like the way Wright defends himself... Asking why David Miscavige is not doing a face-to-face interview:

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  15. YouSeeNothing Member

    A response on Marty's thread regarding the "fallacies" in "Going Clear".:
    Anyone know how easy it is to peruse military records...for several weeks?
    EDIT: Almost seems like they're disappointed that Wright doesn't expound upon the good things of the tech.
  16. BlackRob Member

  17. YouSeeNothing Member

    I was under the impression she was at the archives. I guess she did it all online. Ima gonna check that out.
    "pouring through the military archives in Washington, DC"
  18. YouSeeNothing Member

    Well I checked the archives site in DC and there's no online service you have to physically be in the building. So, I'm gonna chalk her claim up as bullshit. Unless she actually travelled the country to not verify anything.

    D'oh. I missed the obvious. She was looking for records that don't exist because they never happened.
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  19. Anonymous Member



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  20. YouSeeNothing Member

    I guess it's part of their healing. As she, in particular, travels the country searching for answers, she'll realize that LRH was a fraud and move past him.
  21. another123 Member

    snagged from an ESMB post:
    [IMG]NYtimes: Book Review Podcast: Inside Scientology (first 20 min)
    MP3 link:

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  22. YouSeeNothing Member

    Margaret has posted again and this time is detailing her claims and has revealed her source. She's using a third-party search engine to review the military archives. She's trying to redeem Hubbard's honor by verifying his "war record". I checked out the search site (links to a document verifying that Hubbard was in Naval Intelligence) and there's a one week free trial if any anons want to start digging. I don't want to muddy this thread anymore, should I just start a new thread for Hubbard's war record search?

    EDIT: site requires a credit card. Nevermind.
  23. DeathHamster Member

    He was a cable censor officer on the supply ship Algol. That means that he read the letters to home from everyone and x-ed-out anything that might be a give-away like the weather on a particular day. It's the kind of crap job that you toss at junior officers. Serious positions like laundry officer were probably already assigned. The Naval Intelligence part was that he should report suspicious in their letters to mom. ("I miss your apple IFBCB PKCPI YJMHE PHBHP pie and am AHPPO IHHPH OHPDF YNFPB looking forward to it when I am getting back. XOXO ですHH!")

    He was less involved with Intelligence than the parking attendant at the NSA, or Communications Security Establishment Canada.

    Edit: Reviewing his real record (or at least the current Wikipedia version), he did have more contact with Naval Intelligence than that, but he was still just a small paper-shuffler, not a double-naught sekret navel agent. Back then, you needed an army (or navy) of file clerks to support the real operation, and you needed some junior officers to front for the NCOs who really ran the show.
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  24. Born2Shop Member


    Well, I would only put this on an Anon forum but there is a truly epic bit on the final page of the book before the acknowledgments and the like.

    This is a spoiler alert for anyone who wants to read the book before finding out anything new (at least I never saw this).

    Don't read this if you don't want to know something that is going to rock the world of scientologists of all flavors.

    I'll just put this here from the epilogue at the end of the book:

    ".....Six weeks before the leader died, Pfauth hesitantly related, Hubbard called him into the bus. He was sitting in his little breakfast nook. 'He told me he was dropping his body......He told me he failed, he's leaving. .....He said he's not coming back here to Earth. He didn't know where he'd wind up.'..........

    I mentioned the legend in Scientology that Hubbard will return.

    'That's bull crap.' Pfauth said. 'He wanted to drop the body and leave. And he told me basically that he failed.
    All the work and everything, he'd failed'........"
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  25. Born2Shop Member

    FWIW, I just did my own book review of "Going Clear" and put it on Amazon:
    If you don't want to go to Amazon for any reason, here it is. It is nothing more than my honest opinion:

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  26. YouSeeNothing Member

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  27. Anonymous Member

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  28. Anonymous Member

    I agree. Lawrence Wright said very calmly - I know the Church executives were here and tried to convince you not to air this interview. Why aren't they here talking on camera, like I do?
    Because they are chicken shits, because nothing they say will ever come across as sounding truthful.
    And Scientology wouldn't dare to sue Lawrence Wright in the UK either, they would never risk Miscavige being deposed.
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  29. jensting Member

    Happily for David "he is NOT insane!" Miscavige, he does not have to have any personal involvement with a lawsuit in England. One way of doing it is to find a current member who is named in the book and who is willing to sign a complaint (that shouldn't be too hard). Then an insanely high priced lawyer simply fills in the blanks in "_____ felt her/his privacy invaded by the dastardly writing by ____" and submit it to a court proceeding which gives a so-called super injunction which makes it a crime to even talk about the fact that there is an injunction (mush less who the people involved are or which work is described). Easy. Not cheap, but at least it's uncomplicated.

    If only there were no "Streisand Effect" everything would be just peachy. For those who can afford the lawyers.
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  30. RightOn Member

    ok didn't know where to put this, I did a search and nothing came up where to put this.
    and if it is worthy of it's own thread for discussion, mods please move.
    I have not seen this particular copy of Hubbards letter on disconnection before from St. Hill. ( I am sure others have) And if this has been broguht up before, then just forget it.

    Everyone has read Hubbard's policy on disconnection and the "cancelling" of it in 1968 and the "special way" it was carefully worded.
    I came across one of Hubbard's letters on a German Indie site.
    It was a letter to the Commission of Inquiry in New Zealand from St Hill.

    It reads:
    "In regard to the practice of disconnetion, I have taken this up with the Board of Directors of the Church of Scientology, and they have no intention of re-introducing this policy which was cancelled on the 15th of November in 1968.

    For my part, I can see no reason for this policy should ever be re-introduced, as an extensive survey in the English speaking countries found that this practice was unacceptable"

    Original copy of letter here:

    So a couple of things here.
    Was Hubbard admitting that he was repsonsible for disconnection way back then and that was he responsible for trying to get rid of it?
    And what was this "extensive survey he spoke of? Just COS BS?
    OR tell me to GTFO
  31. failboat Member

    Response by the Church of Scientology to 'Going Clear'

    3 letters, 17 pages of Scilon butthurt posted at the link. Enjoy.
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  32. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tony Ortega posted this on Facebook:

    Scientology is scrambling to deal with all the bad publicity around Larry Wright's book, and it's really quite fun to take it all in. And while we wait for the next big story to drop, we've put together some items to keep you up to date.

    Scientology Scrambling to Deal with Bad Publicity

    This report from CNN today gives you an indication of how the Church of Scientology is fighting back at Larry Wright’s book, Going Clear. It’s really quite entertaining. And should be even more so when, we hear, Wright appears on Anderson Cooper 360 tonight. Let’s all tune in! (Go here if you can’t get enough of the hilariously huffy lawyer letters that Scientology has sent CNN.)

    Also, we hear that a major new Scientology story is going to break tomorrow, but we can’t say anything about it yet. We’re full of secrets today.

    More, and open comments, at
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  33. Anonymous Member

  34. Anonymous Member

    Wait, only 3 letters? They are really struggling if they can only round up 3 people to respond.
  35. Anonymous Member

  36. Anonymous Member

    LOL. Indeed only three letters is very little. Normally it's closer to eleven.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Remember that this is only their response to CNN.

    How many other media outlets have covered Wright's book?

    They are busy writing letters to Everybody.
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  38. BlackRob Member

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  39. another123 Member

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  40. Anonymous Member

    The fuck? Won't file any action until after the book's initial sale period has expired? You know Mr. Miscavige, that Wright has a billion year contract covering the initial sales period?
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