Going viral on the internet, again.

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by [\], Feb 28, 2008.

  1. [\] Member

    Going viral on the internet, again.

    Even if the first video has over 2M views (it's down by the way, terms of use violations stuff), the Internet remains mostly an untapped resource. We need to reach everyone, down to the most obscure message board. So, how do we do that?
    I thought about people's love for points. Even if they don't mean anything, points make you all warm and fuzzy, and make you want points. They lead to competition, which means, again, more points. Then they want their friends to try it, to compete with, and again, more points.
    This is used in many online games (Bitefight and Miniville, to cite two), clicking on a particular url gives points to a particular player, and it is also how they recruit new players.

    Here's the idea :
    What if a point was a person who got informed of the illegal practices of Scientology?

    A simple website, based on this idea, requiring giving an url to friends. On the page, there are 2-3 paragraphs (it must fit entirely on a screen, with proper line spacing), giving a little introduction, and explaining what Scientology did : fair game is the most widely documented fact, and appears not too tinfoil-hatty for newcomers. A youtube embedded video of a short example of fair game would be nice too (at most 1 minute long, remember, we must assume that they know nothing about scientology, so their attention span is low).
    At the end of the page, there's a link to a second page, titled something like "I want to know more". This is where the points come in : if the newcomer clicks on this link, the one who gave him the link is awarded a point.

    On the second page, there's a short summary of other practices (still within a single screen) : disconnection, snow white, the war on psychiatry and denial of medication. Then a mention of the protests and enturbulation, and put something like this : "even if you can't go to the protests, there is a simple way to help : do the same as the person who sent you this link. You can register, and send the link to the people you know!".

    The register form should be extremely simple : nickname - password - confirm password, and even a default, prefilled nickname would be nice (just Anonymous#, where # is the first available number). No confirmation email, they're a PITA. Of course, a new registered member would be worth more points (5? 10? or maybe a pyramid system, where you gain a percentage of the points of the persons you've "converted", over a fixed number of generations).

    The new member would be given an url to give to others, links to more information about scientology, and the cycle repeats. Hopefully it will grow exponentially for a while. People love points. They love them even more if they mean something.
    Every legal means would be allowed to gain points, as long as there's a real, new person reading the text. Chain letters, blog posts, youtube videos, boards signatures, threads, MMOs, online games, posters, flyers...
    I don't think there would be many cheaters, since there is nothing to win, except knowing that you gave knowledge to others. It's more of an honor system that way.
    And I think enturbulation and ocmb should be "neutral zones" : no personal links, since if you're on the board, you're already quite informed. Maybe a special topic about it, with the main link.

    tl;dr version : Website where you give points to people who give links to a page explaining scientology's crimes, bonus points if they register. People love points. Exponential growth is awesome.

    Okay, now, what do you think about it, and who would be ready to do it ?
  2. WMAnon Member

    Re: Going viral on the internet, again.

    People participating in this would not be Anon. I'm not saying that we don't need non-Anon support, just that the idea of "points" and "status" is directly contrary to the notion of Anonymous.
  3. HamsterBoogie Member

    Re: Going viral on the internet, again.


    I do however think that the direction is worth developing, but not this methodology.

    In this spirit I present internet TAG:

    I'm thinking this up as I write so it may be shite, and I'm ok with that.

    The players, and the boundaries are... nah.
    (but the obvious plagrounds of choice are messageboards and chatrooms)

    I'm thinking there should be a set time, to build up a group of players.
    In order to remain anonymous, we use codewords, or code-topics to start up:
    (perhaps taxes (it's tax time)"Religious tax benefits"?)
    (or the classic "I herd you liek mudkips")
    ...a list of these woould be assembled beforehand, so that each knows what to look for.
    And then when two or more meet up in the chat room or board, a dialogue commences between the two players with the covert intent to educate the unsuspecting audience... much like trolling, only with good intentions.

    It could be done like hide and seek, or there could be a thread for that day here that some posts
    the OP could update it to found when found, allowing the next reader to move to the next LOST post.

    something like that?

    and then another thread to copypasta resulting lulz and win.

    Points for most thoughtful/effective place, biggest response
  4. [\] Member

    Re: Going viral on the internet, again.

    I see what you mean, but those who discover the website may be potential Anons. In fact, this would be more of an information campaign. Youfoundthecard is great, but is an IRL information campaign, not an online one (the website is found via IRL means); this would be kind of a Youfoundalink, with incentive for newcomers to stay and participate.
    As for points and status going against the principles of Anon, the simple way to counter that is to have no scoreboard, nor member list. You would only know your own score, and the ones of friends who tell you about it (encouraging you to talk to them by the way, thus talking about scientology). You wouldn't even know the nickname, but only the member id. No status, less competition, but more anonymity.
  5. Me Member

    Re: Going viral on the internet, again.

    I know this is offtopic, but there's a core of a good idea in this, just need to shape it into something workable.
  6. Re: Going viral on the internet, again.

    EDIT: re-read your post and oh wow my idea is a fucking tangent. Still a good idea though I think emot-colbert.gif
    EDIT 2: there's tangent and there's hijack. Post removed.
  7. Uncle Anon Member

    Re: Going viral on the internet, again.

    Typo-related discovery:
    XENUT.NET is available! A little convoluted, but short at least.

    Also, from another post of mine:
    It's a shame SCIENTOOLOGY was gone.
  8. Uncle Anon Member

    Re: Going viral on the internet, again.

    Oh whoops. Posted to the wrong forum. Never mind!

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