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Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by anonhuff, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. TomVorm Member

    Re: Gold Base - Election Polling Place

    "Mixed Use" means "Mixed Use"

    (That definition for the Gold Base address appears in the County land use database).

    As a separate government function, voters are assigned a precinct, based on what address they cite as their residence.

    The County election database is apparently structured, to locate voters by the address they cite as a residence.

    But, to expand that "residence" definition from just one County database, to then conclude that "ALL" of Gold Base is defined as a residence (for all purposes, including land use), is an example of overstating how that ordinance will be applied.

    Graham Berry said it better, but to paraphrase, it illustrates how poorly written and vague the application of the 884 ordinance will be.
  2. subgenius Member

    Re: Gold Base - Election Polling Place

    The ordinance does not specify how "residence" is determined I believe.
    Its a wiggly concept to begin with.
  3. 33755 Member

    Re: Gold Base - Election Polling Place

    Or as I pointed out earlier, PROPERTY LINES are not actually drawn on the ground, and cannot be determined by a regular person standing on the side of the street. Basing citations or arrests based on "distance from a property line" is stupid.

    Wiggly wobbly
  4. subgenius Member

    Re: Gold Base - Election Polling Place

    Add wiggly wobbly to slippery slope and you have unconstitutionality.
    With a few bruises in the interim.
  5. azonymous Member

    Re: Gold Base - Election Polling Place

    and this

    Wonder if they need Poll workers at Gold...
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Gold Base - Election Polling Place

  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Gold Base - Election Polling Place

    words. u have a way wit dem...
  8. subgenius Member

    Re: Gold Base - Election Polling Place

    I'll bet they don't, but the next best, perhaps better thing, although it doesn't pay, is to become a poll watcher.
    Tom Courbat of Save R Vote has invited anyone who wants to to contact him.
    Tom Courbat <>
    I would highly recommend someones do it.
    There are probably other poll watcher organizations.
    I have found that the law in California and other places is vague on regulations for poll watchers, and recently a woman if Florida was arrested last November on false charges of misdemeanor trespass, for attempting to witness a public meeting involving counting of the votes in Broward County. Now, Broward County has dropped all charges, basically admitting they had arrested her without legal cause.
    Do it.
  9. TomVorm Member

  10. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Gold Base - Election Polling Place

    I'd like to know how many voters are registered to vote at Gold. Can they control an election? A pretty strong incentive for elected officials to do what they are told if they have a significant block of votes.
  11. TomVorm Member

    Re: Gold Base - Election Polling Place

    I'd guess there are something like 250-350 voters registered from Gold Base
    (and maybe a few more, from Scilon-owned residences on Sublette Road).

    The Elections Office in Riverside County can provide more up-to-date and accurate numbers.
  12. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Gold Base - Election Polling Place

    Hm, ok, Riverside county population in July 2007 = 2,073,571. Wonder how many vote, especially in the nitty gritty local stuff. Hopefully something will come of the recall Jeff Stone campaign.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: Gold Base - Election Polling Place

    Why speculate?

    Number of voters in 2008: 603,259
    Riverside County, California - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In their wildest dreams there are 1000 voters at Gold.

    0.2% is not much of a block
  14. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Gold Base - Election Polling Place

    Thanks for that, could have done the finger work myself I guess but it's late here. :)
  15. subgenius Member

  16. lothar Member

    Re: Gold Base - Election Polling Place

    Sorry, I missed the election related posting here. I crammed some more numbers in this thread.

    June 3, 2008
    Grand Totals Riverside
    50145 VOTES CAST  (18957 PRECINCT, 31188 MAIL-IN) 
    32223 STONE/12808 FOOTE
    32900 - GILMAN HOT SPGS
    32904 - GILMAN HOT SPGS
    Note, there appears to be two precincts for Gilman Springs. One with a dozen or so registered voters. This could be a database glitch, or a federal mail-in precinct, or possibly a precinct for disabled where they go and deliver ballot to infirm. Over half of the voters at Golden Era live there, if not more. There are some Hemet voters from surrounding roads that also are registered to vote at Golden Era polling location.

    I'd be curious to know if all the poll workers are residents of Golden Era.

    Does California post election numbers? Are polling locations open to the public or only for valid voters at that polling location?
  17. subgenius Member

    Re: Gold Base - Election Polling Place

    Anyone can be a poll watcher at Gold.
    Tom Courbat <>
  18. lothar Member

    Re: Gold Base - Election Polling Place

    I think it would be good to get poll observers in there, but this isn't some exciting inside pass, but only to observe voting. Half of the voters live down the road. Most voters vote mail-in. There are only 300 in-person voters for a major primary, and well under 100 for minor elections. It will be a very slow day.

    I would warn against any egofags or known critics doing this. You may not know about election law, but it is very srs business, and even one poll worker (especially a bunch in collusion) could have you doing serious jail time. Voter intimidation is a big deal, and while it would be good to know things are on the up-and-up at the polling location... If someone like AO walked in there, it would be easy for three people to claim voter intimidation or other violations of election law and have them doing serious jail time.

    So, this isn't fun time for protesting/enturbulating. Also, there are known scilons who try and shape election stuff in CA. (google Mimi Rogers). So it really really concerns me that all the poll workers might be part of a single ideological group. But the election results also don't look to be that tampered with if you look over past results. The mail-in ballots seem to be a bigger concern from people who don't actually live there and it's really a mail drop, that is voter registration fraud.

    And of course the gates are open to the public on election day, you don't park on the road. This brings up interesting election stuff if someone pickets outside the gates on election days. If the polling place is inside the cafeteria or something, they might be able to place 100ft flags to keep you down the road (is it 50ft in CA?)

    And it isn't that unreasonable to have a polling location here. Given 300 "residents" and the largest building around, it seems pretty natural to have voting here.

    What would be funny is showing up at 6:30 or whenever the observers are allowed in and the guards try and prevent you access. That would be a serious footbullet for them.
  19. User Name Member

    Re: Gold Base - Election Polling Place

    I already know the answer to the question but why has nobody ever questioned why there are so many mail in ballots for a place where 98% of the people within that polling area live?

    I mean if you had a polling place inside of an appartment building that basically only serviced that appartment building would 76% of the people living in that appartment building really mail in their ballot? Come on.
  20. AnotherRIAnon Member

    Re: Gold Base - Election Polling Place

    Black Box Voting - America's Elections Watchdog Group

    Might be relevant to our interests. I'm on these guys ^^^^ mailing list if anyone wants a harpoon sent out.

    There's also this one

    Black Box Voting

    Apparently drama happened. I don't know I haven't had a chance to really look through it yet. It wouldn't hurt to contact them too.

    They are both election watch dog groups.
  21. 33755 Member

    Re: Gold Base - Election Polling Place

    That's a really good point. If there were an apartment building, one could argue that some of the people might have to be gone and work during poll hours - and they could mail in their ballots.

    But at Gold Base? You're either on site, or on site. The only people who would live there but not be able to vote on voting day are those out on mission - which shouldn't be very many people.
  22. lothar Member

    Re: Gold Base - Election Polling Place

    There are lots of reasons for this. Maybe they would be downstat to stand in line during the day to wait to vote. Maybe they work elsewhere. Maybe they consider their permanent residence as IntBase. Maybe they all sit down as a group and fill out their ballots in a big voting party.

    You have to first figure out if that is really that many mail-in ballots. Second you have to find out CA conditions for voter registration residence and if you are allowed to remain a voting resident even if you are out of state. Thirdly, you have to look at the absentee ballot laws in CA and if they now have no-fault absentee (mail-in) voting. You might technically be able to declare that Tuesday is a religious holiday and therefore you need to vote by mail.

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