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Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by xenubarb, Mar 6, 2009.

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  2. NotSoAnon Member

    Re: Gold Base infrastructure

    It's a bit unclear, but I don't think that Gold has moved off the grid. Note that this is clearly marked as a rental unit. These are often needed when major work needs to be done on the switchgear and the commercial power is terminated for the work. These units connect to the power supply on the user's side of the switchgear.

    Note the use of past tense in the description.
  3. fitch2000 Member

    Re: Gold Base infrastructure

    it does say recent projects though, I wonder what in the heck they were doing that necessitated this, "Golden Era was looking to move completely off the Southern California Edison Grid. "
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Gold Base infrastructure


    Recent Projects
  5. Ima Nonymous Member

    Re: Gold Base infrastructure

    Heh. The Golden Era install looks like shite. Open access panels, tipped over bucket, bent up folding chair and a ladder leaning on the side. A real Sea Org quality installation.
  6. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Gold Base infrastructure

    The water violations are interesting:

    I doubt anything has changed since 2003. How come the reporting stops at 2003? Were the cult chased up for the violations?
  7. azonymous Member

    Re: Gold Base infrastructure

    Is this the same thing?

    EPA | Envirofacts Warehouse | SDWIS
  8. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Gold Base infrastructure

    Yes - but that only goes up to 2005. (I find it hard to believe that the cult suddenly started complying in 2005).

    I wonder if any of the penalties were paid by the cult?
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Gold Base infrastructure

    2003-12-01 Failure to monitor, Routine Major (Coliform bacteria)
    In laymans terms, their water tastes like shit.
  10. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Gold Base infrastructure

    It tastes like shit, because, well....

    I wish I didn't wiki that....
  11. thing1 Member

    Re: Gold Base infrastructure

    Jenbacher 320 which is what they installed is natural/biogas generator, so check for the type of permit gold got for the natural gas line. See if the permit is for permanent or temporary gas line.
  12. Re: Gold Base infrastructure

    Can anyone find an actual coliform count on that web-site?

    The violations indicate 'failure to monitor' but the reference to coliform implies someone took samples and did some analysis.

    Is that data on this site?
  13. subgenius Member

    Re: Gold Base infrastructure

    ooops, answered....
  14. Anon Char Member

    Re: Gold Base infrastructure

    I think they are pretty off the grid when they have their own sailboat in the desert.
  15. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Gold Base infrastructure

    With coliform contaminants constantly being in the water samples, I would think that Gold probably has their septic system sitting over their water source. The proper word for this is "dipshit".

    Em are smart peoples!!
  16. RHill Member

    Re: Gold Base infrastructure

    Maybe related... Marc Headley reported in 2006 that Mike Rinder and other staff were shoveling the shit out of the ponds. Maybe this was the solution to the problem?

  17. rummychick99 Member

    Re: Gold Base infrastructure

    I am going to leave this here. If you want to know more about Mr. Jensen see the Lori Stone thread.

    Basin Water is associated with one of those lawyers who showed up at the 884 meetings.

    Basin Water Names Michael M. Stark as Chief Executive Officer | Reuters

    Mr. Jensen, who will remain a member of the Board of Directors of
    Basin Water, plans to join Empire Water Corporation (EWCR.OB), which
    was recently created to own and develop water resources in Southern
    California. Empire owns the West Riverside Canal Company, which
    produces and distributes irrigation water in Riverside County,
    California. Basin Water presently owns approximately 32% of the
    outstanding shares of Empire Water Corporation.
  18. the_cloak Member

    Re: Gold Base infrastructure

    LOL, I guess they are digging in for the eventual siege. Pity all this does is give the feds an excuse to test out their new EMP tech.
  19. snakeyes Member

    Re: Gold Base infrastructure

    Well, as a mechanical engineer, I find the technology pretty cool.
  20. Re: Gold Base infrastructure

    And all of this points back to one conclusion: They only have two brains shared among the whole group of 'em.
  21. Re: Gold Base infrastructure

    As an Earth Science major, I have to say that they're pretty much poisoning their own water if they really did put their well anywhere near their septic runoff. The water table near the well dips lower because of the drawing-up of water, so any runoff would go right into the water supply.

    I wouldn't be surprised if loads of people come down with E Coli or Cholera at Gold because of this. IMO, it's only a matter of time before this happens.
  22. Re: Gold Base infrastructure

    Tragic. Imagine, if you will, during the cult's final hours, all the cultists dying of dysentery before they can all die from drinking the Cool-Aid.

  23. Obi-Wan-anon Member

    Re: Gold Base infrastructure

  24. LRonAnon Member

    Re: Gold Base infrastructure

    So how does this play with the "sprinkler tech" -- were they spraying poo-water all over the protesters?

    Sprinkler tech is debatable as being assault, add water that hasn't passed a human consumption test in a decade........... well, you might have something worthy of more litigation.

    Someone needs to demand some testing on that water they were sprayed with. (been feeling a little under the weather AGP, smurff?)
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: Gold Base infrastructure

  26. avbb Member

    Re: Gold Base infrastructure

    The charge : Assault with a deadly weapon
    The weapon : Poo-poo water

    Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase " I feel like shit"

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