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Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by anonymous19113, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. Planning a march at gold base within in the next couple weeks, anyone is welcome lets get this going!
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  2. Plan well. Be safe. Record everything. Have lots of fun.
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  3. SomeMormonGuy Member

    Good luck.

    Scientology is an absolute evil. We need to step up and never let the heat off. I just read the wiki on Hubbard. He's a bastard of biblical proportions.

    Even if we get ONE PERSON not to join that insidious cult, we will have won!
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  4. Kahuilla Member

    I live in the community surrounding Gold Base. I am available.
  5. did you ever get this going? I would love to attend the next one..
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  6. anon_Kirby Member

    have fun dude plan it well hide your face and be safe
  7. JohnnyRUClear Member

    You're only half a year late thar, slowpoke.
  8. anon_Kirby Member

    Ahahahaha im retarded
  9. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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