Gold Base

Discussion in 'Projects' started by zaphod, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. zaphod Member

    Gold Base
    For those who think TL;DR. Gold base is the roughly 500 acre plot of land near Hemet, California. It's the primary site where e-meters are made.
    Also where some high levelers live and work.
    lower levelers live in Hemet at the Vista Gardens Apartments or the Kirby Apartments and commute by base-owned bus.
    Possible raid target?
    The point of this raid would not to inform the public, but to basicaly have a non-violent "battle" as such against C0$.

    Debate and decide.
  2. AB Member

    Re: Gold Base

    ** mod edit **
  3. zaphod Member

    Re: Gold Base

    shut the fuck up
  4. blackeyes Member

    Re: Gold Base ... 1051424517

    Missing in Happy Valley had some good aerial shots of the place. I watched this a few days ago. Basically a lot of the stuff is built and maintained using RPF labor (plus all staff are forced to volunteer labor for one full day a week) so that's why everything looks so nice. Their labor costs are nothing.

    There's a circular track around a palm tree or a metal pole where RPFers are forced to run laps for up to 12 hours a day as extra punishment.

    Also, there are motion sensors outside the fence, razor wire, a camera that records the license plates of passing cars (the compound looks like it's built near a freeway or a major road) and there's probably more that I wasn't paying attention to. Some of the buildings are supposed to be "defensible", and there's a turreted building with gun ports in the side.

    So basicaly it's an armed compound built on slave labor, and seeing as how it's in California I'm not sure why the feds haven't raided the thing yet.
  5. anonEmouser Member

    Re: Gold Base

    Basically, it would be really pointless to picket there--no one in can escape on their own (guards, razor wire, other nutters, etc) and no one around would be receptive to the message.

    I mean, yeah, its like taunting them where they live, but damn...a place with armed lunatics who've been fed a ton of lies about us/think we're an invading army/hate group...that just sounds bad on several levels.
  6. Legione Member

    Re: Gold Base

    Getting shot by the Scientology Guard at their Armed Compound would be the best way to die.

    Takes being An Hero to a whole new level.
  7. Zzzzz Member

    Re: Gold Base

    Obviously one of us should get to OT8 for the superhuman powers and then wreck their shit. :lrhtalking:
  8. Diebeetus Member

    Re: Gold Base

    If I lived in California I'd picket outside the RPF in a heartbeat, but I wouldn't have the heart to insist anyone come along with me. :pony:
  9. zaphod Member

    Re: Gold Base

    well aslong as we remain anon :guyfawkes: there is nothing they can do to us.
    I seriously think that a large scale Cali protest at this location may get big results. Ofcourse it would have to on a day seperate from the other protests. We could set something up on the road to bring people up to the compound to see it's retardation for them selfs.
  10. Punch999 Member

    Re: Gold Base

    You missed the part about them having gun ports to shoot us :)
  11. anon13 Member

    Re: Gold Base

    While it would be awesome to stick another thorn in DM's side, I think it'd be difficult to remain anonymous on this particular mission. Hemet is out in the middle of nowhere (eh, according to my standards at least), so a lot of people are going to have to drive. Public transit would be very difficult. Due to the fact that it's DM's headquarters, you can probably bet it's swarming with loads of people willing to follow you back to your car and snap a picture of your license plate.
  12. Hostile Member

    Re: Gold Base

    yeah, let's just agree that picketing recently built places that have gun turrets is a generally bad idea.

    actually, on the other hand, let's send robots to picket.

    *imagines toys driving around cos hq*
  13. musketeerwang Member

  14. blackeyes Member

    Re: Gold Base

    Here, read this:

    Scientology had this 66-year-old guy picketing their compound, and he posted something (on Usenet) about a "Tom Cruise missile" and they had him arrested and jailed. They probably won't open fire on you unless you do something like lean against their fence, but the'll probably do a supreme asshole move like this if you give them the chance.
  15. Re: Gold Base

    I can see pros and cons to picketing it, but for now at least, I think it's probably better to let the FBI be the ones to show their opposition :wink:

    I don't see that it would generate more publicity for us than the "churches" themselves, though it would certainly send a message to the staff on the base as well as Miscavige.
    My real concern would be what that message actually was, given the level of indoctrination they're all under.
  16. zaphod Member

    Re: Gold Base

    i geuss you guys are right, it would be ineffective and out of the way. But I think shooting people protesters is a bit stretching it (and probably outside tech) . But if some sort of event could be organized i think as anon13 said
    . It's always something to concider if it ever becomes nececary.
  17. Diebeetus Member

    Re: Gold Base

  18. widecat Member

    Re: Gold Base

    I've seen all the photos, looked at the aerial shots (that palm tree with the wide sandy circle around it? Creeps me right the fuck out! Running people in the desert heat until they drop!) and read the stories on OCMB for years, and yeah, there wouldn't be any passers by. I've read that they lock down the whole place and keep everyone inside until any protestors are gone. And the place is ringed by barbed wire and saturated with video surveillance - paranoia much?

    That said, I have a vision I can't shake. I don't know if it'd be good or bad, or if the press would want to be there, or who might choose to join. But on disconnection protest day, I keep seeing the Ida Camburns among us standing at the gatehouse asking formally to see their loved ones, with cameras rolling beside them recording the inevitable lies.
  19. Diebeetus Member

    Re: Gold Base

    I smell a siege!
  20. Anon727272 Member

    Re: Gold Base

    There is no doubt that it really causes havoc when protesters show up at Hemet. Keith Henson's pickets there may have only been seen by a few, but heads rolled on the base anyway: ... rveillance
    (This posting by BFG also details exactly what kind of security and response to expect at Gold Base, and tells the story about Keith's pickets from the inside.)

    That said, it would sure take huge anon balls to organize and drive out there. The biggest problem, as mentioned, would be remaining anonymous. Just pointing out that it would really disrupt things at the heart of the Co$...
  21. anon13 Member

    Re: Gold Base

    Hmm, with all of the ideas being thrown around this sounds like it might have the potential to become a good event. I especially like the focus on disconnection as I'm sure a lot of the people in the base have relatives on the outside that they haven't spoken to in a while. Hell, David Miscagive does! However, this would require a lot of planning and most people are focused on the 15th right now.
  22. Manco Member

    Re: Gold Base

    Since it's in California, maybe you could just get the Governator to go in there and blow everything up like in the final scenes of Commando...

    Or at least hook up a soundboard to some speakers and give them some 'Come on! Kill me!' and 'Get to the chopper!' action...
  23. Diebeetus Member

    Re: Gold Base

    Getting the Govunatuh as our ally would be the coolest move ever. It's not like Scientology can destroy his reputation - everyone already knows he did porn.
  24. joeybsmash Member

    Re: Gold Base

    This should definitely be considered for some raid in the future. That being said.... I don't wanna get shot.
  25. anon13 Member

    Re: Gold Base

    Is there any public transit to the area? Anyone got a link? I'm just curious about how conceivable anonymity would actually be. The best knowledge I have of the area is google maps. :(
  26. sudopod Member

    Re: Gold Base

    Rent a charter bus? :D
  27. anon13 Member

    Re: Gold Base

    Whoever rents it would be namefagged, but I find the idea hilarious. We could party on the bus on the way over. Woo!
  28. anonEmouser Member

    Re: Gold Base

    Ideas are bulletproof. Guy Fawkes masks....not so much.

    I'll be standing behind you guys every step of the way! :secret:
  29. Dubber Member

    Re: Gold Base

    If someone were to put up money for a skywriting or air-banner raid, this would be the location. It's unreachable any other way. The message would have to be completely self-contained (and impossible to reasonably interpret in any way as threatening the Scientologists)

    e.g. "Confront David Miscavige" "The Way Out is Out" "Where are the OTs?"

    But picketing at the base is a bad idea in a number of ways, one of which is the high risk of being tracked and/or arrested. Better to picket inside Hemet and San Jacinto. Ida Camburn probably has some intel about where the off-site dorms are located and when the shuttles run.
  30. Diebeetus Member

    Re: Gold Base

    At the risk of namefagging and maybe poor media but with the payoff of great lulz, we could picket there with signs that say things like "Invasion Fleet is on its way" :xenu: :xenu: :xenu: :xenu:
  31. Me Member

    Re: Gold Base

    Best option would definitely be to discuss it with some of the staff who've previously worked at Gold. John Peeler/BTs2Free springs to mind as a good 1st port of call for this.
  32. ZOOMzoom Member

  33. subgenius Member

    Re: Gold Base

    Man, they have a golf course. How bad could they be if they golf? I think I may have gotten them all wrong.
    Oooops, its a public course.
  34. subgenius Member

    Re: Gold Base

    Wrong again:
    Scientology golf links off limits
    The Press-Enterprise, California/June 20, 2007
    By Herbert Atienza

    Golden Era Golf Course, a historic golf course owned by the Church of Scientology near San Jacinto, is closing to the public effective July 15, church officials said.

    The golf course, which traces its roots to the early 1930s when it was established as the Gilman Hot Springs Golf Course, will remain a golf course, although its focus will shift from use as a public course to being a venue for charitable golfing tournaments and other community events, church spokeswoman Muriel Dufresne said.

    The impending closure has upset some golfers.

    "I would hate to see it close to the public," said Bill Wilson, 74, of San Jacinto, who said he's been going to Golden Era for the last few months.

    "It's a nice, easy course for us beginners," he said.

    Frank Switzer, 56, of Hemet, said he's been going to the golf course after work since the early 1990s and will miss going there.

    "There are better courses, but this is an easier course," he said.

    "You'd have to double everything they say," said Jack Kluth, 60, of Hemet, who said he's been going to the course for over a decade, who jokingly said he might give up golf if the course closes.

    Golden Era's closure from the competitive golf circuit closes an era in local golfing history.

    According to the book "San Jacinto Valley: Past and Present," a nine-hole golf course was added to Gilman Hot Springs resort in 1931 and after World War II, this was expanded to an 18-hole course. In the 1950s, Massacre Canyon Inn was developed, providing an elegant venue for parties and dinners for local residents overlooking the golf course, the book said. The Church of Scientology bought the property in 1978.

    The golf course forms part of the 500-plus acres campus owned by the church along Gilman Springs Road.

    The property includes Golden Era Productions, which produces educational materials and tapes for Scientology churches, as well as a full-scale reproduction of a clipper ship that is occasionally used as a movie set.

    Golf course general manager David Williams said he was informed about two weeks ago about the church leadership's plan to shift in the course's focus.

    He said the golf course enjoys profitability and player use is up, but the church has decided to go a different direction with the golf course.

    "The Church of Scientology doesn't see a need to be in the business of competing with other golf courses," Williams said. "It would have been nice if the golf course stayed open, it certainly has been profitable, but they decided to close it and that's that."

    Williams, who became general manager about nine months ago and is not a church member, said about 100 people play at the 40-acre, nine-hole course every day. He said 15 employees, including himself, expect to be let go when the golf course closes, but a crew of five employees would remain to maintain the golf coruse.

    He said there had been plans discussed until recently to expand the golf course, but those plans are now not going to happen.

    "This wasn't an overnight decision," Dufresne said, adding that the church has all the necessary county permit to proceed. "We've just decided to change our focus."

    She said one motivation for the change was a desire to provide a venue for community groups to hold events and fundraisers.

    She said among the events planned for the golf course include a mixer for the Hemet-San Jacinto Valley Chamber of Commerce and a fundraising golf tournament for the Ramona Humane Society, both occurring in August.

    She said the golf course also expects to host events for local Police Activities Leagues and would welcome community groups that want to hold events at the golf course. ... ry128.html

    Now I'm really mad. Don't fuck with golfers. :evil:
  35. subgenius Member

    Re: Gold Base

    Just called them, got a recording that they are available for "community events" weddings, etc.
    Maybe the 1st Annual Anonymous Golf Tournament. We may have to book it under a false name, like the Marcabian Invasion Force Invitational. That might not work either.
    Golf, like the truth, should be open to all. :lol:
  36. sudopod Member

    Re: Gold Base

    LOL, wut? Why the hell not?

    The lulz are guaranteed to be epic. They will shut the whole place down for the duration of our stay, so it would pay to stay as long as possible. Staging this over a holiday or a three-day weekend would be great. Siege, indeed.

    They aren't going to shoot, maim, or murder us. That would mean instant death for the lolcult. We just have to be clever with how we acquire our transportation, liek getting WBM or someone else already on the cult's shit list to rent out a bus or some cars in their name, and we will DEFINITELY need to get tips and information from the oldbies who've been to Hemet before. We will need to make plans a long time in advance to assure success, certainly. The only real difficulty I really see is that Hemet is over 9000 miles away from anywhere.

    Fuck, if the hurdles they throw out can't stop someone's 85 year old grandma picketing Baradur by the Highway, do you honestly think that they can stop the Faceless Legion?
  37. anonGF Member

    Re: Gold Base

    If I was in the area {} then I would definitely be up for this.

    This would cause massive disruption and major woes for the $cis, while major lulz for us would surely be provided.
  38. Dubber Member

    Re: Gold Base

    • Gold Base is always "shut down." You won't be seen.[/*:m:7aqq4ygz]
    • There are no public sidewalks, so there is no place where you can legally picket.[/*:m:7aqq4ygz]
    • The bastards will look for some excuse to file a hate crime charge and put you in jail.[/*:m:7aqq4ygz]
    STAY IN THE CITY. There are no lulz in criminal prosecution.
  39. subgenius Member

    Re: Gold Base

    Yah, at some point the gonads have to grow.
  40. Dubber Member

    Re: Gold Base

    Mrs. Camburn pickets inside the city.

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