Gold Base

Discussion in 'Projects' started by zaphod, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. eddieVroom Member

    Re: Gold Base

    There's also a sniper's nest on the hill above DM's mansion. That said, I'm reasonably comfortable that they would not actually open fire unless you crossed the razor wire. That would be Game Over for the happy fun cult.

    I've picketed out there. It's worth the trip, IMO. The highway winds through the middle of the compound, there are two tunnels under the highway for pedestrian traffic, and they may be large enough for golf carts to pass. There is room on the shoulders of the highway for foot traffic, but the terrain can be a bit unstable. Parking is a difficult issue -- if a large organized event were planned, shuttle vans would be the way to go IMO. Carry water and wear hiking boots or high-top sneakers for ankle protection and you should do fine.

    I got followed home from there, but then I was already more or less namefagged at that point ('97 or 98) -- just gave them a good look at my face lol.

    If I were still in L.A. I'd be out there for an event in a cold heartbeat.
  2. Hieronymous Member

    Re: Gold Base

    My only regret is when Scientology's Berlin Wall eventually crumbles, we won't be in the streets celebrating so to speak. It'll more of a private celebration, us on our internets. So I figure when that happens we should have a big burning man style celebration out by Gold Base

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