Good luck and God's grace to you

Discussion in 'Iran' started by THINKING OF YOU, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. to acheive the fairness to choose that you wish to have. Yes, I am American, but as a citezen here, the gretaest feeling of peace for family and freinds is the ability to mobilize and choose, yes within reason, the path of life itself here. ALL the governments and leaders of this world are wrong, even ours. WE PEOPLE wish to live in peace and with choice to grow our families in the way we think is right. God has given this choice or we would all be slaves. I hope you all persevere and acheive what YOU feel is right, not what the world, we here, or your own hardened rulers wish upon you.
    Peace to you all and God's grace....
  2. Synapse Member

    All iranians protesting should be very proud of themselves and their countryment for continuing to protest despite the violence. I admire what you are all doing very much.

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