Discussion in 'Projects' started by jordanbenn, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Googlebomb

    Would it be possible to googlebomb so that when people search "scientology" the top results are,, and whatever else?
  2. MarkSherman Member

    Seems like a good idea to me. Needs to be a Digg article.
  3. I think it is a great idea. Yeah digg it. And maybe post it to "the site"
  4. r00tdenied Member

    I the thought of this occurred to me a while ago. I'll do what I can to help with this. I'm not a SEO expert or anything though so I would need some info on it.
  5. Shadowflare Member

    I think Googlebombing other search terms could be effective as well, such as searches for 'Tom Cruise' and other scion celebrities bringing up stories and factual information about Scientology before it brings up info on the people. Just pointing any and all search terms related to the CoS to links helpful to the cause would be an effective tactic in Anon's war of information.
  6. how do you do it?
  7. Testament Member

    Googlebombing is very easy. One man could do it (I'm going to start doing it tonight, probably) but it's much easier for a large number of people to do it.

    Just tell me which websites should be linked and I'll start.
  8. r00tdenied Member

    We should coordinate this as best we can. Scientology and Scientologist should be google bombed first. At least in my opinion.
  9. Could "scientologist" be directed to, by any chance?

    edit: wait, I was told it might not be a legit site, nvm.
  10. could someone explain how its done?
  11. r00tdenied Member

    Its just linking a specific site using a phrase or word. The more the search engine sees these specific links using the same phrase or word, it indexes that word. So if enough hits are generated using that word it will point increase the search ranking of the specific site linked.



    We just have to determine the url that we want to get the traffic.
  12. Testament Member

    Yes, this is how it's done. Good to see someone else knows.

    All you have to do, really, is make a website with that line of code and get it on Google. Simple enough--just use Tripod's HTML editor.

    Hey, for that matter, would that work for MySpace? If so, you could throw the code onto your MySpace page and just cover it up.

    If it will work, I advise all Anons to do thus. I'm pretty sure Myspace profiles show up on Google.
  13. r00tdenied Member

    Just need to determine the url to use still.
  14. MarkSherman Member

    I vote for
  15. r00tdenied Member

    Yea thats probably best.
  16. Grey Anon Member

  17. MarkSherman Member

  18. MarkSherman Member

  19. It's_A_Trap Member

  20. AttackMudkipz Member

    On the same topic: ... b-removed/

  21. Grey Anon Member

    Oh well back to square one.

    DANGEROUS CULT[/url:41xxxm0l]
  22. Grey Anon Member

    Xenu is now #2! Keep it up!
  23. So we agrees on:

    [url=""]DANGEROUS CULT[/url]
    My Suggestions:
  24. Daywatch Member

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