Grant Cardone makes an ASS out of himself.

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. lostatsea Member

    For what it's worth, I don't think that was his channel, since whoever "owned" the channel copy/pasted BFG's post about the viagra into the comments there. It was a nice troll, though, and I in no way retract my statement regarding his doucheyness.
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  2. muldrake Member

    I wish I had something more insightful to say about Grant Cardone, but I'll have to satisfy myself by just saying

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  3. Anonymous Member

    Let's get it on.

    We have scilons to laugh at.
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  4. The Wrong Guy Member

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  5. tigeratbay Member

    Checked him out. Saw his 10X book cover, wonder if that's where MissCabbage got it from to use that X times for his misleading stats.

    LMAO on the video above :D:D

    Harlem Shake V7 (Scientology Edition) Staring OT VIII Grant Cardone and wife Elena.
    Don't remember but the first time I saw it was in english?, doesn't matter, funny. :D
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  6. The original had Eminems "Business"

    VERY ANTI-SOCIAL. I would not do "business" with the guy.

  7. The Wrong Guy Member

    Looks like this isn't going away. Today someone else uploaded it.

    Scientologist OT8 - G. Cardone and wife in action


    Published on Feb 10, 2013

    Not sure what to say about it.
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  8. 7246109728_19bf2bf2c6_z.jpg
    Ernesto Flores with Grant Cardone at Celebrity Center International Nov 15 2011
  9. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Yarr! Shallow and mindless yuppy cultists, my mom warned about folks like that, and I pass it along to my kid and everyone possible.
    On top of that, these fools are still victims of sorts, dumb starry-eyed derps, I do not think that they are/should be 'a target', that remains the intial structure of CoS, and unless these stupids become vocal tools of public CoS and directly antagonise critics/ex's/Anons, then let them live in their delusions for now.
    My opinion, YMMV.
    Stay on target! Play safe, play smart, keep the 'poons up to date, relevent, and sharpened!
    Let the mockery continue!

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  10. Anonymous Member

    It's not a cape, it's swingcoat sweater douchebag!
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  11. Anonymous Member

    For the meme to work it has to start with one person doing it while the rest of the people around him do nothing, then when the music drops cut to everyone doing it.

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  12. I notice from the video that Grant Cardone does not seem to have eyes.

    That's a powerful squint.
  13. Anonymous Member


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  14. DeathHamster Member

    With all the stuff he's missing, I don't think that the Wizard can help him.
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  15. Ogsonofgroo Member

    But but but... he's so hep an' groovy! *giant puke smiley*
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  16. The Wrong Guy Member

    This post is a duplicate, also found at

    Tony's Facebook post this morning reads:

    We have another collection of wacky Scientology Sunday Funnies for you today, including a revealing look at wealthy Scientology donor Grant Cardone and his wife Elena, who wishes you men would stop performing a certain act in public. All will become clear at the post itself.

    Sunday Funnies: The Grant Cardone Is An Asshat Special Edition! « The Underground Bunker
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  17. Random guy Member

    Yupp, soul-less rich people worshipping money. It is indeed the worst kind. While I feel sorry for the waste majority of cultists, I have a special black partch inmy heart for people like Cardone. I look forward to see him go down with the cult.
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  18. He must be on some serious drugs if he thinks she is "hot".

  19. Anonymous Member

  20. Anonymous Member

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  21. Anonymous Member

    I want one of those "No Negativity allowed here " signs.
  22. Anonymous Member

    ZOMG Grant and Elena,
    I am OT, too!!!
  23. Anonymous Member


  24. Anonymous Member

    James Barbour

    19 hours ago
    Actors, musicians, artists DO NOT miss todays Star Power Hour! 1 hour to my interview with @grantcardone

    January 03, 2008

    Disney Actor James Barbour Blames Child After Fondling Her Sexually

  25. RightOn Member

    you can't make this shit up
  26. This.

    I find him possibly the most loathsome of all the shitbags in the cult. And there are some terrible people involved in Scientology
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  27. Anonymous Member

    If anyone wants to see where the lovely Mr. & Mrs. Cardone actually live, here you go:

    I'm not quite sure what kind of financial dealings went on with this property, but something doesn't see right.

    1. House first sold to Cardone on 4/18/2003 for $7.5 million.
    2. Cardone probably quick claim deeds his wife (Elena) on the property at some point between 2003 and 2012 because her name shows as on the title on 2/1/2012.
    3. There probably was a refinance done on 2/1/2012 or some other title transfer

    But look at this site:

    The property shows as sold on 8/24/12 for $17 million. Blockshopper does not record another title transfer so I'm confused as to how Zillow shows this property as sold for for an amount that is much, much higher than this property was worth even at the top of the housing bubble (in 2007 it was estimated only at $14 million). Cardone listed it for sale in 2011 for $18 million and then took it off the market when there were no buyers.

    I know it takes awhile before title transfers in a sale actually hit the Blockshopper site, but something here doesn't add up. I also know that, like just about everything related to Hollywood, the real estate in the Hollywood Hills operate in a bubble and often isn't impacted by other housing trends. But how can this house have increased 44% in a lackluster housing market? Could he have done that many improvements to the property?

    My 'scam' radar is going off here, but maybe I'm off base......does anyone know?
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  28. Anonymous Member

    He just figured out the easiest way to get rich is to take exploit others, ruin them and take ALL they have using the corrupt legal system.
    The new American dream.
  29. Most sociopaths go out of their way to create the impression that they have a conscience. The few who don't like Grant Cardone should be commended :)
  30. It's the Ted Stourton paintings.
  31. Touche.

    You actually make a strong point :)

    Doesn't make him any more likeable though
  32. Good research!

    The whole guys life is a scam. This property deal is probably no different.
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  33. The Wrong Guy Member

    Grant Cardone's Scientology Shuffle

    Published by Grant Cardone Scientology Fan Club on October 15, 2013

    Grant Cardone's Scientology Shuffle. Starring VP of Sales at Cardone training Technologies Jarrod Glandt. Housewife and wannabe actress Elena Cardone. And OT8 Grant Cardone.

    Grant Cardone is NY Times best selling author of books that are based on the teachings of Scientology. Grant's mission is to teach people to make money through selling and in turn make them join the Church of Scientology.
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  34. RightOn Member

    wow mostly all the vids in this thread are gone

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