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  1. The Wrong Guy Member

    Is there something screwy about Scientology buffoon Grant Cardone?

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, January 14, 2019


    Scientology’s wealthy ham hock Grant Cardone continues to intrigue us with his antics. Have you seen the latest?

    It’s a short video shot by his wife Elena Cardone which is being shared on Twitter, with her narrating while she walks through what appears to be a sumptuous beach house.

    After briefly showing Grant filming himself on his phone, she later shows off their shower area, and asks Grant to “cover yourself up.” We then see Cardone under a double shower head, holding a towel in front of himself. Elena then asks their naked 9-year-old daughter to peek out behind her father, and points out that they’re showering together. “This is living, ha boo?” Elena says.

    Now, in some cultures it might not be too unusual for a man to be showering with his 9-year-old daughter, but for Americans like the Cardones, it seems a little off-putting, to say the least. And we can’t help thinking about Scientology’s dictum that children are actually ancient beings in small packages.

    We sent an email to Cardone to ask him what he thought about the video being shared on Twitter. We’ll let you know if he responds.

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  2. Triumph Member

    Grant Cardone lays off 44% of his employees (80 total)

    Massive Debt is Crushing Grant Cardone & Cardone Capital.

    Heh. Douchbag..
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  3. So well deserved it made me shed a tear (And inform them on Youtube he is a scumbag Scientologist)

  4. Triumph Member

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  5. Malory Member

    Just a bit of light relief.
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