Graph about TOR bridge secure?

Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by Whizzbizz, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. Whizzbizz Member

    I would like to give my TOR bridge to a vaster community and would like to know if it is secure enough to post a graphic image of my TOR bridge in a public place like Twitter (without any written comment, just the picture.)

    i.e. Do they really LOOK at the posts or just scan them automatically?

  2. Hechicera Member

    If you mean you want to just post it on an open twitter channel or even PMed but with a #tag, I would strongly discourage that for multiple reasons, more to do with abuse than security.

    If you want to send a specific twitterer a PM, then how secure it is depends on a lot of things. One, you aren't really able to send a picture *in* twitter, you are sending a link, they still need to use the link to go access the picture on the net. The main thing is, what level of secure are you after?

    If the twitterer is already using an encrypted connection to access twitter and files (and twitter is blocked so they must be doing something) then a picture vs. text sent to them doesn't really matter from the viewpoint of a packet sniffer.

    If they are being watched on twitter by a human and haven't closed their profile, then the picture will be seen, and your tor node IP blocked there and abused elsewhere. An encrypted file link (using PGP or GnuPG etc.) may get around that, but only if you have a way to get that person the passphrase in a way a human monitor won't easily guess. And, you'd want to close your profile before sending so the PM won't be human searchable through your account either.

    I would guess that most of the popular twitter accounts are being watched by many humans now.
  3. Whizzbizz Member

    Thank you for your reply, Hechicera.
    You wrote:
    I don't think about anyone special to whom I would send a mail or PM. I just have some bandwidth to share and would like to help people access the internet.

    I'm not subject to censorship and would like to be useful instead of making someone run the risk of being identified because of some involuntary bullshit from my side.
  4. Hechicera Member

    I'm pretty sure Tor will automatically propagate the bridges out (including yours). You can't be sure yours will come on the random suggestion for an Iranian, but more bandwidth to the ever-slow Tor will help anyone using it.

    I can't think of a secure way to publicize your bridge ID via twitter though without having at least one trusted Iranian contact to help. However, if they need bridges they can go to tor directly.

    from Tor on page

    That will list a random three each time.

    The reason to not publish all the bridge relays is to not have them all public (and thus easily blocked via IP address blocking). If you are serious about being a bridge, I'd recommend not selecting any of the exit node checkboxes. Exit nodes are always visible, so that sort of defeats the purpose of being a non-publicly published bridge.

    So, just running the relay, and checking bridge will let people use it as a bridge. But without a trusted contact to give your id string to, you can't verify every user is an Iranian. But you are still helping! The relay net as a whole has been dropping to 1600 nodes at times, when people are sending video out via Tor ... ouch! So, just running a relay with bridge checked too is great!
  5. Whizzbizz Member

    Thank you!

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