Green Brief #10 (June 26)

Discussion in 'Green Brief' started by NiteOwl, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. skollie-IRAN Member

    A big thank you from me too. You are doing an amazing job getting information to us.
  2. skollie-IRAN Member

    I don't know how the heck he knows. Did you read it???

    I'm pointing out that the article mentioned above by Ginny8159 who implied a military coup is currently underway, is actually an article that states the election stolen from Musavi was a military coup - and don't want to spread false information

  3. Ginny8159 Member

    To Skollie: The NPR link found on twitter implied the "military coup" not me. It read as too good to be true. I just wanted verification of this info. I knew this was the place to get it.
  4. BigPat Member

  5. List and Map of all embassies, just in case

    This link will take you to a color coded list of all embassies according to whether or not they have said they will take in injured protesters. While this is not immediately pressing it could become so, so I just want you to have the link in case you need it.

    The list: Color Coded List of Embassies in Iran Eldercato's Blog

    The MAP: Embassies in Iran taking injured. - Google Maps

    The list and map will be updated whenever information comes in.

    Thank you for everything that you are doing.

  6. here you go: Iran Uprising Live-Blogging (Friday June 26)



  7. About Galloway statement

    Quote: "He did not indicate which people he meant when he made that statement."

    Should I knock my head by the wall, or accept the fact that this comment is sarcastic?

    Obviously, he meant the 62% of total votes Ahmadinejad got.

    That can be easily concluded from this statement: "He called upon the world to accept Ahmadinejad's re-election and called on the protesters to go home and accept the will of the people."

  8. NiteOwl Member

    OF COURSE it's sarcastic! Because Ahmadinejad never got 62% of the vote. If he had, you wouldn't see protests like this.

  9. Thank you NightOwl! You are inspiring! I used to your reports. Keep doing this good job! and take care.
  10. Khomeini's family is now supporting the protesters?

    This is a BIG deal. A VERY big deal.
  11. To the person (Lebanese) two posts above this one:

    Tell the Lebanese authorities to stop Hezbollah from going to Iran!
  12. NiteOwl Member

    Yeah... sureeeeeeeeeeee! hahahaa,

  13. Thank you for all information. You make a helpful job, NiteOwl
  14. neusvleugel Member

    Nightowl, you are a true hero.

    You don't have to be in the thick of things risking your life to be a hero, you prove that day after day. The information you provide helps keep many Iranians safe, because now that you are spreading the news, they don't have to risk exposing themselves.

    You are the MAN!
  15. Cynic

    It's not surprise that George Galloway sided with the regime.
    He's always been pro terrorism.
  16. Hey Ali Khamenei! How about you stop hating on America all the time and start DOING SOMETHING USEFUL FOR YOUR PEOPLE?? HUH???
  17. Hirundininae Member

    Iranian elections have never purported to be liberal democratic. Out of several hundred candidates for President, the Council of Guardians selects a mere handful. Inevitably these will be embedded in the establishment. Iranian elections offer a participatory model to satisfy societal [demands] for inclusiveness in the revolution. The primary electoral characteristic is competitiveness between selected candidates. Competition as practiced in earlier elections has been eroded these last 8 years. Equated with gross corruption centered around certain institutions makes for very legitimate grounds to do far more than just 'whining.'
  18. Yes.

    It reminds me of the growth of asset forfeiture laws that were passed as part of the War on Drugs in the United States, whereby persons suspected (not convicted) of drug "crimes" could have cash, cars, homes, and other property seized without trial, with the proceeds given to police departments to escalate the "War".

    Of course, that may have been merely the opening salvo, and now that the legal principle has been established who knows who might be pursued next? Even without asset forfeiture the subjects of the U.S. government are required to pay high taxes to pay the enforcers that enslave them, which is morally the same.

    We do have some hint at who might be next, based on the erosion of basic human rights in the United States for various classes, but most notably "sex offenders" who are now banned from living in a number of cities. I put "sex offenders" in quotes, because most of the two million or more in the USA have not actually harmed anyone, but are victims of circumstance: caught urinating behind a bush because no restrooms were in the area, children "playing doctor" with each other, framed by an angry ex-spouse, teenagers "sexting" each other, et cetera.

    Was that what you were intending to invoke? Are you simply pointing out that after the Iranians get liberty, Americans should take to the streets in the cause of liberty as well?

    I support the right of the people of Iran to peacefully protest their government, and to seize liberty - by force if necessary - as soon as they can, preferably as peacefully as possible. But Iran is not the only nation that needs the blessings of Liberty.

    I hope that the protests in Iran are successful, and that the sea of green surges well past Iran's borders.
  19. Hezbollah is not "Lebanon".

    The "west" includes more than just the "western" governments.

    The interest in helping ordinary citizens in Iran is not being driven by western governments.

    At the end of the day western governments will deal with whoever the power is in Iran -- autocrat, or democrat -- as they see fit. Much in the same way that the Iranian government has looked at Lebanese civilians as collateral damage in its game of war/power/regional influence.
  20. Yes, there are Anti Riot Police everywhere, true.
    Bullet Fee's everywhere? Not true!

    What is going on, in Iran is western conspiracy? Please, 70-75% of Iranians are under 30. They are one of the most well educated populations, they finally had enough! What started out as a request for a new election has turned into something larger.

    Please, do not try to put this one on the Western Governments, that is the party line! Propaganda takes away form the validity of your arguments.

  21. Register an account and report posts that you think are off-topic instead of spamming the forum.
  22. DeiBellum Member

    Thank you Nyte Owl. These posts are much appreciated by many people, myself included.
  23. Upbeat heads-up on Prof Muhammad Sahimi interview

    So , let's get back on topic.

    I just interviewed Prof. Muhammad Sahimi, at the University of Southern California in LA (and About Us – Tehran Bureau).

    And given the dire events of the last week, the analysis is a little more upbeat than would be suggested by the 'success' of the Regime in beating and shooting the opposition off the streets.

    I'll have the interview online tomorrow, but I thought I'd give an interim heads-up. We discussed the potential for a negotiated solution and identified the key groups and their motivations.

    Sahimi feels the hardliners are not for doing deals, but that their actions last week "crossed a red line" --even by nasty Iranian political standards. I put it to him the disproportionate violence against the protests were a sign of weakness, rather than strength and he agreed.

    Don't blame ME for bringing up the issue of the NWO.
    It was Ahmadinejad who brought it up last week!
    As reported on State propaganda PressTV:

    I actually agree with you that we should "Beware the 911 conspiracy nuts" as you say. Despite Ahmadinejad's pro-NWO comments, these wackos say the NWO/CIA is trying to to overthrow him?? Eh? And Ahmadinejad says the same? Can't figure out which of the two of 'em are more goofy.

    When I interviewed Professor Hamid Dabashi last week, he didn't call me a wacko. Instead we had a good discussion about NWO neo-liberal economics and whether this would solve Iran's economic problems, long term. It won't, according to him.

    All that is on topic, as it's pertinent to examine who is supporting Ahmadinejad/Khamenei (China, Russia, Chavez, Morales....) and why they so enthusiastic.

    I discussed this with Prof. Sahimi, because the above countries are all left/socialist --yet they are backing Ahmadinejad against the left/socialist Mousavi. Details in the interview online Sunday.

    I can discuss these issues with two respected intellectuals (both of them published in the NY Times) without them calling me a wacko. I understand that you despise these tinfoil idiots, but ease up with the knee-jerk, please. Thanks.
  24. Thanks

    I'm appalled that all American news media can talk about is Michael Jackson and the South Carolina governor's extramarital affair when Iranians are fighting for their lives. Thank you for what you do!
  25. obsession of U.S. media on MJ

    So are many of us who live here. People fighting for their lives and liberty and all our media can do is go on and on about a child molesting pop star and a philandering governor.
  26. This is no longer about the election, the current regime is an oppressive dictatorship. The Iranian government has admitted voting discrepancies in over 50 cities, with more votes being recorded then there being registered voters.


  27. "The Iranian government has admitted voting discrepancies in over 50 cities, with more votes being recorded then there being registered voters."

    They also said that it is because the voters can vote in any place they want.
  28. They are good at spreading misinformation ay.

    This is no longer about the election results. This is about ending an oppressive theocracy that heavily restricts the basic human rights of its people

    Khameini and Amadickinabox are pure evil. They brutally murder there own people, just to allow a foolish, incompetent hardliner to hold onto power that is not his. Half of the Iranian parliament failed to show up to his victory celebration, Rafsanjani intends to remove Khameini. What more do you need?

    For every single protester who hits the streets, how many more do you think are at home, supporting them, to afraid of being brutally murdered by militia or police.

    Regardless of who won the election, the people have spoke out against an evil oppressive tyrant and the cracks are showing. It's only a matter of time.

  29. "Bullet Fee's everywhere? Not true!"
    what are you trying to say?
    - if you mean that the victims paid the fee of the bullets that penetrated their bodies, you are wrong.
    - if you mean something else, all i can say is that no country can be built without forces (and bullets, lol).

    "They are one of the most well educated populations"
    Does this make the protesters represent the majority of Iranians?

    "they finally had enough"
    of what?
    Mohammad Khatami was the president from 1997 to 2005.

    "Please, do not try to put this one on the Western Governments"
    The Western Governments are innocent, sorry. Angels are jealous of them.
  30. My posts are being deleted

    Thank you for your democracy moderators, I am leaving the forum.

    May Allah Bless Iran and Lebanon.
  31. Ray Murphy Member

    They would have looked stupid if they hadn't spoken out at this first good opportunity in many years.

    How embarrassing it must have been for young educated Iranians to be talking sense on the net and in universities and spreading a good image of Iran in foreign countries, and at the same time be tolerating mad bullying by thugs with batons. All of this was automatic.

    The Iranian protestors have already won a big victory because they have exposed the real situation in Iran well enough - so they (in the main) will not be viewed as a potential enemy any more.
  32. oh baww. your posts were probably just moved to another forum.
  33. Metta Center solidarity video


    I happen to be a regular visitor of this site ( The Metta Center ) and I found it published a video to express solidarity with the Iranian struggle. I am posting this in hope that some people who take part in the struggle can watch it and find it encouraging and inspiring.

  34. Kruge Moderator

    Ooooh, I see - in that case sorry, I shot from the hip and way too quick it seems! Seems I got the messenger by mistake! My bad!

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