Green Brief #101

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    Green Brief #101

    February 1st 2011

    By Codeman177 – http:/

    You may notice that this Green Brief is not pertaining to Iran. After watching the events unfold in Egypt over the last few days, I got the urge to write again. This information comes from people on the ground in Egypt.

    Protest/ General news

    1. Protesters gathered around Egypt today for the “March of Millions”. The Largest group gathering in Tahrir Square. Large groups also gathered in Suez and Alexandria.

    2. Tahrir square was the sight of the largest gathering today with estimates putting the number of people at 2 million. Protesters were heard chanting slogans denouncing President Mubarak and singing the National anthem. The Egyptian army set up checkpoints to control access to the square searching people and checking Ids to ensure that the protests would remain peaceful. Following Mubarak's speech late in the day protester were heard chanting “not enough” signifying that anything less than Mubarak leaving is not enough.

    3. The scene in Alexandria was much the same as Tahrir square with protesters gathering together denouncing the government and calling for President Mubarak to step down. Following the President's speech fighting broke out between anti-Mubarak protesters and pro-Mubarak demonstrators. The Pro-Mubarak demonstrators are believed to be police in disguise. The Pro-Mubarak demonstrators fired at the anti-Mubarak protesters first. In return the anti-Mubarak protesters began throwing rocks at the pro-Mubarak demonstrators. The Army defused the situation by firing into the air to disperse the crowd.

    4. Late in to evening Tuesday pro-Mubarak demonstrators tried to enter Tahrir square in an attempt to destroy the cohesion of the anti-Mubarak protesters still occupying the square. Even into the early hours of Wednesday Tahrir square is still occupied by thousands of anti-Mubarak protesters. Anti-Mubarak protesters are calling for a new day of protests called: “The Day of Ouster”. Where the wish to force President Mubarak to leave the country.


    1. President Mubarak spoke today. He stated that he will not run for reelection in September, however he will serve out his term. He called on the parliament to institute constitutional reform such as presidential term limits and loosening presidential candidate requirements. He asked police forces to restore order and crack down on looters and arsonists. He went on to say “ I will die on the soil of Egypt, and I will be judged by history on my merits.”

    2. United States President Obama held a press conference on the recent events in Egypt. He outlined his speech with three core points. First violence should be avoided he commended the Egyptian Army for keeping the peace. His second principle was the basic rights for the Egyptian people of freedom of assembly, speech, and information. His third principle was the need for change. President Obama added that he had spoken to President Mubarak following his speech and that Mubarak recognizes that the status quo cannot be maintained and that change is needed.


    1. If you want to get an accurate picture of what is going on Egypt I would suggest that you watch Al Jazeera. They have an have been reporting none stop since the protest began. for a live stream in English go to Al Jazeera English: Live Stream - Watch Now - Al Jazeera English
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    Thank you very much for posting this.

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