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    Green Brief #104

    February 4st 2011

    By Codeman177 – http:/

    You may notice that this Green Brief is not pertaining to Iran. After watching the events unfold in Egypt over the last few days, I got the urge to write again. This information comes from people on the ground in Egypt.

    Protest/ General news

    1. The day began relatively quietly in Tahrir square today with pro-democracy protesters slowly gathering in the square. The group of protesters grew more steadily following Friday’s morning prayers. The mood in the square was festive and celebratory, much like it had been before the violent clashes of Wednesday. Protesters were guarding the entrances to Tahrir square, they were checking Ids and patting people down. This was to ensure that no police or security forces entered the square. An Al Jazeera reporter said that protesters were being very welcoming to journalists entering the square. Amr Moussa the Arab League Chief attended the protests in Tahrir square today.

    2. The Sermon for the morning prayer that took place in Tahrir square called for the immediate release of all political prisoners and constitutional reforms. Immediately following the end of prayers chanting of “We won't go until he leaves” started up from the crowd.

    3. At about 12 pm pro-Mubarak protesters began gathering around Tahrir square, they numbered about 300. They were kept separate from the pro-democracy protesters by the army. Most of the day clashes were isolated to areas outside of Tahrir square. However as the day wore on the pro-Mubarak supporters tried several times to rush the square. The pro-democracy protesters pushed them back on each occasion. The army did little to intervene, only firing shots into the air to ward off attackers.

    4. Leaders of the Egyptian armed forces including the defense minister, Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, visited Tahrir square today. They called on the protesters to go home, claiming that their demands had been heard by the government.

    5. Prime minister Ahmad Shafiq said today that 95% of the protesters demands have been met and Mubarak must be allowed to finish out his presidential term.

    6. Hisham Mubarak Law Center a legal aid group which has been providing help to the pro-democracy protesters was raided yesterday. Its staff of five and twenty-five volunteers were arrested by security forces.

    7. Thousands of pro-democracy protesters gathered in the center square of the city of Alexandria today. The protests in Alexandria were carried out much like the protest in Tahrir, with only minor clashes being reported. Once again during the afternoon prayers Christians formed a human chain to protect their Muslim brothers and sisters from harm while they prayed. At one point during the protests a undercover police officer was discovered hiding in the pro-democracy crowd. He was removed from the area, but pro-democracy protesters made sure that no harm came to him.

    8. Along with Cairo and Alexandria protests took place all over north and northeastern Egypt.

    9. The largest group of pro-Mubarak supporters gathered in Giza, Egypt's third largest city.


    1. Three MPs of the ruling National Democratic Party, Mohamed el-morshedy, Hussein Sufi Abu Taleb, and Ali Seif have resigned in solidarity with the protesters.

    2. Mohammed Al-Beltagi a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood stated today that his movement will not put up a candidate for the Egyptian presidency.

    3.The leaders of the European union met in the EU headquarters at Brussels to discuss the situation in Egypt. They declared there need to be an immediate transition to democracy.

    4. The Islamic Scholar Yusuf al-Qaradawi once again spoke out against Mubarak. Stating, “If a leader is hated he should just leave. You can't lead a people by force.”

    5.Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi called Mubarak, “The wisest of men and the reference point to the whole middle east.”

    6. The Muslim Brotherhood has denounced the statement by Khamenei. Who said yesterday that protests in Egypt were an “Islamic awakening.” The Muslim Brotherhood stated that the protests are a secular people's
    movement, not an Islamic revolution.


    1. The Muslim Brotherhood's website today claimed that Cairo's International Media Center was attacked by police and pro-Mubarak thugs.

    2. Al Jazeera's Cairo office was stormed by pro-Mubarak thugs today, who burned the office and journalism equipment. Al Jazeera's journalism license was once again revoked today.

    3. Al Masry Al Youm, the largest newspaper in Egypt, ran a story today that security forces broke into the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood's website and arrested twelve workers their.

    4. Ahmed Mohammed Mohmoud and Egyptian reporter who was shot in the violent clashes earlier this week, died of his wounds today. He is the first journalist to died since the protest began.


    1. 1. If you want to get an accurate picture of what is going on Egypt I would suggest that you watch Al Jazeera. They have an have been reporting none stop since the protest began. for a live stream in English go to Al Jazeera English: Live Stream - Watch Now - Al Jazeera English

    2. For anyone that wants to post the Green Brief anywhere else all I ask is that you keep the line that contains my username and link to my twitter account. And a link back to the original article here.

    3. Also can I ask a favor of those of you who read this. I would like to get the Green Brief popular again, so if your reading this and you have a twitter account. Could you all tweet a link back here, or if you follow me on twitter retweet the link I post.

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