Green Brief #105 (Feb 5)

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    Green Brief #105

    February 5th 2011

    By Codeman177 – http:/

    You may notice that this Green Brief is not pertaining to Iran. After watching the events unfold in Egypt over the last few days, I got the urge to write again. This information comes from people on the ground in Egypt.

    Protest/ General news

    1. Today started with a violent explosions along the pipeline that runs between Egypt and Jordan. Al Jazeera confirmed that the bombing was orchestrated by a terrorist group. The Egyptian Army has turned the pipeline off until repairs are completed.

    2. Toady the regime tried to portray a focus on economic stability. President Mubarak met with Prime Minister, Finance Minister, Oil Minister, Trade and Industry Minister, and the Governor of the Central Bank. The government stated that banks will reopen on Sunday and the Stock Market will reopen on Monday. The Finance Minister warned that the protests are costing the country $310 million a day.

    3. Tahrir square was relatively quiet today, the numbers that gathered there was less than yesterday. Many were still resting up from the massive protests that took place on Friday. However, the army did attempt to remove the barricades the pro-democracy protests had set up at the National Museum. The protesters surrounded that barricades to stop the army from using tanks to remove the barricades. The protesters feared that if the barricades were removed then it would give police or thugs the opportunity to attack the square. The army seeing that the protesters would not move from in front of the barricade gave up their attempts to dismantle the metal shielding.

    4. The army was blocking families with small children from entering Tahrir square today fearing that clashes could cause them harm.

    5. 500 protesters came to Tahrir square today from the city of Suez, to participate in tomorrows “Day of the Martyred” to remember those who have loss their lives since the protests started.

    6. Coptic Christians will hold Sunday mass in Tahrir square tomorrow during the protests. Their Muslim brothers and sisters stated that they will protect them, just as the Christians had protected them.

    7. Rumors were circulating today that the Egyptian government has begun tracking and SMS messages and Network traffic. I was unable to find any official confirmation on this.


    1. Hossam Badrawy has been appointed the Secretary General of the National Democratic Party and head of its policies committees.

    2. Today their were several rumors that Hosni Mubarak had stepped down as head of the ruling National Democratic Party. Some members of the NDP claimed that this was true, yet others have said that it is false. So this has yet to be fully confirmed.

    3. The following demands have been submitted to the Egyptian government by the protests at Tahrir square. The protesters declared that these demands must be met for the protests to come to and end.

    1. Resignation of the President.

    2. End of the State of Emergency.

    3. Dissolution of People's Assembly and Shora Council.

    4. Formation of a National Transitional Government.

    5. An elected parliament that will amend that constitution to allow for presidential elections.

    6. Immediate prosecution for those responsible for the deaths of revolutions martyrs.

    7. Immediate prosecution of the corrupters and those who robbed the country of its wealth.


    1. Al Jazeera's editor Osama Abd Elaziz has been released from custody in Egypt.

    2. Ursula Lindsey of posted this list of activists that have been recently detained.

    1. Ahmed Seif El Islam (Human Rights Lawyer and former Director of Hisham Mubarak Law Centre)
    2. Mohsen Beshir (HMLC Lawyer)
    3. Mostafa Al Hassan (HMLC Lawyer)
    4. Mouna AlMasry (HMLC Researcher)
    5. Al Sayed Feky (HMLC Lawyer)
    6. Fatma Abed (Front to Defend Egypt's Protesters, Volunteer)
    7. Shahdan (FDEP Volunteer)
    8. Nadine Abu Shadi (FDEP Volunteer)
    9. Nadia Hashem (FDEP Volunteer)
    10. Ahmed Taher (Unconfirmed Name)
    11. Ahmed Hamdy Mahmoud (Student from Assiut --- source Gamal Eid)
    12. Said Haddadi (Amnesty International)
    13. ِAnother AI Staff member
    14. Daniel Williams (Human Rights Watch)
    15. Sofia Amara (French citizen working for Magneto Press)
    16. Pedro do Fonseca (Portugese Citizen working for Magneto Presse)
    17. Kamal Samir (Volunteer/activist --- unconfirmed)
    18. Doaa (unconfirmed)
    19. Amr Aly
    20. Islam Gevara
    21. Sameh Rushdi
    22. Mohamed Helmy
    23. Shadi Mohamed


    1. If you want to get an accurate picture of what is going on Egypt I would suggest that you watch Al Jazeera. They have an have been reporting none stop since the protest began. for a live stream in English go to Al Jazeera English: Live Stream - Watch Now - Al Jazeera English

    2. For anyone that wants to post the Green Brief anywhere else all I ask is that you keep the line that contains my username and link to my twitter account. And a link back to the original article here.

    3. Also can I ask a favor of those of you who read this. I would like to get the Green Brief popular again, so if your reading this and you have a twitter account. Could you all tweet a link back here, or if you follow me on twitter retweet the link I post.

    4. Should it be confirmed that the Egyptian government is filtering or tracking internet traffic. Please tweet links to Why We Protest - IRAN - Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran this forum contains information regarding hiding network traffic and accessing any blocked websites.
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    Thank you very much. Have you posted it on the main forums? I have posted on my blog and retweeted.
  3. codeman177 Moderator

    I'm about to post it to the main forum.
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    Great, keep up the good work. If this gets to be very popular again, I'll start doing a audio version.

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