Green Brief #106 (Feb 6)

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    Green Brief #106

    February 6th 2011

    By Codeman177 – http:/

    You may notice that this Green Brief is not pertaining to Iran. After watching the events unfold in Egypt over the last few days, I got the urge to write again. This information comes from people on the ground in Egypt.

    Protest/ General news

    1. Christians and Muslims gathered in Tahrir square to hold mass in remembrance of those who have died since the protests started. The protesters sang Christian hymns and prayed for the martyred. The leaders of the prayers held up a cross and Qur’an together as a sign of togetherness between the religions. This prayer service was an attempt for the Christians to show the state TV that the protests are a popular not dependent on religion.

    2. Today the army tried to enclose Tahrir square inside a cordon of barbed wire. The protesters worried that this would allow the army to slow push the protesters from the square. Protesters moved into the area that the army was setting up the barbed wire, stopping them from setting up the wire.

    3. France announced today that it would stop selling arms and tear gas to Egypt.

    4. A group of several thousand protesters gathered at the central square in Alexandria and marched to the main train station.

    5. The Egyptian Central Bank moved $850 million into the financial system as banks reopened across Egypt today. The Egyptian pound is currently trading at it's lowest value in five years. The stock market remained closed today with and official stating that it will remain closed until at least Tuesday.


    1. The Muslim Brotherhood as well as members of the “group of wise” met with the Vice President Omar Suleiman today to continue talks on the protester's demands.


    1. Al Jazeera correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin was arrested by the military today inside Tahrir square. He was released at about 10:30 pm GMT+2, after numerous requests for his release by Al Jazeera and a campaign for his release on Twitter.

    2. The website has begun to compile a list of the names of those who have died since the protests began.


    1. If you want to get an accurate picture of what is going on Egypt I would suggest that you watch Al Jazeera. They have an have been reporting none stop since the protest began. for a live stream in English go to Al Jazeera English: Live Stream - Watch Now - Al Jazeera English

    2. For anyone that wants to post the Green Brief anywhere else all I ask is that you keep the line that contains my username and link to my twitter account. And a link back to the original article here.

    3. Also can I ask a favor of those of you who read this. I would like to get the Green Brief popular again, so if your reading this and you have a twitter account. Could you all tweet a link back here, or if you follow me on twitter retweet the link I post.
  2. Tehran Member

    thank you brother for the report. My father is very concerned over the situation in Egypt and he would like to point out also the struggle of Christians in Egypt. Followers of Islam and Christianity are pictured together today in many articles, a prominent one being this article from BBC : BBC News - Egypt's Muslims and Christians join hands in protest - The struggle in Egypt is very much a peoples struggle and not confined to one religion or another. May our brothers on the ground find much success!

    Peace and Love to all my brothers in the struggle.
  3. Kruge Moderator

    I like how some of the stories coming from Egypt are about Christians protecting Muslims in their prayers and vice versa. That, to me, sends a very positive signal. Here are some people who seem to realise that they are all in the same boat and who - at least that's what I think - want to encourage others to stand together like that and at the same time show that this is not about religion and that they have no problem at all to coexist.

    So much for the extreme right wingers in both religions who like to pretend that "the other one" is pure evil and needs to be eradicated.

    Even though I'm an Atheist myself these little bits make me proud of the human race a little. :)

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