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Discussion in 'Green Brief' started by NiteOwl, Jun 27, 2009.


    please visit and after being reassured share articles with us by email to directly.rihtnow we are getting them in a roundabout indirect way so miss stuff both of us would want posted.

    We do not twitter for internal security reasons.

    I read Farsi but prefer English arfticles as the AntiMullah site aims to inform and educate the West on what's gong n inside Iran. We have a Farsi (Multilingual) section if something needs to go in that direction.

  2. Several weeks ago I set up an anonymous tweeting service so those in Iran that didn't want their twitter usernames to be tracked could still get information out. It was initially spammed, so I shut it down for a while. Given the recent rumors about tweeters in Iran getting arrested, I've decided to open up the anonymous service again. Here's the URL:
    Anything entered will be retweeted under the username "irananontweet" with the #iranelection tag already added. I've also added some code to help protect against spam...not perfect but should cut it down. Please help spread the word to those that might need this service.
  3. persiankiwi found?

    Niteowl, Thank you for your reports. The info is invaluable and as i follow other sources, I am convinced your heart is in the right place.

    I just fell over this tweeter and see that oxfordgirl is attempting to confirm. Take a look: persiankiwie (persiankiwie) on Twitter

    I again ask how I can help iranians going online without using proxy as my connection is owned by my employer and I cannot use it.

    Nichol wrote about a solution where gmail feeds into a blog. I - and probably others - need a description on how to do this (If it is in fact a helpful solution).

    Thanks again Niteowl, I will be following you and pray for you and your sources.
  4. Haha... I think CNN is reading this thread. They are reporting lots of stuff from it.
  5. ech0 Member

    Can't be stressed more. Everyone, think for yourselves. Use your own best judgment.
  6. Hirundininae Member

    Is there any more news on the position of the Iranian military. I would be very interested to know how the officer class view the current situation as a security challenge to their hegemonic interests. Also what are the tensions if any between the Iranian armed services vs. revolutionary guard? To what extent has the IRG infiltrated the Armed services if at all? Apart from senior officers, where rests the loyalties of the junior rank?

    Thanks for the regular feeds
  7. This is not true, the Anti-Riot police wanted to prevent the crowd from passing through, the police were not surrounded at all, you can see the way behind them and that there was many of them. However, the crowd wanted a fight, except few of them wanted to prevent that from happening. Moreover, the police can communicate with headquarters to request backup if need be.
  8. You inspire a lot of people. Dont stop what you are doing please.

    Peace and Love from exile Iranians in sweden.
  9. Military coup in Honduras!

    Are you going to protest against this, and have "internet revolution" with this issue? Or this does not concern you, because Honduras president is against American imperialism.
  10. angie0972 Member

    To err is human. thank you for this beautiful video, it has helped
  11. Sidewinder Member

    We believe in government, of the people, by the people, for the people!!!
    If the military are espousing the view of the overwhelming majority of the people we would obviously support that. I know it's a highly complex philosophy that dictatorial stooges can not fathom.
  12. do not feed the troll
  13. Sidewinder Member

    Sorry,...pissed me off and I couldn't help myself.
  14. NiteOwl Member

    I don't think so.
  15. Your welcome, I hope Nite Owl got to see it! It was a gift from my heart to his!
  16. Happy to read that, I sent the link to CNN thinking they could recognize the huge and good work, and spread informations.... :)

  17. The police units were forming a wall to prevent protesters from passing through, this is normal. They were also carrying their sticks which means that their will was not compromised and that they are ready to hit any rioter.
  18. BigPat Member

    PK arrested? GB #11, item 16

    Dear NiteOwl'

    In response to:
    16. (On persiankiwi, I don’t know any of the tweeters personally. I stopped using him/her as a source since the day of the Baharestan protest. I only stated that he has been arrested as a caution so that people would be careful. The second most reliable source after pk reported that pk had been arrested so I was forced to go ahead and warn people. But some people have harshly attacked me for this. I whole-heartedly apologize if anyone thinks I’m trying to mislead them. The Green Briefs are only one source out of hundreds. Please use your own judgment and trust whichever source you think is more reliable in getting news from Iran. I will hence stop trying to convince people that I have good intentions. It is futile as well as VERY stressful and time-consuming.)

    I was following PK regularly up until the 24th, when PK Twitter entries stopped. But I would say perhaps arrested, or gone underground (as in hiding from authorities).

    When you look at one of the past posts PK made:
    we must go - dont know when we can get internet
    - they take 1 of us, they will torture and get names
    - now we must move fast - #Iranelection
    8:04 PM Jun 24th from web

    I'd say we're advised PK is going underground, which seems quite necessary with what is going on and being done by authorities in Tehran and elsewhere. So hopefully just gone underground without internet access, as opposed to being arrested.

    Other than that, THANKS for your hard work on the GB!

    Best regards to all,


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