Green Brief #114 (Feb 25)

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    Green Brief #114

    February 24th 2011

    By Codeman177 – http:/

    The information in the Brief comes from tweets from people on the ground in Libya and Iran.
    I've tried to include only information that I could confirm. News agencies are credited where appropriate. All Green Briefs are released under Creative Commons.


    Protest/ General news

    1. Security forces flooded the streets of Tehran today for an unknown reason. It was stated that the city looks like it is under martial law.

    2. Ardeshir Amir Arjamand, a senior advisor to Mousavi, has issued a statement asking protesters to be more vigilant given the increased security presence in Tehran. In the same statement he encouraged the idea of weekly protests to continue until the protester's demands are met.

    3. SMS and cellular service was suspended through out most of Tehran today.


    1. The minister of intelligence, Heydar Moslehi, spoke on state TV tonight. In it he claimed that the regime has arrested one person connected to the CIA and a member of the Mujahedin-e-Khalq during the 14 February marches.

    2. Mojitab Vahedi, a senior adviser to Mehdi Karroubi, has warned the regime about the dishonorable house arrests of Mousavi and Karroubi.


    1. Members of the Mujahedin of the Islamic Revolution, Mehdi Tahaghoghi and Ahmad Hashemi were arrested today.


    Protests/ General

    1. Regime forces have launched counter-attacks against the cities of Zawiya, Misurata, and Tajura. These cities were taken by the opposition yesterday. The loyalist forces are using tanks and artillery to lay siege to the cities. At least 10 have been killed in Zawiya and several dozen injured in the last 24 hours.

    2. Oil terminals in Ras Lanuf and Marsa El Brega are under the control of the opposition.

    3. A Libyan cleric has issued a fatwa against watching television channels like Al Jazeera that incite violence.


    1. During a telephone speech, Gaddafi claimed the he does not have any power, but is only a symbolic leader. He spoke about the youths being given hallucinogenic pills to cause trouble. He asked parents not to let their kids to continue to cause trouble, stating “take their guns.”


    1. The first issue of the Feb 17 revolution paper has been released here:ليبيا (arabic). I've started to work on a translation of the paper, probably won't be out until morning.

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