Green Brief #119 (Mar 9)

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    Green Brief #119

    March 9th 2011

    By Codeman177 – http:/

    The information in the Brief comes from tweets from people on the ground in Libya and Iran.
    I've tried to include only information that I could confirm. News agencies are credited where appropriate. All Green Briefs are released under Creative Commons.

    Protest/ General news

    1. A false news report was posted on the websites of the Assembly of Experts and the Expediency Council. The report contained a photo of a burning candle and text stating Hashemi Rafsanjani, “may he rest in peace.” When Rafsanjani was told about the news report he responded with laughter. It is unclear whether this was the work of hackers or not. On that note the personal website of Rafsanjani was attacked and taken off line for a period today.

    2. Al Arabiya claimed today that opposition figures Mir Hossein Mousavi and Zahra Rahnavard were removed from their residence, where they were under house arrest, for one day as regime leaders debated their fate. Al Arabiya states that Mojtaba Khamenei, the son of the Supreme Leader, wanted their arrest but his father vetoed the suggestion. It is still unclear whether Mousavi and Rahnavard are under house arrest or if they are in military detention facility.


    1. Saeed Jalili, the secretary of the National Security Council addressed the Assembly of Experts today. During his address he asserted that the US and western countries have allocated 55 million dollars to fabricate news reports to stir unrest. He claimed that Washington and its European allies have set up a total 874 websites to support the opposition. Jalili warned that Iran's enemies were attempting to undermine Tehran's influence in the region.


    1. Ardavan Tarakmeh, student director, writer and film critic, has been sentenced to three years in prison.

    2. Farnaz Kamali, a member of the One Million Signatures Campaign for women's rights, has been released on $300,000 bail.


    General News

    1. The regime continued its counterattack/ siege of Az Zawiyah today. After 5 day of fighting for the main square of the town regime forces managed to take the square. Opposition forces retreated temporarily and are planning to counterattack.

    2. Regime forces continued their artillery and aerial bombardment of Ras Lanuf today. Regime aircraft bombed oil refineries, causing four storage tanks to detonate. Bombs also damaged other facilities like water treatment plants and power facilities. With the opposition all ready running low on fuel, continued damage to oil facilities could further dampen the opposition advance on Tripoli. Shukri Ghanem, the head of the National Oil Corporation, stated on Wednesday that the Libyan oil output if down by more than two-thirds from 1.6 million barrels per day to under 500,000.


    1. Gaddafi spoke on state TV today. In his statement he once again claimed that the opposition is a group of kids guided into fighting by Al Qaeda. Gaddafi also warned that Libyans will fight if a no-fly zone is imposed by Western nations and how imposing one would show their real intention is to seize the country's oil.

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