Green Brief #120 (Mar 10)

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    Green Brief #120

    March 10th 2011

    By Codeman177 – http:/

    The information in the Brief comes from tweets from people on the ground in Libya and Iran.
    I've tried to include only information that I could confirm. News agencies are credited where appropriate. All Green Briefs are released under Creative Commons.


    Protest/ General news

    1. Mehdi Karroubi's oldest son Hossein has charged the head of the Basij militia with "corruption on earth" for torture, rape, murder, and bloodshed. Hossein Karroubi said Mohammad Reza Naqdi must be punsihed for spilling the blood of innocent people. Hossein Karroubi has been in hiding since the regime attempted to arrest him.

    2. Iran's Ministry of Sciences and Higher Education has banned Iranian graduate students from pursuing a dissertation on any subject related to Iran while studying abroad. The ban covers all Iranian students, whether they are financially supported by the Government or paying for their education. Students who violate the directive will face problems with confirmation of their degrees by the Iranian authorities and with applications for jobs.


    1. In a statement today Ahmadinejad claimed that Qom is the base for ruling the world and creating the perfect man, he stated “God made Iran for the mission.”
    2. In a statement today Khameini declared, "The United States and other world powers with an aggressive nature will finally suffer a defeat by nations and God's promises will come true." During the same speech Khameini condemned any attacks against bloggers or journalists that are posting opinions of the regime. However he warned bloggers and journalist against defaming or insulting the regime.


    1. Human rights activist Hakimeh Shokri has been released on bail. Shokri was arrested in early December during a mourning ceremony for those killed in the post-election conflict.


    General News

    1. The head of Libya's opposition National Transitional Committee, Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, has called on other countries to act quickly to impose a no-fly zone over the country declaring that any delay would result in more casualties.

    2. After heavy artillery, aerial and mortar bombardments regime forces have retaken the town of Ras Lanuf. The regime attacked and killed all remaining injured at the town's hospital. There are rumors that the opposition still has control of the refineries in Ras Lanuf.

    3. The regime began bombing Brega today, following their victory in Ras Lanuf. This is the first time the opposition held town has come under attack in days.


    1. The French government has official recognized the opposition's National Transitional Council as the legitimate government of the Libyan people.

    2. NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen stated that the following conditions must be met for any form of Humanitarian missions or a no-fly zone to take place. 1) a demonstrable need for NATO action; 2) a clear legal basis; and 3) firm regional support. This basically rules out any form of action without a UN resolution.

    3. In an interview today Muammar Qaddafi's son Saif Al Islam stated that Libya is preparing an all-out offensive to crush the opposition and will not stop, even if foreign powers intervene.

    4. The Gulf Cooperation Council - a coalition of six Arab nations - has issued a statement saying the Libyan regime has lost its legitimacy.

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