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    I'm NiteOwl AKA Josh Shahryar - on twitter - and I've been immersed in tweets from Iran for the past several hours. I have tried to be extremely careful in choosing my tweet sources. What I have compiled below is what I can confirm through my reliable twitter sources. Remember, this is all from tweets. (My work is released under Creative Commons (CC). So use it freely)

    These are the important happenings that I can positively confirm from Thursday, July 02 in Iran.

    In Dutch:

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    In Italian: Gonzo Times � Blog Archive � 02/07/2009: Report di fine giornata

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    1. Thousands of people gathered at Iran’s Beheshte Zahra Cemetery, along with other smaller cemeteries, to mourn the people who have died in the protests. The numbers were hard to confirm, but various sources claimed somewhere between 10,000 – 15,000. Large numbers of Basijis were reported to have been stationed in and around Beheshte Zahra Cemetery, but no clashes were reported. Shopkeepers in Tabriz have reportedly stopped their strikes because of government intimidation and threats made by the Basijis.

    2. Mousavi’s Facebook page asked for protesters to form a human chain this Sunday – we could not confirm this through other sources. Meanwhile, about 120 women from the group “Mourning Mothers” gathered at Laleh Park again today and lit candles in memory of the fallen protesters. They have planned mass gatherings in Laleh, Andisheh and Mellat parks for July 4. Relatives of detainees yet again gathered in front of Evin Prison today and asked for the release of their loved ones.


    3. Hard-line Parliament members today again called on the Judiciary to prosecute Mousavi for allegedly breaking the law by calling for protests and for instigating violence. The call had been made in the past as well and several state-run newspapers have also made similar demands in the past few days. Unconfirmed reports from Qom and Khorasan indicate that more and more clerics are considering denouncing the government’s actions; declaring the protests as legitimate.

    4. Samareh Hashemi, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s campaign manager, told PressTV today that the SMS outage and cell phone service restrictions were put in place to "ensure security" during and after the election. He added that Mousavi wasn’t really an opposition leader because “his views closely match those of the governments.” Furthermore, he claimed that the candidates KNOW that the election was as impartial as any before, and that no voting fraud had taken place.

    5. More international pressure is being mounted on Iran’s Government. There will be an EU meeting next week where it is reported that member nations will consider pulling their ambassadors from Iran. Russia’s foreign ministry announced today that Russia opposed international sanctions against Iran and that the election and its aftermath were Iran’s internal issues that needed to be dealt with by Iranians, MosNews reported. A former Justice Minister of Canada, Irwin Cotler, has asked the international community to ban Ahmadinejad from entering their countries, Deutsche-Welle reported.

    6. Al-Arabiya’s website has stated that an Egyptian lawyer belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, Mamdouh Ismail has filed a complaint in Egypt’s Prosecutor General’s Office. He has asked them to ban Ahmadinejad from entering Egypt next month to attend a diplomatic meeting. He has accused Ahmadinejad of winning the election erroneously and for insulting two of Prophet Mohammed’s companions.

    Arrests, Casualties, Releases

    7. Seven people were arrested in Qazvin today in connection with the protests. The head of Participation Front in Hormozgan Province, Mr. Ramezanpour, was also arrested. The government-owned media now claims that 20 people have died in the post-election protests. Real numbers are hard to obtain, but the number is reportedly much higher than what the Iranian media has reported. On a positive note, Iranian journalists Maryam Ameri and Omid Mohaddes were released from prison today in Tehran.

    8. Saeed Hajjarian – a prominent politician and backer of Mousavi – is being said to be in deteriorating health. Hajjarian has diabetes – a very serious condition that requires daily care. Amnesty International today once again called upon the government to release Hajjarian. On Wednesday, Newsweek asked Iran for the immediate release of their reporter, Maziar Bahari, who was arrested on June 21, 2009. Newsweek rejected accusations by the Iranian media that Bahari had a hand in the post-election violence. Bahari has since been denied access to a lawyer.

    9. Media reports of six protesters, reportedly hung in Evin Prison, were denied by the government. Iranian Student’s News Agency reported via their website that the aforementioned individuals were accused of killing their spouses and other people. They made neither implications nor correlations with the “prisoners” and the post-election arrests.

    10. Interpol today denied that the witness to Neda Agha-Soltan’s death is wanted by the Interpol. They also denied receiving any requests from the Iranian government for his arrest. Iranian media and government have claimed that the witness, Arash Hejazi, was wanted by the Interpol. Unconfirmed reports suggest that the Iranian government’s intelligence agencies as well as the Ministry of Islamic Guidance are compiling a list of Iranian journalists which will be barred from traveling abroad.

    11. Reports of torture at Evin and other Iranian prisons are continuing to mount. Some sources claim that detainees are being beaten every night and others are being water-boarded with hot water in order to coerce confessions from them.


    12. Yet another Ayatollah has joined the cause of the protesters. Ayatollah Bayat-Zanjani today said that the demand for justice and protesting for one’s rights was legal. He also denounced the suppression of protesters and called the act illegitimate. He asked Mousavi to stand for justice and help people obtain their rights. Zanjani joins Ayatollahs Taheri, Ghaffari and Montazeri in supporting the cause of the protesters. Karoubi again announced today that he would not recognize the current government and would continue to stand by the people in their quest for their rights – even if it took the rest of his life.

    13. It has been reported that Rafsanjani, who is one of the Imams that lead Friday Prayers in Tehran's largest mosque, has declined to lead prayers there again. Last week, his spot was first filled by Khamenei, but Khamenei pulled out at the last minute leaving Ahmad Khatami to lead the prayers. Rafsanjani is not planning to attend this Friday's Prayers either.


    14. Parlemaan News website has been blocked by the government. The website was one of the only remaining sources of impartial news for the Iranian people. The government closed it after it posted several of Mousavi’s statements and Khatami’s criticism of the government. Parlemaan News – parlemaan means parliament in Persian – is the official news website of the Imam’s Way faction of MP’s in the Iranian Parliament. They had been warned last week by security forces and the Judiciary to restrict criticism of the government.

    15. The BBC reported today that the Kingdom of Jordan had banned Iran’s state-run Al-Alam and Press TV stations from broadcasting in Jordan and revoked their operating permits. Al-Alam broadcasts news in Arabic and Press TV is the main English language news channel of Iran. The latter today showed footage of what they called ‘thugs attacking Basiji Headquarters in Tehran’ – but the footage only showed several protesters chanting in front of the headquarters at an unspecified date. The recording didn’t show any of the ‘thugs’ actually using any of Molotov cocktails they were holding.


    16. Even though SMS was back in Tehran yesterday, reports indicate that it has been cut-off once again. Sources indicated that they had asked twitter users from Tehran to NOT text each other using the service because it could be a ploy by the government to find dissidents. There are reports that Iran’s main telecom companies were trained in China in “how to weed out dissidents using their data posted on the net,” as well as monitoring and other techniques.

    17. Although yesterday’s news of four un-opened ballot boxes found in Shiraz couldn’t be verified, reliable sources indicate that the Governor of Fars Province, where Shiraz is located, announced today that the boxes were from past elections. He added that they will be stored as National Documents. Mohammad Reza Nasab-Abdollahi, the journalist that broke the news, has been reportedly intimidated by the government and is being pressured to recant his report and deny the previous claim.

    18. Chants of Allah o Akbar again echoed across Iran. Reports have suggested that dozens of people – in some cases the residents of entire apartment buildings – have been arrested by Basijis for chanting on their rooftops at night. Residents in Northern Tehran have also been warned that they should either stop chanting or risk losing their satellite antennas. Satellite antennas are illegal in the country, but widely owned by the public.

    (Rest below)
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    Read this if you want to help or get help!


    A. We currently are trying to get the Brief out in as many languages as possible. If you can translate the brief for us in a language other than English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch or Greek, please let us know. It comes out every day so it'll be an every day thing so it's for the long haul. But if you can even do a summary, it will be great! Email me on if you're interested.

    B. You could retweet this link and let more people know about what’s going in Iran.

    C: If you would like to help out with compiling all the news stories from Iran in a geo-spatial context, please request for sub-editorship at - Check out the website for the project at: or email me at

    D. The government in Iran is still increasing internet filtering and throttling in an attempt to silence their people. Anonymous info shows that many in Iran are looking for proxy and Tor information in Tehran and all around the country. Please donate your bandwidth to help bring down the Iran Curtain. Here are links on how to help and get help on this:


    Tor Browser Bundle

    Tor Browser Bundle

    Tor Browser Bundle

    Tor and the Iranian Election - Bring down the Iran Curtain | Ian's Brain


    Tor Browser Bundle

    Tor: ?????? Tor

    Help us set up more bridges on Tor here:
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    as allways <3
  4. Thanks again for the post. Good Compilation of the facts.
  5. Another great report..
  6. And RT RT RT all pass along.
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    great work as always!! :D
  8. Than you again for all the hard work and updates you provide. It is good to know what is happening in Iran.

    I spend my days collecting and posting news links from the media at Iran News . This is my contribution to the cause.

  9. skollie-IRAN Member

    Thank you, Night Owl.
  10. Thank you,
    We are waiting for Green Brief every night. Now that government has started to release prisoners, maybe it's time to find out a way to help them get out of the hell. Because experience shows once you are released it's not the end, the beginning of the trouble. You and your family and you connections would be under control and they can catch you and start the torture any time they want.
    Definitely can find connections at the west borders of Iran.
    I think they need help.
  11. Zanjani source

    Anyone know where to find the text or audio/video of Ayatollah Bayat-Zanjani's statement?

  12. THANK YOU! great job

    I enjoyed your reports. keep up the good work.
  13. Visionary Member

    Good stuff!

    Glad to hear another Ayatollah is speaking out against the government's violence.

    (I put up a link to this thread on my facebook page, a short while after you posted this.)
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    Thank you <3
  15. Thank you so much for continuing to post this daily. I really appreciate it.

    Can you elaborate about this: "Sources indicated that they had asked twitter users from Tehran to NOT text each other using the service because it could be a ploy by the government to find dissidents."
  16. ScottLucasUK Member

    Link to Brief; Rafsanjani

    Excellent brief (as always). It matches our own info and we've linked to you.

    Can you offer any further info on the report re Rafsanjani and Friday prayers?

    Scott Lucas
    Enduring America
  17. Thanks again Nite Owl. Re Brief 14 dont think people are being stopped in the airport as they leave cos of Facebook content as a few friends have come out for a holiday abroad, but reports that things are still really unstable. Fear in the air. Most people in doors by lunchtime.
  18. Night Owl, there was a post made 2 days ago, alleging censorship on Twitter:

    Have you experienced this or received any reports about it? If not, could you verify whether this is occurring to any of your sources who use the #iranelection tag.

    If it's accurate, and we can show that this is occurring fairly systematically, we may be able to interest the mainstream media (at a time when coverage is otherwise sorely lacking).

    I know a couple of people I can forward this is to, so would really appreciate hearing your take.

    Other than that, thanks once again. It never ceases to amaze me how much you're able to draw from so many tiny pieces.
  19. watsongs2012 Member

    Great job Nite Owl!! Your work is comparable to the work of those that struggled to foil the Nazi regime. The new nazis, the Iranian leaders, will be overthrown!! FREE IRAN!!
  20. HeartForIran Member

    Thank you again and thank you translators!
  21. From what I understand...

    This has to do with the spambot and the retweeting/tweeting of the same message over and over. I thought they were stopping that with tweets that had #iranelection in the post.

    I believe that Rachel B. (revmagdalen) on Twitter has some info on that and who to contact if that is happening.

    You also might want to tweet Evan Williams (ev) on Twitter (CEO of Twitter) and Spam Watch (spam) on Twitter and tell them.
  22. ICFCBL00 Member

    Twitter spammers

    Two of the people I follow were complaining about this yesterday. Both of them can type at ludicrous speed, and when they are engaged in 10+ conversations at once, the #iranelection hashtag is broadcast from their account alone 10 to 15 times a minute. Both were furious that they were accused of spamming. Both are also actively trying to counter the government hackers online so giving out their information to the MSM would be counterproductive to their efforts.

  23. Helping ease Communications from Iran

    Just in from Sepehr and Soheil at Blurred Vision Music:

    Artists Take Action To Alleviate Communications From Iran
    “We have partnered with two major multimedia companies, Mobify and Qik, to provide access, to essentially all cell phones with cameras and online technology, to live stream directly to our network.
    Blurred Vision’s new Website Launched! Visit the new page, setup with real time live stream capability from cell phones.
    Help us get the word out to our brothers and sisters in Iran and the world.“

    From Soheil & Sepehr



    p.s. if you would like to verify the credibility of this information please see the recent interviews with Soheil and Sepehr on CNN here:
    Video - Breaking News Videos from

    thank you.
  24. ICFCBL00 Member

    From what I could surmise, they had both been in contact with @spam, but this admin was reluctant to take them off block. Took about 30 to 45 minutes to restore. I will give them @ev to use if they run into problems with @spam again.

    Not that I am saying @spam did not have his hands full with his own tasking. All Iranian tags were flooded by a huge number of autogenerated twitter accounts that were designed to spam them. These bot generated posts were evolving in context and usernames and they all had a .asp or .aspx extension from which I believe you can run scripts to ID people.

  25. Oh I would definitely contact @ev also, it can't hurt.

    Also, YOU (if they don't have the time or resources I don't remember if you said they were from Iran or not now) could go to the support pages, and post something, it might help.
  26. Thanks, great report.
  27. Thanks

    Want a job as a journalist? I suspect that any number of newspapers around the world would gladly employ you on the back of this excellent reporting of news. I suspect that you'd be able to set a respectable salary as well.

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