Green Brief #85 jan 13

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    Green Brief #85

    By codeman177 - Cody Weible (codeman177) on Twitter

    Since Niteowl has started posting on his own blog, I have asked if I could begin publishing the Green Brief so that WWP would once again have a summary of the day’s news from Iran. I like Niteowl have gotten all of my information from reliable tweets and am not reporting any information that I could not confirm.

    January 13, 2010

    1. The "Iran Royal Society" who, according the state run media had claimed involvement in the killing of Professor Massoud Ali-Mohammadi, has denied any involvement.

    2. After four days of detainment the remaining twelve mourning mothers were released on bail last night. Criminal charges are still pending.

    3. The regime is still trying to pass the murder of Professor Ali-Mohammadi as a foreign plot.

    4. Reports indicate that students at Razi University, after sit in protests and boycotts of their final exams, have succeeded in getting the release of their classmates from detention.

    5. In a speech today Ahmadinejad, once again tried to turn the world’s attention from the human rights violations in Iran to the west trying to dominate the Middle East and Asia.

    6. It was reported today that Mohammad Taghi Khalaji, a cleric close to the late Grand Ayatollah Montazeri, has been arrested.

    7. 54 Iranian university professors, scholars, and intellectuals have written an open letter to expressing their support for Mousavi's "5-proposal" statement, as a "step toward the consistency of the Green Movement" with "a minimum political platform with specific demands forthright government".

    This Green Brief is short due to the fact that I'm having computer issues at the moment and I wrote tonight’s from my Iphone.
  2. fianna22 here

    Thanks for hanging in there. It is much appreciated, and daily looked forward to.

    All the best, Mick

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