Green Brief #94 22 Bahman

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    Green Brief #94

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    Since Niteowl has started posting on his own blog, I have asked if I could begin publishing the Green Brief so that everyone on wwp would once again have a summary of the day’s news from Iran. I, like Niteowl, have gotten all of my information from reliable tweets and am not reporting any information that I could not confirm.

    22 Bahman

    As all of this is just now taking place some of the information is not full confirmed.

    1. Protesters are gathering all across Tehran, Isfahan, Mashhad, and Tabriz; there are reports of arrests and clashes taking place throughout the city.

    2. It has been confirmed that while Karroubi was in Sadeghie Square he was attacked by security forces. He suffered a head injury and was forced to flee.

    3. Ahmadinejad made a speech today in Azadi Aquare where he blamed that west for the countries problems.

    4. There are reports of protesters chanting death to the dictator in Azadi and Emal Hossein Square.

    5. Cellphones and Text messaging are completely unusable throughout the country; the internet is being blocked. Tor and many proxies are no longer working.

    6. Protesters in Tehran have moved towards Evin prison.

    7. Basij forces are attacking protesters with chains, cables, tear gas, batons, and even pellet guns.

    8. Mir Hossein Mousavi’s wife was attacked today. People surrounded her to protect her; she left the area immediately.


    1. Karroubi’s son was arrested, however he was later released.

    2. Reports of at least one hundred people being arrested in Mashhad today.

    3. Arrests also took place in Azadi and Sadeghie Squares.


    CNN now has a section of its website dedicated to the protests Protests in Iran

    I still need translators so if you know another language and can translate send me an email to If you are translating the Green Brief already could you send me an email so I can get a list of those who are translating it and into what language.

    If you want up to date news follow @media4iran @lissnup @shh527 @JShahryar

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