Greet Iran oil tankers

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  1. Wave green flags at Iranian oil tankers docking and off loading crude oil in Europe.
    Port towns receiving crude oil from Iran should know that Iranians support cause through out the

    Iranians in the UK
    Iran Noach Crude Tanker is currently moored in Noth Sea near Southwold, UK

    Iranians in France
    Iran Saveh Crude Tankeris currently discharging crude oil in Le Havre, France
  2. Approx. 1 million Barrels sold in France
  3. Sarkozy Message

    Dear Mr. Sarkozy,

    How can you allow business as usual approach while your citizens are being subjected
    to below treatment. Surely you need to reconsider your economic interests? I mean an
    Iranian oil tanker selling oil in Le Havre, NITC Saveh July 4, 2009, while below happens
    to a French national.
    Something is very wrong and European policies need to change immediately. Every minute counts.
    Attempts at chit chat are over. Iran's people need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Us citizens currently jailed
    Employees of British embassy being tried
    and now

    "France has demanded the release of a French academic who it says has been detained in Iran since 1 July, accused of spying.

    The French foreign ministry condemned the arrest of the unnamed woman and said the allegations of spying did not stand up to examination.

    The French news agency AFP says the woman is an academic in Isfahan.

    She had been in Iran for five months, and was arrested at Tehran airport as she was about to depart for Beirut."
  4. Total Chairman Iran

    Please confirm that Total did not purchase Iran oil on July 4th 2009.
    NITC Saveh crude carrier docked in LeHavre and offloaded crude oil.

    Please make sure that Total acts with corporate responsibility as business as usual
    should not be the norm after all that has happened in the last month.
  5. Crude Carrier Iran Saveh has left French territorial waters and is heading back to Iran
  6. Egypt welcomes Iran Crude tanker

    Crude Tanker Iran Saveh is in transit to Sidi Kerir (Sumid), Egypt
  7. Iran crude Carrier Iran Amol heading to Sidi Kerir Egypt
  8. Crude Carrier in Rotterdam

    Iran Danesh is currently off loading 2.4 million barrels in Rotterdam, NL.

    Her cousin, Iran Hirmand is also standing by in Rotterdam.
  9. Iran Hengam is now in Rotterdam and off loading crude
  10. Jakomeyu Member

    flip them plenty of birds
  11. *sigh* anna, anna, anna

    a better suggestion is having the oil tankers PAINT the hull green! :D or put something green-related
  12. Iran Amol just visited Cartagen, Spain.
  13. Yes, Green tankers will also look environmentally friendly.

    This would be good advertisement for Iran crude carriers and Green movement
  14. Saveh in Piraeus.

    Susangird in Portugal.

    Oil still floowing good
  15. Hellenic (Greece) 80
    Repsol (Spain) 80
    Cepsa (Spain) 25
    Petrogal (Portugal) 6

    Tanker moves show that above companies are still buying oil from Iran

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