Gregg Housh on The True Story: Die Hard 4.0

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    It doesn't make all the others drug addicts. Just the main character, and that is one of the things that is very identifiable about him. I know many people in the hacking scene that are pretty much mirror images of him. A fair amount of oldschoolers and ones who people would know the name if I said it. So it isnt much of a distortion on that point, in my opinion.
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    Anonymous is not your friend.
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    Oh, Gregg. The QofA hasn't even heard of you, though. ;)

    Trigger warning: If you hate screechy, you'll poke your eyes out with rusty metal pointy things.

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  5. Hackers declare war on ISIS:

    Gregg Housh of Malden, who runs Rebel News and worked on past Anonymous’ operations, told the Herald, “The way the operation works is by getting user accounts suspended on social media like Twitter and Facebook. Another method is to get their websites’ hosting suspended. These two things slow down the ability of ISIS to recruit people online. It increases the amount of work they have to put in to get the same results.

    “Attacking their online recruiting methods, and getting their websites and social accounts shut down, is a key component to fighting a group like ISIS,” Housh said. “Anything and everything should be done to slow down the recruitment of young people via the Internet. I believe the work of Anonymous and hacktivists in general ... on Twitter has been amazing.”
  6. Former 'Anonymous' hacker speaks out on ISIS

    Gregg Housh, founder and former Anonymous hacker, provides insight to his experiences and weighs in on the cyber war against ISIS.
  7. How will ‘Anonymous’ wage war on the Islamic State? One of its own tells us.

    Anonymous, the hacker collective known for Guy Fawkes masks and controversial activism, declared war on the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, following the Nov. 13 attacks on Paris.

    But what does that even mean? How can a bunch of computer nerds fight an international terrorist group?

    The Fix put those questions and more to Gregg Housh, one of the most prominent — and one of the only publicly identified — members of Anonymous.

  8. It's still alive! It might have been me that posted that. (Ergo David Miscavige Trolls will leave it be I think)

  9. Seems my Hypothesis was right.
  10. If you ever wonder what I look like: This was in the early days

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    To France With Love

    Written by Gregg Housh

    Emergency Powers Will Always Be Abused

    In the wake of the Paris attacks, the French government enacted a state of emergency to facilitate capturing those responsible and preventing additional acts of terror. It was a sensible and inevitable decision, and it was doomed to be abused.

    Now 24 climate change activists are under house arrest and all protests are banned for the entirety of the upcoming climate summit in Paris. It has only been two weeks, and already the emergency powers have been extended beyond their intended scope.

    For Americans, this is hauntingly, horribly familiar.

    The Patriot Act was our emergency reaction to an unthinkable act of terror within our borders. New York, while not our political capital, is a cornerstone of American culture, and the blow there hit us as hard as the violence in Paris hit all of Europe.

    The perpetrators of the violence are related, too, albeit in a distant cousins sense. ISIS (or Daesh, if you think puns are an appropriate weapon in this culture war) can trace its heritage to Al Qaida in Iraq, and from there to the late mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. The radical ideology is similar if not the same: a distressingly regressive interpretation of Islam muddled with justifiable post-colonialism anger and unjustifiable tactics.

    Moar -

  12. Too long and shit

    Whats the jist of it than ?

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