Group with Scientology ties tutoring kids in Colorado public schools

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    Group with Scientology ties tutoring kids in Colorado public schools

    Six years ago, a group called Applied Scholastics International won state approval to tutor low-income students from struggling public schools.

    The group touts its so-called study technology as "the breakthrough that undercuts why people are illiterate."

    The materials were developed by "educator and humanitarian" L. Ron Hubbard, the group explained in its application to the Colorado Department of Education.

    Hubbard is better known as a science-fiction writer who went on to found the Church of Scientology.
    Since 2008, three Colorado public school districts have given more than $150,000 in federal money to Applied Scholastics to provide tutoring to nearly 120 students, a Denver Post review found.

    Students from the Denver, Jefferson County and Aurora public school districts received tutoring from the group.

    Jeanette Banks, executive director of A Plus Educational Center in Lakewood, which provides tutoring in Colorado under the Applied Scholastics name, said the content is secular.

    She said the group has no relationship with the Church of Scientology and does not promote any religious path.

    But critics question the material's worth or characterize it as an attempt to indoctrinate children and lend credibility to a fringe religion.

    The organization is at risk of being removed from the state's list of approved tutoring providers but not because of any ties to Scientology.

    The state's most recent annual review of all providers found that Applied Scholastics failed to be effective in increasing student performance. The group was put on notice that if that happens again, it will no longer be eligible to take part in the program. (my emphasis)

    Applied Scholastics International says it tutored children through government-backed programs in a dozen states last school year, up from four in 2006.

    In response to questions from The Post about the group's connections with Scientology, the state Education Department also will begin monitoring the program to make sure it is following protocol, said Nazanin Mohajeri-Nelson, a department program evaluator.

    "The program as it's described in the application does not appear to be religiously driven, but what's actually being implemented is the part we need to investigate," Mohajeri-Nelson said.

    Paid with federal funds

    As part of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, schools missing certain benchmarks must offer free tutoring to eligible children from providers approved by the state and selected by parents.

    Districts use federal Title I money to cover the costs. Religious groups are eligible to participate in Colorado, but all instruction must be "secular, neutral and non-ideological."

    Applied Scholastics' 2006 application to the state includes testimonials from public- and private-school officials, proposed reading passages and a cover letter identifying the group's advisory board — including movie star and prominent Scientologist Tom Cruise. (my emphasis)

    The state approved the group's application to provide math and reading tutoring in 2006, then re-approved the group in 2010.

    Mohajeri-Nelson said a committee reviewed the application and concluded that the material met standards and appeared secular.

    Much more at the link:

    (Are people actually beginning to wake up?)
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    needs to be shared with other schools! Especially DC?
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  4. Has anyone here done a big mail out to every school explaining scn front groups?
  5. Anonymous Member

    I have sent PLENTY to school boads all over the US a few years back.
    but I guess its time for a redo
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  7. Might be worthwhile. I'll help, if you need a hand. (Right On, that thread is awesome. Thanks for the link). Being from low-income families these kids are particularly vulnerable. I imagine many parents aren't in a position to write letters complaining about their child's education. If the state isn't doing anything, then no one is.

    Who the fuck is this Dept of Ed. committee anyway? Did anyone look into this round table of retard at the time? I wonder if they had any scn affiliations or secrets to be blackmailed with. Because I can't see how any reasonable person would okay this unless they had a gun to their head or they were drunk on kool-aid.
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    Not true. The "no child left behind" was not only a very stupid project, it made/making teachers scramble to get their "stats up". A lot of this tutoring is offered for FREE. So parents and teachers are more apt to go with Applied Scholastics teaching. They simply do not know it is Scientology tech at all.
  9. Makes sense. Schools lack funding and Co$ needs validation.

    Edit: The govt does the same thing in Health too. They apply benchmarks that have to be met, (eg x amt of time a patient spends waiting in ED before seeing a Dr), but they do nothing to deal with the reasons why the system is backing up in the first place. All it does is forces staff to cut corners and the patient suffers for it.
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  14. Read this first - some work has been done on this. This person explains current state of things in a comment on Tony Ortega's article today:

  15. Sorry - the link doesn't go to the commenter. It's about the 80th comment. Knowlegable sounding person.

  16. Anyway - the SES waivers are great, but they only temporarily stall Applied Scholastics from receiving tax dollars. They still have licenses to operate and lawmakers have short memories.
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