Guiding Blight: Philly Ideal Org Failure

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

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  2. Anonymous Member

    I love this so much. Blight Court. Just where Scientology belongs. Of course the real blight would begin if they actually opened it. Be careful what you wish for Philly.
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  3. Good article. They make the point several times that Miscavige is a Philly boy.

    Completely missed a chance to talk about his junior football days and his pockets full o pennies.

    Next time
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  4. Anonymous Member

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  5. RightOn Member

    Blight is Right!
    Wish all the other states and countries who have abandoned orgs in disrepair would do this.
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  6. Oh please, oh please, oh please.

    About time the city fathers saw revenue ticking by daily in each boarded window of the org, may other cities start looking for similar avenues to bring in more public monies...
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  7. BigBeard Member

    I thought Cof$ didn't get the property tax break until they actually started using the building for tax exempt purposes? Or does Philly have different rules than most other cities?

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  8. 407

    [IMG][IMG][IMG]1st Floor: Lobby and commissary: We’re thinking maybe they should just buy Pod and call it a vibe.
    2nd Floor: Couples therapy for rugged individualists.
    3rd Floor: Legal Department.
    4th Floor: L. Ron Hubbard Preschool.
    5th Floor: Ladies lingerie, accesories and linens.
    6th Floor: Curves.
    7th Floor: Philadelphia Scientology Outreach Center headed up by local rep Pat Croce.
    8th Floor: Office rental to Cashman & Associates.
    9th Floor: This is the room where the Scientologists are waiting for present emo christians, Jim Bakker’s kid and Spank Rock to walk in one day and lay it all down on dianetics. You guys probably won’t be waiting for too long, so maybe also set up a Wii in there.
    10th Floor:Beck‘s Wheatgrass Cafe & Chill-Out Room.”
    11th Floor: Paul Green School Of Rock, new HQ.
    12th Floor: Talkin’ Shit With Kelly Decoding/Deprogramming Rooms.
    13th Floor: There is no 13th floor. Nothing to see here. And if you tell the Masons this place exists, you’re history. Hear me? HISTORY.
    14th Floor: Psych med storing room and research lab, just in case psychiatry isn’t bullshit.
  9. RightOn Member

    "I don't understand what's going on there," said Paul Levy, president of the Center City Distric"

    really? how about a whole lotta nothing.
    Does that sum it up food enough for you?
    It cracks me up that these people wait ALL this time and then finally after 6 years say "hey! whats gong on?" :rolleyes: LOL
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Gizmodo: Philly Is Suing Scientology Over Its Vacant "Cathedral of the Future"

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  11. Anonymous Member

    Gizmodo: Philly Is Suing Scientology Over Its Vacant "Cathedral of the Future"

  12. Quentinanon Member

    Idle Morg = Real Estate Investment Trust with David Miscavige as unnamed beneficiary
  13. Quentinanon Member

    "Pouw said Scientology has 10,000 adherents in the Philadelphia area, where a smaller building on Race Street near 13th is still in use by the church. One former church member who lived in Philly for 25 years and asked not to be identified said fewer than 100 Scientologists were active in the city."

    Question: How do you know when Karin Pouw lies?
    Answer: She moves her lips.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    which one?
  15. JohnnyRUClear Member

    It's going to keep being confusing as long as you sillies keep believing that the Church of Scientology is a church. If you believed that Wolfman Jack was a wolfman, you'd also encounter confusion. In other news, it turns out that the Beach Boys are no longer boys; they're actually men now. Oh, and that Olive "Garden"? It seems that that's actually a restaurant! And Disney World is not only not a world, it's not even a continent! It's just a part of Florida! Pathetic! And don't even get me started on those so-called Barenaked Ladies. I can't believe there hasn't been a class-action lawsuit against those frauds.

    So much confusion! What to do, what to do....

    lol "parishioners"
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  16. 238

    Some churches are worse than others.
  17. amaX Member

    Fewer than 100 members and they're being taken to Blight Court? Heh.
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  18. JohnnyRUClear Member

    True, but irrelevant.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Hopefully that means they won't be able to rally to fix this one themselves. I bet the mother church is gonna have to step in to defend them. Or to pay the fines.

    Still, I hope it shakes up some cognitive Dissonance. "We're at cause, and incomplete cycles of action are SP. How come the building hasn't been finished?"
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  21. Anonymous Member

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  22. Anonymous Member

    I'm sure it looks better now that it's dark.
  23. anonsoldier Member

    I have so much to be thankful for this year. And if they enforce the fines, at $300 per day we're talking about $109,500 in fines for the year PER BOARDED OPENING. So yeah. There's that.
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  24. DeathHamster Member

    Looks like they did a patch job to escape Blight Court.
    "rife with potential for new life", I had a fridge like that.
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  25. Quentinanon Member

    Sits on the books as an asset of Miscavige's bogus real estate trust the scientology real estate corporation.

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