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Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by Gabriella, Oct 25, 2014.

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    lmyIXUXS_normal.png AnonUniversity @AnonSchool · 15h 15 hours ago
    AnonUniversity is really a simple project. We will focus on the Op New Blood material to start & translate it
    into multi-media classes.

    lmyIXUXS_normal.png AnonUniversity @AnonSchool · 15h 15 hours ago
    Your welcome to be our Honorary Dean of Lulz. We'll give you the "Fawkes Chair". X-P | @BiellaColeman

    lmyIXUXS_normal.png AnonUniversity @AnonSchool · Mar 9
    We're accepting pre-enrollment for the beta of AnonUniversity. -> Launch this weekend when courses will be available.

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    93iuu4jn_normal.png Gabriella Coleman @BiellaColeman · Mar 15
    Sometimes I wish I had been raised Catholic so I could blame my guilt on something more tangible.

    LOL :p

    Baby, don't even entertain such thoughts. Believe me when i say, being brought up in a catholic environment is a fucking nightmare.

    If you only knew.
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    93iuu4jn_normal.png Gabriella Coleman @BiellaColeman · 16h 16 hours ago
    We all should worry about cellphone searches


    First, cellphones are the sites of our digital lives, and they contain an ever-increasing portion of our personal lives, making them much more than simply telephones in our pockets. Cellphones are portals into every aspect of our existence: What we’ve written to whom, what pictures we have taken, who’s in our contact list, which websites we have viewed. If your phone is linked to your home computer, social networks or cloud storage accounts, it’s possible to find out nearly everything about you through a search of your phone.

    Continued -

    FYI .. Biella and I, do not own, or use cellphones.
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    Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy: why only an anthropologist can tell the story of Anonymous


    The Spectator has just run my review of Gabriella Coleman's Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy: The Many Faces of Anonymous , an anthropological recounting of the glories and disasters of Anonymous.

    Coleman's previous book, Coding Freedom, was a sprightly but scholarly anthropological study of the free/open software movement. In Hacker, Hoaxer, Coleman's narrative voice is in full throat, telling a story that is as exciting as any spy-thriller:

    Real hacker work looks like secretarial work. A person sits at a keyboard, looking, mostly, at text. That person types commands (sometimes arcane ones, though to the untutored eye no more mysterious than the commands typed by an airport check-in clerk), and squints and frowns at the screen, and types some more, and then, sometimes, feels very happy about some more text the computer is displaying. There can be very long waits. A TV show about hacking would be duller than one about fishing — at least fishing has the odd moment of a human-animal death struggle. (Combine the two and you’d have a winner: call it Pier to Pier, and film it in a rowing boat with a fishing rod at one end and a wireless laptop at the other.)

    But hacking of every kind, from writing free software, to breaking into computers you don’t own, to jailbreaking devices that you do, is exciting. It’s thrilling. It’s the most marvellous sort of satisfying mental work there is — solving puzzles of enormous complexity through an impossible-to-systematise combination of rational method and intuitive leaps.
    And the kind of hacking that Anonymous does — by means of the fluid, structureless norms of the group, half macho posturing, half uber-savvy media prankstership — is doubly exciting. Or exciting squared. It is filled with drama — betrayals, police informants, intimidation, brinksmanship, insane risk-taking and impassioned speeches from the battlements.

    93iuu4jn_normal.png Gabriella Coleman @BiellaColeman · 45m 45 minutes ago
    I just pissed off a French waiter and I have to say, I love the focused look of contempt he tossed my way.

    93iuu4jn_normal.png Gabriella Coleman @BiellaColeman · 42m 42 minutes ago
    @ftungus he walked away in disgust and made someone else deal with me. It was all culturally stereotypical, I appreciated it to the fullest.

    lol :p

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    Yes, fuck phones, particularly those smart ones :)
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  9. I guess it takes one to know one...if someone doesn't want to use a phone because its not safe in the current environment more power to them. I don't see why you'd attack them. There are plenty of resources to help you protect your privacy. Maybe you should just share some links instead of being an ass. Just a thought.
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  10. LOL, true.

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    Is that all you've got? :p

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    Keynote - Gabriella Coleman - PyCon 2015


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    As Biella said, it is "all culturally stereotypical".
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  15. You first.
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  19. skid mark
    This message by skid mark has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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    Not so. Biella has put her good name and reputation on the line for the greater good. Have you ever stopped to think how many times she has probably wished she could be just like us? ... Anonymous.
    It will never happen. It can never be for her. I admire the woman's courage and perseverance. She is simply amazing.
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    LOL :p It's WWP'S Sean Hannity Troll. AGAIN!

    I'll bet $ to donuts that IRL, You're the kind of person that makes one make immediate excuses for having to leave dinner parties.

    And FYI. Biella has made considerable donations (and continues to do so) to both Jeremy Hammond and Barret Brown's defense fund. All from the sales of this book. And in my book, that makes her even more of a fucking phenomenal person.
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  25. Hello, any ideas on how to buy a copy of this book... anonymously? I don't want to spend a lot of time at used book stores hunting for it, and I don't want to order it through Amazon where it can be traced. Somehow I get the idea that even buying this book in a traceable manner would be cause for unwanted attention.

    Thank you.
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    PM me and I'll help you out. To enable you to do that, you'll need to register here as a member. Capice?
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    Just did... thanks.
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    What began as a network of trolls has become, for the most part, a force for good in the world. The emergence of Anonymous from one of the seediest places on the Internet is a tale of wonder, of hope, and of playful illusions. Is it really possible that these ideals of collectivity and group identification, forged as they were in the hellish, terrifying fires of trolling, could transcend such an originary condition? Did the cesspool of 4chan really crystallize into one of the most politically active, morally fascinating, and subversively salient activist groups operating today? Somewhat surprisingly, yes.

    Excerpt from - Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistle-blower, Spy

    Biella Coleman

    Who would dispute that?

    We are Anonymous - We are driven.
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    Gabriella Coleman ‏@BiellaColeman 31 minutes ago
    In honor of Guy Fawkes Day, I am posting a new chapter to my book where I grapple with the ethics of doxing and anonymity.

    "So the paperback edition of Hacker Hoaxer Whistleblower Spy is out and has a new chapter. In honor of Guy Fawkes day, I am putting it online today, so please share far and wide. Since a lot has happened and changed in the world of Anonymous (and related hacktivist galaxies) I thought it would be handy to provide an update about the state of Anonymous, as the chapter is titled. It is followed by a discussion of some of the more ethically thorny issues in Anonymous, including doxing and accountability."
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    Transformation Marathon 2015: Gabriella Coleman

    Published on Nov 3, 2015

    Gabriella Coleman: The Hacker as Parasite
    Celebrating its tenth anniversary since the inaugural 2006 Interview Marathon, the 2015 Transformation Marathon addressed cultural, political and physical shifts, asking how significant change can be achieved today.

    https:// lf1nCcyhUng
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    7463hC6c_bigger.png Gabriella Coleman@BiellaColeman 6 hours ago
    Why no, I am not Anonymous' agent so stop contacting me for such capacities.

    An influx of requests to a person who only operates on the fringes (purposely set up that way for her own protection) will not realistically yield anything tangible or, be able to supply anything of value to anybody. Especially within the context of \\\ those/// requests.

    Structurally, she's on the outside.
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    On the 8th anniversary of the Anonymous protests, more signs of Scientology’s desperation | The Underground Bunker

    Eight years ago today, the Internet grew feet. We remember very well how surprising it was that Anonymous, which had vowed to bring down Scientology the month before over its attempt to censor a leaked Tom Cruise interview video, showed up in the form of young people wearing Guy Fawkes masks at Scientology orgs around the world on February 10, 2008. Things have never been the same since.

    For a really interesting discussion of where Anonymous came from and where it went from there, we recommend McGill University professor Gabriella Coleman’s book, Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy: The Many Faces of Anonymous. When it came out, we were disappointed to see some criticism of it from a writer who dismissed the impact of Anonymous on Scientology. To the contrary, we pointed out, the lasting impact of Anonymous cannot be overstated. Scientology has never recovered from those 2008 protests, and it likely never will.

    We keep seeing more anecdotal evidence of just how bad things are getting for the Church of Scientology, not only as many longtime members have left in a steady stream since the mid 2000s, but also because those who are left inside are becoming less enthusiastic about taking part in leader David Miscavige’s initiatives. (Initiatives that inevitably end up costing them large amounts of money.)

    This past week, for example, we were forwarded an email from one of our California readers who has left the church but nevertheless received an invitation to fly to Atlanta and help clean up the Central Files in preparation for the opening of an Ideal Org there.


    Miscavige promises his followers that if they donate to buy and renovate buildings for these new Ideal Orgs, it will lead to a land rush of new people joining Scientology. And as part of that promise, the paper files of the old org have to be cleaned up and reorganized in preparation for that boom.

    Paper records. In 2016. And there are so few participating members in the Atlanta area itself, the church has to ask Californians to fly out and do the job.

    The delusion is stunning. But so is the indication of just how far Scientology has fallen.

    A large part of the credit for that has to go to Anonymous, which in 2008 suddenly made it too difficult for Scientology to practice its old method of targeting every critic who spoke up about it — now there were simply too many of them.

    We’d love to hear your memories of the 2008 protests. Where were you when the Internet turned the tables?
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  35. Donate Member

    right !!!
    two steps back

  36. Dude you're a fucking retard
  37. xxSocialismxx Member

    It would be great if they could have came at around the Orlando area, lots of places for underground and other sorts of meetups consisting of protesters.
  38. Dude you are a fucking retard, too.

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