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Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by Gabriella, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. xxSocialismxx Member

    May I ask who you are and why you're leaving these unnecessary comments? WWP is not the place to seek attention through uneducated responses to people who are actually trying to contribute something. Please see >>>

  2. I admire your vigor. I am sorry you got dissapointed
  3. pillowcase Member

    Since this thread was already bumped and my outer layer is 100 percent cotton, Biella, please send your book to Leah Remini.
    It would be lulzy to see it with her.
  4. RavenEyes Member

    That's a special and clever (yet not at all random, no matter what anyone tells you) post (the whole cotton-bed linens thingy), but I have a hunch you'd have more success reaching Biella directly via Twitter than in this thread on WWP, "pillowcase".
  5. pillowcase Member

    Thank you for the words and suggestion "Raveneyes." Unfortunately, pillowcase twitter accounts were banned during the Microfiber Uprising of 1998.Fucking Shills.
    If anyone else thinks this would be lulzy and can use twitter, please do.
    Such a delightful accounting of Anonymous.
  6. Are you two having a little tiff ?

    I fucking hope so because that bitch Raveneyes needs taking down a peg or three and you pillowcase look like the anon for the job.
    She Raveneyes thinks she rules the roost in here but really she's just another arrogant full of shit cunt.
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  7. RavenEyes Member

    Too bad you can't see my post history to see how infrequently I'm even on here, you pathetic cowardly anonymous poster.

    "Rules the roost". Ouch. Yawn.
  8. pillowcase Member

    I am sadly used to overbearing and suffocating duvets who think they are better than others.
    It is they who need to be taken down a notch. Mostly it's the flannels. My sincerest apologies for contributing to this minor derail.
  9. RavenEyes Member

    Don't fret, pillowcase. Duvets, comforters, bedspreads, and the like are a dime-a-dozen, and are easily and often exchanged on a whim or passing fancy. Everyone knows it's the pillows and their cases that are adored, treasured, and carried like security appendages without even a fleeting notion of replacement until the last possible moment - usually when no other option exists...
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  10. RavenEyes Member

    No tiff. Does that upset you?

    Bitch? Cunt? All up in your feelz about me, are you? Should I be flattered, annoyed, or non-plussed? Me, arrogant? Maybe I come off that way sometimes unintentionally.If so, apologies. Not going to dox myself further to explain why it might appear that way, but hey - isn't that a bit like the pot calling the kettle black going by the tone of your posts, except you lack the guts to use your known member account. Why is that? Lacking something? Afraid of something? Ashamed of your post?

    Life has tried taking me down more "pegs" in quantity and intensity than you could ever muster, and yet I'm still standing. Might be limping more than I used to, but I know the meaning of loyalty, honesty, hands-on compassion, and unconditional love. Can you say that? You seem bitter, empty, and shallow. I pity you. Life is so short. Do you realize how fleeting it is? I could leave this world right now and I'd be at peace. I almost died, again, a few months ago. What if you were to die this evening? Would you be okay with yourself leaving things as they are with the people in your life? I would be.

    Anyone who wants to rule an online forum roost is pathetic at best and suffering from something sorrowful at worst, wouldn't you agree? If you think that's really me, then oh, well. It's not, and for you to look for/see that in others, I guess that makes one wonder how you view yourself. Last night, I saw a video of a beautiful woman with a lovely voice singing one of my longtime favorite songs. Thankfully, I'd never insulted her by calling her a bitch or cunt, so I was able to experience that wonderful performance. Do you ever wonder what you might miss when you are mean or insulting to others?

    Carry on, insecure nobody with the big, bold online words. I wish you well. You have some healing to contemplate. I have some hammering and a paint brush in the sunshine to get back to.

    It's not like I don't know who you are. I'm just that good. Oh shit - you're right! I AM arrogant! lol ;)

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  11. Anonymous Member

    Strange...the troll had nothing to say to that...
  12. Anonymous Member

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  13. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Biella.... That
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