Discussion in 'Iran' started by Leptok, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Leptok Member

    Is there any organized stuff going on? There was DDoSin of Iranian sites earlier, but that was slowing everything down there. So how bout organizing against embassies and the like? I really have no technical skills, just spare bandwidth and a desire to do something.
  2. anonymous612 Member

    Ask twitter, there were plans for embassy ddosing.
  3. PresidentShaw Member

    Not sure if want
  4. ARC Member

    I think it would be more beneficial to express your outrage and sympathy, perhaps by talking to local companies who do business with Iran and ask them to pledge to leave Iran unless the 7 demands are met.

    As for purely online stuff, energy should rather be spent helping setting up more proxies. I'm behind 7 proxies etc.
  5. I Ran Hubbard Member

    Twitter was passing around the auto-reloader javascript websites so it was more of a grey DDoS. I think it would be funny to send tweets like SEE BRITNEY NAKED and point to a website with
  6. Lynx Member

    Dedicated Non Dedicated Proxies for iran . Lets not help a totalitarian regime and shut down the last bit of communication iran has.

    Forcing embassies to go offline where Iranian citizens and or relatives could find help / information is also NOT desirable.
  7. blackwinged Member

    I would join some hacktion, but wed have to figure out better targets.
    Embassys really arent the enemy.
    Does anyone have adresses/ips of iranian gvt sites?
  8. Lynx Member

    Iran is currently pretty much sealed off, current hacktivism wouldn't be about defacing or aggregating data but more oriented at providing a way of communication from within iran.

    think of tor hidden services to access twitter and alike.
  9. blackwinged Member

    Via Twitter:

    those f***ers

    btw: NOT CONFIRMED! Could be faked by gvt
  10. blackwinged Member

    A serious target would be the basij:

    They are a volunteer militaric organization and the main agressors in the ongoing protests. They act in the name of the regime and are responsible for killings and attacks against pro-moussavi protesters.

    Anyone there with background-information about their infrastructure / servers / websites?
  11. ech0 Member

    I have seen mentioned many other places that Iran has very limited bandwidth as it is & their services are being pounded.

    Sucking up more bandwidth from their pipe may make it harder for the Iranian people to get information in or out of the country.
  12. blackwinged Member

    that means the only attacks that make sense have to be run from inside iran?
    what a pity, the masses are out here :(
  13. ech0 Member

    /i/dea. One of the big requests they have is trying to find a way to tell all of the other people in their country what is happening.

    1. What if we composed a daily newsletter composed of the tweets of what we consider to be their most reliable sources. We shouldn't embellish or spin it in any way. Their own words to their own people.

    2. Collect as many business fax numbers as possible in Iran.

    3. Find a way to cheaply fax their newsletter to fax machines.

    Right now it appears that their computers are being destroyed. That means we need to find alternate technology resources to help them tell their story.

    Plan B:
    Compile a list of iranian e-mail addresses. Forward their own newsletters to other Iranians about what is going on. (Perhaps package the email as a graphic to prevent key word filtering).
  14. ARC Member

    Rather than daily newsletters made only from twitter, we should be taking news reports from sources like the BBC, add the most trustworthy twitters, and maybe distributing more often than that. Twice each day?

    What about re-broadcasting BBC persian on other frequencies to get through the jamming? Or just communicating our information into Iran with amateur radio?
  15. ech0 Member

    What would be best is if we could get one of the Iranians to write their own newsletter in their own language & retransmit it.
  16. blackwinged Member

  17. Lynx Member


    DDOS Anything in or near iran = helping the oppressors in limiting internet access.

    Find something else useful and entertaining to do, research ways of communication that can bypass their security. Online Offline. Document Document Document.
  18. I Ran Hubbard Member

    What would be best would be to airdrop in those mobile cell stations to enable SMS to/from phones within range. They had these in Katrina.

    Reminds me, people need to go out and get some of those 2mi range walkie talkies for such emergencies.
  19. Arsolycus Member

    The Basij is about 10-15 million men strong depending on who you ask. They're mostly paramilitary guys. Think rednecks in dopey hunting costumes picture them with thirty year old guns and a terrible ability to fight/use said guns. Mostly, they're a domestic spy ring used to control people. The initial thought behind the Basij was that they were SUPPOSED TO BE the guarantor of Iran's future. However, now they're just used to bully and spy on people.

    They're not "real military" in the sense that they receive a LOT less training than the "real military" does however they do have weapons a limited supply of vehicles and the tenacity to use both. They're mostly just reserve army in a sense real training of any kind.
  20. blackwinged Member

    sorry for the call, but i guess the leaders of the opposition know what they do.
    they try to force the government to unblock the mobile net and the internet.
    i think this could work.
    i for one cant fly mobile cell stations into iran.

    but i dont want to be kicked from the forums, so i pull back my suggestion!
  21. ARC Member

    BBC Persian IS already in their own laguage! My point is that we could do that to save time.
  22. Blue Goo Member

    there is persistent talk on twitter about ddosing a couple of government sites in Iran for as long as they keep on killing the net & phone lines.

    NOT saying anyone should jump this. just asking for your thoughts about it.

  23. ech0 Member

    Looks like a win to me.
  24. I agree, enhancing bandwidth is key. Airdrop "rocks" aka IP repeaters disguised as petrominerals.

    Yess, it /can/ be done.
  25. idea

    Get instructions to Iranians on how to set up Pirate Radio/TV, so they can fuck up the airwaves.

    Idk if this guide is any good, but:

    Get them to blast some row row fight the powah over the radio or some shit.
  26. fax

    the best idea i saw was to find a list of fax numbers and fax out this information. Someone wanna take the lead on this one?
  27. PresidentShaw Member

    Don't do it, it hurts the whole iranian internet and prevents legit protesters from communicating.
  28. Pargon Member

    Won't Do It

    The way to win is to shine a bright spotlight on the cockroaches who are trying to stop anyone from reporting on what's happening on the ground.

    This has happened before, but as we've all seen, things are a little different this time around, largely thanks to people freely offering proxies and bandwidth to people thousands of miles away.

    As an American, it makes me smile that I can finally do something personally to embody a real positive American value -- freedom of speech and the press. No one should have their voices stifled, and so I believe it's far more important to amplify the weak rather than trying to stifle the powerful.
  29. some of the main legit tweeters have put up ddos links. i would trust them to put up ones that target ones that need to go down
  30. There are indeed sites that need to go down, but unfortunately incoming/outgoing bandwidth to Iran is incredibly limited at the moment, so a DDOS (directed at any site within Iran) ends up hurting the entire country.
  31. Activist needs help

    Via twitter @onlymehdi needs someone to set up a quick website, possibly will need hosting as well. He DM'd me asking to make the request. I am unable to provide the skills/hosting. Anyone willing to help please DM him via twitter. Thank you so much for setting up this site.

  32. HAM radio?

    Does anyone have access to HAM radio over in Iran? There's got to be a way to get some CW out of Tehran to get information.
  33. targets

    @persiankiwi has asked everyone to ddos vezerat ershad (

    this is the ministry of culture and islamic guidance.

    i can vouch for this target.
  34. the voice of america should already be on this, i doubt if they would even wait for a top level go ahead, but it wouldn't hurt to call.
    They don't handle landline com, so you may need to contact your local senator to have positive action solidified:

    In Iran ham radios are banned.
    US stations may not legally gather news in two way communications, but the situation changes once sworn FCC personnel take command of a licensed capable station.
    Emergency communications are another story! Radio amateurs are actually charged with handling distress calls, but given the radio ban in Iran, you might be listening to static.

    Someone might want to send out homebrew ssb rig plans designed from typical extant componentry, most likely a crystal or pll operating within the RACES subbands.

    The general principal is find a convo and break in, announcing there is emergency traffic.

    There are message precendece rules-
    1. Emergency traffic
    2. Priority, time sensitive information
    3. Welfare inquiries
    4. Routine traffic is not handled during emergencies, no exceptions.

    Saw another yelp out there:

  35. Leptok Member

    What about DDoSing Iran's business interests outside the country? Businesses owned by influential people etc.
  36. 68)Eleventh ulnas


    There appears to be an Iranian honeypot being run by one Mr. Kasra Rasaee in Toronto. The IP was posted on @FreeMediaNews, which is running a dis-inf campaign on twitter. Appears to be running linux, and has squid 2.6 STABLE 22 running on port 3128. I've told you all I know, but maybe someone might want to confirm this information and then act.
  37. Blue Goo Member

    this is from the chatroom:

    Brand new technique / tool to bring down ah nej's sites without ruining bandwidth for the iranian rebels

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