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    This is what happens when people that know nothing about Iran try to get involved.

    By attacking these gov sites you are HURTING the protesters cause. Now the gov can say that they are fighting against foreign interference and that Mousavi is being supported by western hackers trying to undermine the Iranian democracy blah blah.

    Foreign intervention is a massive issue in Iran, since the colonial days Iranian leaders have always justified their authoritarian rule by saying that strong leadership is necessary in order to fight the western powers that are trying to reconquer them.
  2. what can we do...

    someone must create a guide... HOW TO KILL A BASIJI IN CASE OF EMERGENCY.... it will be great and usefull as i can see!!!
  3. how to set proxie

    how can i set up a proxy one Ubuntu for Iranian?
  4. The IP address of is

    If thats of any help
  5. blackwinged Member


    AFAIK the DDoSing _helped_ the Iranians so far.
    Some of the most trustet iranian tweeters (iran09, stopAhmadi and more) called for action against government sites to protest the shutdown of mobile cell network and essential webservices.
    some hours later he said the services are up and running again an he believes to ddosing helped reaching this.
    I sont know if he is right, but if the Iranians ASK FOR THIS we should DDoS the shit out of the basij!

  6. Since the Iran govt. traces the protesters cellphones, then we can trace the Iran govt the same way. Right? How about stopping them from tracing the cells?

    If the Iranian govt wins over the protesters, technology will be outlawed in Iran.
  7. I'm no hacker but what about shutting off electricity wherever the Iran milita is? or the Supreme Leader, or Iran govt buildings? There's got to be some way to get to their systems.
  8. potential points of intrusion

    3 Iran government websites run mail servers with web interfaces if anyone has the ski11z (regrettably, I do not) - Basij, runs Horde - Police(Obviously), squirrelmail on what appears to be a BSD box - Ministry of Interior Exchange 6, Windows 2003
  9. DDoS attacks or other acts of cyberwar are about as effective as asking the US military to intervene. It's bound to create a massive support for the government. And, it's really only sending the signal that it's not about supporting freedom but switching one oppression for another.

    We must be clear on whether we are supporting any kind of opposition, even groups that would be ready to to create another authorian regime, or if we want to free the iranian people. In the later case everyone must be allowed to speak there point of view. Even the regime.

    So skip the DDoS and set up more TOR-nodes. I've got one running for about a year now, its easy and an great way to support the opposition.
  10. I disagree.

    I think it will create massive support among those who already support it. As for the opposition, I think after the beatings, imprisonings, and murder, my money says that they're less than likely to give two shits about what a foreigner does to the computers belonging to the agencies responsible for it.
  11. ech0 Member

    Yeah. It's called a circuit breaker. So unless you are inside their building I don't think you are going to be very effective.
  12. Dem0sthenes Member

    HAM radio is one of the best options. This should not be ignored.

  13. But won't their circuit breakers be run by computer systems?
  14. An Idea

    Here's an idea:

    Hacking anything in Iran will cause them to bitch about foreign manipulation, yeah?

    So fuck hacking iran.

    Let's do it locally.
    For instance, people are trying to get google and twitter to change their logos. Why wait? I know you Anon fuckers are skilled enough to change, at the very least, the <img src= tags. What you think? Even if it's not as big as google, people don't give a fuck until they're inconvenienced. So bring the protests to their desktops, whether they want em or not.

    Just an idea.
  15. What hacker worth his salt is going to come on a public forum and discuss plans to commit a Federal Crime?
    I'm all for taking digital action against the current Iranian regime but...seriously. Is this the wisest discourse to be typing over unsecured connections?
  16. User AnonymousInIran sometime yesterday had an user that said he got acess to the gov network, and forwared 5,700 e-mails by ahamainijad talking to militia and other stuff to CNN.

    Can anyone confirm?
  17. Pfft. He should have forwarded to Wikileaks or the New York Times.

    CNN is not gonna do jack shit. They're lazy reporters. They don't want to break stories. They wouldn't even COVER this thing until the pressure got big enough to do so that even the NYT was mocking them for it. Then when they started covering it, they were showing the usernames of Iranian protesters.

    Way to go, CNN.

    Guy who sent emails: If you see this, please please please reforward to a better place than CNN.
  18. Maybe Amnesty International could set up an account for donations for mobile cell stations.

    I wonder if they would airdrop them too?


  19. Ann Curry on Twitter:
    Didn't see this topic in News forum. sorry.
  20. Geraldanthro Member


    Forward to
    internetanthropologisttt at

    We will give them a wide distrubution.

  21. Geraldanthro Member

    supreme leaders IP?

    Can you confirm this is the IP for the
    supreme leader?

  22. That is the Ip for that web site, probably the server it is stored on.

  23. Yes thats the leader IP

    Also heres some others. is is is
  24. Geraldanthro Member


    Anyone know the Chinese and Russian hacktivists take on Iran?

    Chinese have huge group,
    But the RBN is interested mostly in money.
    But the skill level is top notch.

    Any one have contacts?

  25. Geraldanthro Member

    non sense

    RE: dumping ddos traffic on another site:

    Non-sense they would lose all traffic to thier site,
    and even if they could the site would be down, while doing that,
    the target site could be downed also.

    But let them dump all traffic on one site.
    In the mean time all their sites are down,

    For our key sites at Interent Anthropologist
    we use HTML, not a registered site ie .com or ,org.

    We simply change the URL and re-post new URL,
    Takes 5 min to defeat huge DDos attack.

    It takes them longer to target new url than it
    does for us to change url.

  26. ----tnk u all----

    these website could be great starting points (all run by government) :






    tnk u all
  27. irib.#ir added to list, all under attack
  28. Who said anything about me being a hacker? I'm just a dude exercising his right to throw ideas onto the internet. I couldn't hack my way outta a paper bag with a hatchet. I have as much as a right to post my ideas onto this as anyone has to post anything anywhere.

    It's not 'plans' to commit a federal 'crime.' The Federal government can go fuck itself with the $8 trillion it ordered printed while waiting for the ok for the bailout, and I'm leaving the planning up to whoever isn't such a fucking coward that just reading a revolutionary idea causes him to put up a post disassociating himself from the idea.
  29. And yet the attacks keep going. Feds wont do anything against anyone attacking Iran servers.
  30. Greetings :)
    I am posting here in hopes that you are also talking to people in Iran.
    I am trying to find out what is being dropped on the people in Iran so i can post medical help. If any on you are talking to people in Iran please post back here what they are dropping on them for me so i can help. Depending on what they are using on the people water is not to be used to get the chem off them!

    BTW glad you are doing what you are doing and keep doing it.
    Make you all coffee...

  31. from-iran Member

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