Haiti charity scam

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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Vulture Ministers failbook page
    The Universal Language of Help - Rebuilding Haiti, Getting Ready to Help Peru and Chile
    Yesterday at 8:55pm
    Six weeks after the devastating earthquake in Haiti and with new disasters in Chile and Japan, the need of efficient organization is more vital than ever. At this moment new teams are building up to deploy to earthquake shaken areas in and around Chile. They will organize support and help for the victims of the February 27 Chilean earthquake that displaced more than 2 million people. Scientology Volunteer Ministers from Mexico, Russia and several Asian countries have taken over now from the first-responders who have been on the ground in Haiti since 17 January 2010.

    Sandra Moreno Arenas
    We need help here in Chile! When are you coming, we can organize something here, but there isnt enough minister here that can help...
    9 hours ago · Report

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    Re: Haiti charity scam


    don't you find that interesting how they tie that in with little Orphan Annie..

    they will probably show a CCHR TYPE (Industries of Death) Slide Show of the Horrors in Haiti just to drive the physiological effect home

    Deceptive Press Release by CCHR and Scientology
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Miss Hannigan was a Scilon?!
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam


    Vulture Minister Photo Op "Hard At Work"
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Erika Aurora Miranda Calderon Here we are! and we still need more people to go to Haiti to continue to train the locals on Assist Tech and organize local groups and missions. If you are interested and need a contact to get there, let me know, I'll help you!Erika Aurora Miranda Calderon | Facebook
  8. Triumph Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Glad she was on hand with her medical thinks she is talking out of her ass
    I guess she has some experience running a MASH hospital,her ass says shes an expert in Triage
    without her help prioritizing patients based on the severity of their condition, the field hospital was doomed.
    because "touch assist" would have brought those dead bodies piling up back to life.
    Scientology turns people into egotistical bags of puss.
    the Moonbat within 5 minutes had the order and priority of emergency treatment figured out.
    what if the bags of water served a purpose in Radiology they acted as an "insulator" to protect people outside the Radiology area. from getting zapped with too much radiation.
    I wish she would have taken a drink of that water..dipshit. brilliant! lets hand out the tainted water!
    "ShePod" doesn't have a clue about the concept of triage as it occurs in medical emergencies
    no shit there were a lot of broken bones!duh where else are they going to lay in the Sun..the Holiday Inn?! its a field hospital not the Mayo clinic.

    and then just ignore the doctors and do "touch assist" because what do doctors really know
    they are not Superior Homo Novis like Scientoligists!
    in a situation like that you make an operating table out of a piece of plywood and a pair of Saw horses..with generators for is going to be scarce with the exception of operating rooms.
    I'm sorry by 3/4 of the video she comes off as egotistical. like the twit Herself and all the other VM's had all the answers
    it only takes a few days to die without water. Haiti was an unfortunate disaster
    it sucks that the doctors got saddled with these yo-yo's

    she did manage to help,changing bed pans,bedding and giving water those things are more what she is suited for with her limited experience,anyone can be competent if they keep their mouth shut and listen to direction.

    then she raves about VM's Shut your pie hole.
    and just because she spent 3 weeks in a disaster zone doing a few days of field hospital work and doing touch assist when no one was looking.and serving food doesn't give her a PHd in anything but stupid.especially with the words she chose to use in this video.

    watch the video again if you didn't catch it-keep in mind they are doing hundreds of X-Rays for christ sake
    and they take a bag of water!and give it to the patients! hearing that pissed me fucking common sense. dose she know what the water is for?

    listen to the description @ 3 minutes in pay close attention

    it certainly wasn't potable water after hundreds of X-Rays @about 3:50 they take a couple of bags with "Nicole taking the lead", they take the bags from Radiology and give that water to the patients..Hello! Red Flag!

    put that in the next Anon video its fucking gold!
    [nomedia=""]YouTube- Broadcast Yourself.[/nomedia]
    Nicole an Ellen these two yo-yo's gave the tainted water to the patients.
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Oh. Dear. God.

    She removed the water that was acting as radiation shielding for x-ray leakage...

    Yep, that's the Clear Certainty for you. It can take some well-meaning idiot, and make them so sure of themselves that they'd never stop to think about why the water was stored floor to ceiling in the radiology tent ("Talk about random!") and maybe ask some qualified person about it. (Of course, all the qualified people were working their asses off saving lives at the time.)

    This person is the reason that toasters have warning stickers not to operate them in the bathtub. (Or the reason that toasters shouldn't have those stickers. Think of it as Evolution in action.)
  10. Triumph Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    a Clear case of why these idiots don't belong there

    certainty run it past a radiologist just to back it up..especially for the story... its common sense this is worse than the kid cutting himself. or touch assist.

    the professionals probably didn't notice..its almost certain by the choice of her words they didn't ask anyone,"Nicole took Charge" and they got the "water from the room"

    X Rays are not the harmless, miraculous health "helps" we used to think they were. Instead, X Rays are something many people will want to avoid unless absolutely necessary. X Rays are not the best diagnostic tool for all things. its extremely dangerous.
    water as a radiation shield
  11. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    I have a copy. DownloadHelper (Firefox plugin for Windows) is my friend.

    Now, they might rebut that irradiated water might be safe (they do it to preserve food in extremely controlled conditions), and the increased x-ray exposure caused by the removed shielding should be balanced against the people dying of dehydration. (They should have brought some powdered Gatorade, commercial Oral Rehydration Therapy in a can.)

    However... Trained and qualified people should have been making those life and death trade-offs, not an airhead who doesn't understand why water shielding is in place around the x-ray tent.
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    How about asking someone who might know..

    your getting 1/3 the radiation you would have gotten living a half mile from 3 mile island Nuclear Plant when it had it's melt down.
    from a single X ray
    it dissipates as it spreads through the room,but keep in mind your doing a few hundred X-Rays,because of the disaster,the bodies are piled up outside in a long line.
    X-Ray room are isolated insulated and a lot of care its taken to isolate the room
    any water in plastic bags nearby is going to absorb radiation,everything in the room does..metal plastic.flesh.etc.

    even if the bags were in a room next to the X-ray room theres a danger.

    to take that water..and do with it ..what they did is stupid,and potentially a serious health risk to the people they gave water do they know that water is potable? long has it been in the bags pathogens,etc.

    there is a gross negligence in common sense certainly.
    what if that water came in contact with medical waste?what if it was medical waste?.
    any kind of fluids just hanging around in a Hospital especially in Haiti are Hazardous or unsafe to drink..

    I doubt anything in that hospital is state of the Art..the guy doing the X-Rays wears protective gear that is disposed of ,they don't take that shit home and wash it..and wear it again.

    X-Rays are not safe..

    water as a radiation shield
    commercially available water tank radiation shield
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  14. Triumph Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Food irradiation is in very low controlled doses unless its meat..its a different process than an X-Ray Machine

    its different then the common X-Ray,
    in a modern hospital in a controlled clean environment it's gotten safer over the past 20 years
    but there are still dangers

    with old equipment in primitive conditions its not very safe.

    a medical professional will ask you if you've had an X-Ray in the last 3 years,its not a good idea to have one often, its cheaper than more effective safer more modern equipment ,X-Rays are an antiquated practice and its best to be avoided.

    the guy who invented the X-Rays Machine died from Radiation poisioning

    water that sits around de-oxidizes becomes stagnant waterborne parasites can increase in stagnant water
    the quality of water in Haiti is poor..

    Oh gee look at all this water...those dumb doctors ..won't give those poor thirsty Haitians water...

    "Do something about it" triggers through their brainwashed minds thats what happens when you let the cult do all your thinking.

    I am sure that other sources of water could be found..

    No such thing as Malpractice in the poorest country in the western hemisphere during one of the worst disasters in the history of man kind... but then Hell Scientologist have all the answers for all man kinds problems. they will "Do Something about it"

    water as a radiation shield

    commercially available water tank radiation shield
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    when we as individuals believe or pretend we have all the answers were fucked, nothing wrong in asking for help..there is always another perspective and a way of looking at things.

    When you take one Mans "LRon Hubbard" word as gospel your truly fucked.

    time to wip out this gem

    "Radiation is apparently enormously water-soluble as well as water removable. According to researchers, one merely has to take a hose to a building surface or a road to wash the radiation off of it. This factor is well known to defense trained personnel." - L. Ron Hubbard, Clear Body, Clear Mind, page 47

    I'll take real scientific research over what "Hubbard" says any day "What hes saying is fucked up""]commercially available water tank radiation shield[/URL]
    List, March 2010, self policing Facebook Scientologists maintaining the politically correct official Scientologist party line

    Susan Robillard
    Scientology Canada & Church of Scientology Ottawa
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Scilon Press Release by Chad Andro | 03.04.2010

    Orphans in Haiti will soon have a place to call home.


    TAMPA BAY– MARCH 3, 2010 - Children sang and danced in the heartfelt story of the hopeful, but sometimes miserable life of an orphan, in the Broadway production of “Annie Jr.” to raise money for the orphanage, Future of Haiti, so the orphans in Haiti will see the light of a better life. Produced by International Youth Theatre in coordination with Youth for Human Rights Florida, the show had a one night showing at the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater to raise awareness and sponsorships for Haitian orphans.

    The story of “Annie Jr.”, the little orphan that teaches how a better “tomorrow” is only one day away, is the perfect inspiration those families who want to help one of the many children who have lost their parents in the recent devastation of the earthquake. But the design of The Future of Haiti Orphanage is not your traditional orphanage as represented in “Annie Jr.” The whole design of the orphanage is to find people abroad who would like to “sponsor” a child which will grow up in Haiti, not as an underprivileged child, but as one who will be raised in a nurturing, educational environment to be a leader of tomorrow to change Haiti to a prosperous nation.

    The night’s performance created 10 new sponsors for the 111 existing orphans, with another 60 homeless children in line to become part of the orphanage. The money will not be limited to the basics of food and shelter, but also to Haitian teachers, night security creating a safe environment, and a good education with arts and sports, creating a life of fun and laughter and a future to look forward to. Sponsors are needed for each orphan.

    As humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard stated, "Save the child and you save the nation".

    The Future of Haiti Orphanage has the mission to build a permanent home and school for orphans of Haiti to change their lives with a caring environment, a good education, sports, arts and leadership programs. The orphanage was created from three collapsed orphanages, leaving the surviving children without shelter, food or water... and more importantly, a family. To find out how to sponsor an orphan or for more information go to FUTURE HAITI - Orphanage.

    International Youth Theater, located in Clearwater, Florida, has the mission assisting the development of young artist while enlightening them on their abilities and responsibilities to help improve human rights around the world. For more information go to
    Youth for Human Rights Florida,

    Children Sing and Dance to Help Orphans in Haiti | Philadelphia Independent Media Center
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    This is the story of hundred of orphans and how a group of people saved them from the vagabondage and despair

    Wed at 7:49pm

    Jennifer Haupt; "How many boxes of cake mix should I buy to make b-day cake for 170 kids? Bringing to Haiti to have the best b-day party ever for 170 orphans abandoned during the earthquake, many of whom don't even know exactly when they were born. Thank you to the wonderful women giving them a home... you are my heroes and I can't wait to meet you!7 hours ago ·

    Comment · Like9 people like this.

    Jennifer Haupt P.S. Some of those teddy bears y'all sent are going to be birthday presents. Thank you again!

    7 hours ago Melanie Votaw When are you leaving? Do you need more bears?7 hours ago Ellee Koss I would bring 10-12 PLUS bottled water and dried milk or the carton milk that does not need refrigeration. Will you have access to a good oven?

    7 hours ago Ellen Rieselbach Whitworth Make that 16-18. Bottled water and dried milk is good. Dried eggs also. Or you could get the mix where you just add water(bottled). Do they have cake pans? This is a sweet idea!

    6 hours ago Jennifer Haupt Oh, man, I forgot about eggs and milk! (They have purified water.) We're going to bat our eyes at the hotel manager to get access to an oven. Mel, we're leaving on Sunday so probably no time to mail more bears but thanks! You are very sweet.

    6 hours ago Judy Anne Cavey Bears to birthday amaze me Jennifer! : )

    6 hours ago JoBeth McDaniel maybe someone there knows some Haitian farmers with fresh eggs and milk to sell?

    5 hours ago Jennifer Haupt JB, that's a great idea!

    5 hours ago ll aa Kurth If small squares, about 24 per box.

    5 hours ago Daisy Mae Simon You are an inspiration! Wishing you safe travels...and a wonderful, joy-filled party!

    30 minutes ago Jennifer Haupt Thanks for the good wishes -- I will carry them in my heart... and lots of cake mix in my suitcase!


    Barbara Schneider | Facebook
  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Scam Alert GWHRC so Scientology can claim it sent doctors

    Social Media and it's Role in Outreach - KnowYour Haiti Relief
  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    I'll just leave this list of contact info for every relief organization with a presence in Haiti here:

  20. potrezebie Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    One of those ancient x-ray machines sits in the SIU school of medicine's lobby. It was operated by one of the pioneers of the tech. The placard states that he and others who worked with him died of massive invasive cancer.

    Most of the original radiology scientists died horrible deaths as a result of their profession.
    That's why L. Ron's cavilier attitude toward radiation appalls me. Nuclear Physicist, my lily-white Irish ass.
  21. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Scientology-Sponsored Relief Team from Italy Leaves for Haiti

    Seeing a need to educate politicos internationally on every level. This is getting dumb.
  22. harry1958 Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Hi Triumph:

    I appreciate the candor about my company Taurus Prods! However, I was only helping out Susan R and Derek, who I disassociated myself from! I'm not part of the scam nor claim to be. However, you do have the right to say how you feel! I'm not a scientologist, but a buddhist for the last 25 years, but I do know people that belong to Scientology! I too feel that scientology is out there, but before you make any judgment regarding my company you better have the facts!

  23. AnonyVix Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Hi Harrison,

    just an observation but you have to be about the sixth, "I'm not a scientologist but..." person I have come across claiming to be a Buddhist. Or maybe I've met you around 5 times before but each time in a different guise. No matter, welcome.

    As a Buddhist you may feel that your company getting caught in the cross fire was a product of Khama. Perhaps that is why you are here?
  24. BLiP Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    I wonder if all these Buddhists are really disaffected $cilons taking up and following the previous incarnation of their true master?
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Sorry if this is already posted.

    Found on a site called "indymedia" out of Arizona"

    by Pat Harney Wednesday, Apr. 21, 2010 at 7:39 PM

    The Church of Scientology recognizes the dedicated actions of the volunteers from five groups who have committed themselves to senseless acts of kindness.

    Tampa Bay, Florida - April 21, 2010 - In keeping with this year's theme for National Volunteer Week of "Celebrating People in Action", on Friday, April 23rd at the historic Fort Harrison in downtown Clearwater, the Church of Scientology will recognize five groups in Florida who collectively have provided millions of hours in volunteer time since the beginning of 2010 - a period of time which has seen major natural disaster as well as economic upheaval affecting the lives of millions of people just in this region of the world alone. The groups which will be recognized are: Project Medishare of the University of Miami Hospital, Feeding America Tampa Bay, Disaster Management of United Way Tampa Bay, the United Relief Force Foundation and the Willa Carson Health Resource Center. The Church of Scientology recognizes the dedicated actions of the volunteers from these groups who have committed themselves to senseless acts of kindness resulting in over 1,000,000 hours of donated time in the first 4 months of 2010 alone, millions of dollars in donations and hundreds of thousands of people helped in Haiti, Florida, Tampa Bay and Clearwater.

    "We have had the privilege of working with these dynamic groups and want them to know that their work is important to the stability and development of our communities," said Pat Harney, the Public Affairs Director of the Church of Scientology, Flag Service Organization. "We chose these organizations because we have seen their work close up and know how much they mean to Clearwater, Tampa Bay and beyond." According to Harney, the event is inspired by the founder of the Scientology religious philosophy Mr. Hubbard, who once wrote, "A being is only as valuable as he can serve others."


    1. Project Medishare of the University of Miami Hospital, the group that organized, built and manned the largest field hospital in history on the airport grounds of Port-au-Prince, Haiti following the massive earthquake disaster there.

    2. Feeding America Tampa Bay; formerly known as America's Second Harvest of Tampa Bay was founded in 1982, is a food bank servicing 35,000 hungry people from 10 counties of Tampa Bay with some 10 million meals. In a single week, they provide over 50,000 meals.

    3. Hands on Tampa Bay, United Way Tampa Bay, has 3,500 volunteers who have delivered 22,819 hours of service, the equivalent of nearly 11 years of work for the community.

    4. The United Relief Force Foundation was initiated in February 2007 in Orlando by a group of college students dedicated to improving the lives of people who need humanitarian aid, emergency response and disaster relief to countries that have experienced natural and man-made disasters. Recently, several of their members dedicated themselves to the problems of the February 12th earthquake in Haiti, joining forces with the Scientology Volunteer Ministers to reach out and assist the citizens there.

    5. Willa Carson Health Resource Center is a non-profit, volunteer organization that provides free basic health care services to the citizens the neighborhood of Greenwood in Clearwater, Florida.


    National Volunteer Week was signed into executive order by President Richard Nixon on April 20th, 1974 declaring the third week in April be dedicated to those who give their time to charity. Since then all the US presidents who have followed have called upon Americans to volunteer service to others and to raise awareness to the importance of volunteering during this week. In 1990, the Points of Light Foundation now called the Points of Light Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the number of people and resources in volunteering so as to help solve serious social problems, adopted the sponsorship of the National Volunteer Week, and is promoting efforts for this week, which falls on April 18th to 24th this year.

    If you would like to know how you can help your community contact Pat Harney at (727) 467 - 6860 or email her at patharney[at]flag[dot]org.

    - end -

    what makes this interesting is this:

    Principles of Unity: Arizona Indymedia

    1. We strive to provide an information infrastructure for people and opinions who do not have access to the airwaves, tools and resources of corporate media. This includes audio, video, photography, internet distribution and any other communication medium.
    2. We support local, regional and global struggles against exploitation and oppression.
    3. We function as a non-commercial, non-corporate, anti-capitalist collective.

    Arizona Indymedia involves volunteer participants and allied collectives organized along anti-authoritarian principles of open and transparent decision-making processes, including open public meetings; a form of modified consensus; and the elimination of hierarchies.

    Arizona Indymedia participants shall not act in a manner that endangers, intimidates, or physically harms any member of the group, including by sexual harassment or acts of violence. Indymedia members shall strive to act in a respectful manner to other members of the collective as well as the public.


    Any feedback with regards to site content should be directed to the AZ IMC editorial collective list at Do not email news releases or articles to the IMC - you must publish stories yourself. Report technical problems to
  26. harry1958 Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Just to let you people know, I was introduced to Susan R, by Derek Woodburn! After getting to know both of them I blocked them from my facebook account! However, I don't promote scams and I believed that Susan was really doing something good, so I put her Haiti project on my website! Then I came across this site and took it down right away and got a nasty email from Susan! I truly want to see people make it in the film and music industry and would not take a dime from them unless I produce a project and help raise the money for production-no one should be duped by corrupt people, but don't chastise other people such as myself as a scammer unless you have proof I'm scamming and then expect a law suit for false lies!!!

    Harry Freed:)
  27. AnonyVix Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Hi Harry, your company looks to have been caught in the cross fire; it's a phenomenon known as the curse of scientology, a few others, businesses, celebrities and politicians seem to have been tarnished by it - have to be so careful who you associate with, associating with the church of scientology seems to be kinda like hugging a tar baby unless your business is strictly they buy and you sell. Jeff Stone Riverside County Supervisor and wannabe (fail) senator is still being harangued about what seemed to be a too cosy relationship with the cult for instance. Tom Cruise is still battered by his association with them as is Kirsty Alley and John Travolta, to name but a few.

    You did the right thing by disassociating from the cult. Noone has uttered the opinion that your company was knowingly involved in the scam since your last message if they ever did.

    In the context any such statement would be speculative opinion anyway without back up DOX - the proof to which you allude. Anonymous is generally a highly sceptical audience and they are the primary audience to this forum, aside from the cult's very own OSA who don't believe a word of it of course. Anonymous don't take such statements as fact with out DOX. Since no DOX were produced to back up the statement it would have been taken as speculative opinion.

    With respect to Susan doing something good, Susan almost certainly believes this herself because that is how the mind fuck works; it's no surprise you came to believe this yourself because she is so convinced of it herself and it seems so plausible.

    Scientologists want to and believe they are doing good but they also believe the only way to do good is to promote Scientology, to get more recruits and to sell more consumables (or pay for more consumables themselves) in order to disseminate "the tech" to achieve "planetary salvage". That's why VMs carry a lot more scientology promotional material than say the Red Cross carries Red Cross promotional leaflets; it's only thanks to criticism that they are actually carrying other stuff too. Word is the VMs have this nasty habit of leaching from other aid agencies but that is only based on hearsay from other aid agencies (Vulture Ministers) is a common colloquialism I believe.

    At the core of the cult is an efficient production line that produces scientology consumables (all those courses, pamphlets, DVDs, books, not to mention many of the fixtures and fittings for their "Ideal Orgs") very cheaply (using cheap religious labor). These consumables are then sold to the hapless adherents, the ones who believe they are doing good by "donating" retail prices (nice fat profit mark ups) to buy sets of books on scientology to send out to all the libraries around the world (for instance); libraries who proceed to return or dispose of them as unsolicited - hint returns are never counted. The profit also gets nickled and dimed away in a myriad of licence fees and other sundry costs though - clever really.

    Have to say the scientologists are not the only ones. I watched Benny Hinn the other day on God TV explain how giving money to his organisation was the donors way of preaching the word of the Lord, which it is a Christian's duty to do. Genius.
  28. AnonyVix Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Given that I can't find any direct reference to Taurus Productions in this thread except your own you should perhaps consider the Streisand effect. At the moment it would seem any such reference is not obvious, especially to search engines; Google Taurus Productions Scientology and nothing untoward comes up.
  29. OTBT Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Somewhere on WWP, there was an old thread from 2009 that was bumped a couple days ago, regarding Flag getting a local wog in trouble for giving free meals to homeless people in Clearwater.

    The lady was supposed to be ticketed and fined if she gave out any more free meals to homeless people near Flag, because it was "encouraging downstats".

    This should be cross posted to that thread, if anyone can find it.

    / edit

    found it, and cross posted it
  30. Anonymous Member

    Back from the dead...
    Is this the same Darrell Craig from this recent thread: (This was a Scilon office owned by Darrell and Carol Craig that recently shut down in Jacksonville, FL.)

  31. Anonymous Member

  33. Anonymous Member

    Hey Darrell. I think your caps-lock key is stuck.
  34. Anonymous Member

    There's a difference between dox and multiple bad-mouthing with one-shot ids.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Sherlock strikes again!
  36. TorontosRoot Member

    Faggotry reported. ;)
  37. Bees without Borders is another questionable charity - some say it exists to fund it's "CEO's (Andrew Cote)exotic trips to exotic locales. YOu can learn more here
  38. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  39. Why must this be dragged into the open again ? Because of MORRONS !

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