Haiti charity scam

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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    So the Scilons took up valuable space on flights that could have be filled with something useful .. like clowns with balloon animals or boxes of chocolate doorknobs.
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    you can bet your "sweet apples" if some trained medical personnel..were available the "Touch assist weenies" would be gone.
    That wasn't a very flattering piece on what the Scientoligist were doing there if you look at it with a critical eye....
    I say a Guy in a Yellow shirt flapping his gums..a Girl flailing her arms..and about 4-5 other VM's just standing around ..doing nothing.
    most learned that touch assist crap on the flight down there...

    the rest of the News Piece were real Medics and real Field Hosbitals.who are far removed from the Scientoligists doing real reconstructive surgery without the hassle of a Scientoligist with in a 1000 yard of their field hospitals....
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Haiti judge quizzes US missionaries over child case
    BBC News
    A group of 10 US missionaries who were arrested as they tried to take 33 children out of earthquake-stricken Haiti are being questioned by a judge.(and are now in prison)

    a couple of things here
    The missionaries deny they were engaged in child trafficking, and insist they were trying to help vulnerable orphans.

    Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive described them as "kidnappers" who had known "what they were doing was wrong".

    He said some of the children had parents who were alive, and that the Haitian authorities were trying to reunite them.

    Up until now we have not encountered any who say they are an orphan," said Patricia Vargas of SOS Children's Village.

    "We(The Baptist's) believe we have been charged very falsely with trafficking. We all gave up everything we had... to come here to help these children and by no means are any part of that horrendous practice."

    the Director of Haiti's social welfare agency, Jeanne Bernard Pierre, told the Associated Press that the pastor had knocked on doors asking people if they wanted to give away their children.

    "One child said to me: 'When they came knocking on our door asking for children, my mom decided to give me away because we are six children and by giving me away she would have only five kids to care for,'" he said.

    Experts have expressed concerns that child traffickers could take advantage of the earthquake on 12 January, which killed up to 200,000 people and left more than a million people homeless.

    According to UN guidelines, two years should pass after a disaster before adoption can even be considered, giving time to exhaust all efforts to locate family members first.

    BBC News - Haiti judge quizzes US missionaries over child case
    what we know

    With an operation called The Volunteer Ministry Disaster Relief for Haiti the Scientologists plan to establish a permanent base in the country. Pat Harney, a spokesperson for the operation, said: “I have no doubt that in some form or other there will be a church of Scientology here.” Scientologists were already working to found an orphanage, she added.
    This is from the UK Telegraph
    Pat Harney is the Spokesperson in Haiti for Scientology
    these were copied from the facebook pages in open public wall posts
    on Felicidad Serrano facebook page
    and Barbara Schneider facebook page
    they are public for now... it gives us an open window into CoS intentions
    and there had been more than one public statement about opening a Orphanage in Haiti
    The Property was donated by Claude Reginald Jean, it is a large walled compound in Haiti that now belongs to the CoS. Claude Reginald Jean and his family were evacuated with his family to Florida by the CoS.

    the source of information on facebook may dry up once the CoS catches wind its being reported and documented here... but the fact remains the future there will be an CoS orphanage in Haiti that will prove the communications were correct.

    a few important pieces of the puzzle

    post #61 he Italian team except for her was out getting compounds instead of tents for the orphanage.
    post #62 I will try to continue maintaining them to the day of what continue passing with this project of the orphanage. All these news show us that always something can be done on the matter;). Barbara Schneider.
    post #64 Barbara Schneider Brad, tomorrow afternoon strategic meeting with my crew back from Haiti on the orphanage project with the key terminals. Want to come?
    to Brad Kugler
    post #76 They secured a land, closed to the airport strip, the size of a football field where a new school/orfanage is going to stand. The land is enclosed by a wall that only suffered minor damage from the quake and is already been rebuilt as I write. Machates are at work to clear the filed and big tents that an earlier relief team has left to us are going up to accomodate up to 1000 orphans.
    3 teachers are already standing by to take charge of the 200 orphans that are pressing the perimeter in their desperate need of a new home.
    post #78 Mountain happiness FUTURE ORPHANAGE HAITI. VERY GOOD NEWS. A part group of the Voluntary team of Ministers of Cienciologia Hispanic already they are since first hours of the I gave of today flying with destiny ORPHANAGE IN HAITI. BRAVE AND VALUABLE PEOPLE
    post #78 Mountain happiness ORPHANAGE IN HAITI. VOLUNTARY MINISTERS CIENCIOLOGIA.ALREADY are on the way with destiny ORPHANAGE FURUTO HAITI the first member of the GROUP OF HISPANIC VOLUNTARY MINISTERS to help the children huerfanos and to support Michela Sheider which is found at the front in the orphanage. The members of the Hispanic group, itself encuent.
    post #78 Felicidad Serrano
    Wednesday, January 27, 2010 at 1:09pm
    The orphanage in haiti has taken charge of the first 50 kids! They are expecting the Clinton association to visit them tomorrow!!!!!!!

    post #59 Barbara Schneider What's in my mind? That I can't take it off Haiti and the work that still needs to be done.
    Our orphanage, "FUTURE HAITI" is growing larger by the day. The kids are come back home, it is our job to make it a better one!


    post #59 I was at the camp making tables and benches out of rubbles" she said "when an animal transport pulled up and disgorged some 31 kids. They came down singing in their best dresses...and stormed about never stopping yelling "thank you thank you!"

    Orphans form 3 to 13 years where running around the camp like they just arrived to a fair, asking for bikes, balloons, and toys.....and promising, they would learn English in exchange....

    We bearly had food to offer. No what do I say not food but the rations the UN are giving us daily and not even for so many kids.

    So Elena and the others left camp again in search of more food also because there is an other animal transport coming in soon with as many orphans.....

    "Barbara" she continued, "I need food, toys, school supplies, man power, teachers, clothes pens, glue, paper....we need 100 and we are making it go right with 5.

    We have 8 tents, 2 security guards and 2 maides, we have 31 kids and 30 more coming....

    in the coming days weeks and months this story will evolve ...without the look inside the communications of a few facebook pages... so even if the stories on the social networking sites become managed by the CoS and dry up to cover things up and micro manage things..
    We Know an Orphanage is in the works...

    the Question Raised by the Case against the Baptist Ministers has Helped tremendously in shining the spotlight on any Organization trying to capitalize on starting and funding an Orphanage in Haiti

    the Authorities can look deeply into what Scientology is doing and check to make sure each child has family..and Keep the CoS on its toes...
    don't think for a second DM wont flood Haiti with Lawyers...and try every trick in the book to work around the law in Haiti.
    the "World" will be watching on this One...
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Barbara Schneider: The story of our new orphans
    Barbara's Notes

    The story of our new orphans
    Today at 2:05pm
    Michela tells me;
    "tonight, 2 armed guard came to wake me up to give me a kid they found rooming in front of the gate. The kids was terrified, his eyes shut open.
    I asked for a translator to get in com with him and so I did.
    He told me that when the shake hit he was baried alive under his home with all his family.
    He waited days before they dug him out and took him to a hospital in Santo Domingo.
    Once he recovered from his injuries he was told that he was the only survivor of his family.
    Than he was put on a bus and returned to Haiti.
    There he roomed around until the guards found him and brought him to me.
    So we got on the truck to go to the orphanage.
    He was sitting behind me, he was reaching for me with his little hands trying to touch me like he needed assurance that I was not a fanthom. So I reach back and told him that the place we where headed to had lots of kids and he could get an education and make friends.
    I saw the terror in his eyes reside for a moment as he was reaching more openly for me.
    Again I promised to myself that out of this tragedy we would create a future for those kids, that out of orphans we would make winners and leaders...."

    We are finalizing a project where families can sponsor those kids and turn this vision into reality.

    Thank you for your support for now.


    Felicidad Serrano | Facebook

    We are finalizing a project where families can sponsor those kids and turn this vision into reality. by sponsor they mean raise money
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    MSNBC long article Many children taken by Americans not orphans

    CALLEBAS, Haiti - Parents in this struggling village above Haiti's capital said Wednesday they willingly handed some 20 of their children to American missionaries who showed up in a bus promising to give them a better life — contradicting claims by the Baptist group's leader that the children came from orphanages or distant relatives.

    In Washington, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Wednesday that the Americans should have followed proper procedures. "We know how to do this in the right way," Clinton said. "It was unfortunate, whatever the motivation, that this group of Americans took matters into their own hands."

    Many children in Haiti case are not orphans - Haiti earthquake-

    Haiti's orphans: What next?
    Relief and adoption workers are warning against moving too hastily as humanitarian efforts in Haiti turn to the fate of as many as 750,000 parentless children.

    Haiti Earthquake Relief Requests: Is it a Scam?

    How to Protect Haiti’s “Orphans"

    Orphanage: Adoption plan needed for Haitian children CNN

    Baptists, Scientologists in Haiti 'trying to buy souls': Voodoo priest USA Today

    Haiti: news, skewed coverage, the IMF and other stories the Daily KOS
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    taken from a public wall posting on facebook

    online translator from Italian
    comments to story above

    Randall Gillion Thanks - continuous the good work - lascilo to know if there is some thing that can do of here.
    2 hours ago · Report

    Barbara Schneider Thanks and itself, certainly!
    2 hours ago Report

    in english

    Randall Gillion
    Send me pictures and I can make you videos for fund raising, etc.
    2 hours ago · Report

    Barbara Schneider
    That's a good idea. I will have some new pictures in a few days.
    Give me your e-mail please
    49 minutes ago · Report

    Randall Gillion
    8 minutes ago · Report

    Felicidad Serrano | Facebook

    rgp media is a scientology owned company that produces videos like the Cary Goulston's Global Pioneer Videos like the link on the recent gawker article

    Global Pioneers Video summary of major achievements..which has since been removed.

    witch happen when you shine a little light on Cockroaches
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    inside the walled Scientology orphanage compound with the Italian VM's

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    Re: Haiti charity scam

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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    January 16th thru Jan 23rd
    Wall posts public postings

    Barbara Schneider | Facebook
    Barbara Schneider had to find a way to help Haiti and did it for now.
    January 16 at 6:13pm

    Barbara Schneider first news from Haiti from the Italian team fired out yesterday. Michela writes;after loading 30 big tents, medical supplies and food qw dinally left Miami at 11pm.
    January 22 at 9:57am

    Barbara Schneider Now after one hour circling we finally landed. It's 1.30 am and we have to set up camp and reload the plane with 60 orphans and some worn out people. Than hopefully we sleep a couple of hours.....wait not yet there are other 70 orphans to take care of.....
    January 22 at 9:58am

    Kevin Patrick
    You're in Haiti Barbara?
    January 22 at 10:36am

    Luciana Bonomo
    thanks for the news ... also puts them in Italian and the tour to my friends ...? ML L
    January 22 at 11:41 am

    Iraida Torres
    Dde these in Haiti ????!!!!!
    January 22 at 12:12 p.m

    Barbara Schneider
    No Kevin, I stayed back as a support for them (funding coodination, media, com.lines....
    January 22 at 1:49pm

    Barbara Schneider
    Ok Luciana you and send in Italian when I get here. You have news of them?
    January 22 at 1:51 pm

    Luciana Bonomo
    nio I try to send mail to Micky ...
    January 22 at 2:30 pm

    Heidi Staun List
    I am on iit here in LA :)
    January 22 at 4:56pm

    Barbara Schneider
    Brava Heidi. We truly are a team!
    January 22 at 6:24pm

    translated from Italian
    Barbara Schneider Ok for our Italian friends who are following our team in Haiti here are the translations of their first messages, after loading the plane with 30 mega tents, medicines and food, we left at 11 pm ....
    January 22 at 2:32 pm

    translated from Italian
    Barbara Schneider once we arrived in Haiti around for a long time to get the OK to land. To 1.30 touched the ground, thinking that we would finally rest for a few hours .....
    January 22 at 2:33 pm

    Barbara Schneider
    Luciana and I are left behind to keep the lines organized and to be a terminal for them. Roby and I have financed the expedition.
    January 23 at 10:22 am

    Barbara Schneider
    I will continue 'to keep you informed. If you want you can create a "fan club around our group OT (the first Italian) would be an incentive for them ..... You can do this by inviting people to our page
    January 23 at 10:23 am

    Login | Facebook


    carefully read January 22 at 9:58am the second post I think there were plans all along for the orphanage...

    It's 1.30 am and we have to set up camp and reload the plane with 60 orphans and some worn out people. Than hopefully we sleep a couple of hours.....wait not yet there are other 70 orphans to take care of...

    reload the plane with 60 orphans????
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    there was a flight out of Haiti around the 22nd-23rd

    I looked at the wall post it says exactly what it says here,which is strange..maybe it was a group of orphans headed to Salt Lake City Utah that the CoS was brokering?..that deal fell through. according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

    Maybe Davy Boy wanted a bigger cut?

    in post #109 +#110

    Utah families awaiting a plane load of Haitian orphans received more bad news
    "A group of 70 children affiliated with the Hope for Little Angels of Haiti orphanage arrived at the U.S. Embassy expecting to be cleared to exit the earthquake-ravaged country, but were told to try again the next day

    As many as 36 of the orphans are being adopted by families in Utah and Idaho who have reportedly raised $7,000 for jet fuel to airlift the children to America."

    it says "were flown to an Orlando-area military installation on a cargo plane that left Haiti about 2 p.m. (EST) on the 23rd".that fits the time frame.

    it says they had A tentative agreement with the Church of Scientology to fly the Ogden group to the United States but that fell through

    its a little suspect.what isn't when the Cos is involved.
    well they do have the walled kiddie corral compound to keep them

    they need to check and make sure these kids don't have next of kin or were just discarded by a family member
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    and I looked at the post with Randall Gillion and rpgmedia it is a nice gem, be interesting to see the propaganda video of that. you know thats coming so we all have fine piece of film-nior too look forward too.

    he did the Video on the Gawker Cary Goulston Global Pioneer Letter (yea saw they took it down too) "Slappy Misscrappypants" "slapped someone over that" leak.

    Wander what the Military and the UN say about the CoS being part of the Joint Command?!!
    and Cary Goulstons over inflated mission statement

    I can hear them now "That Guy!..What a Jackass!" assemble the firing squad.
    I bet Goulston won't show his face around the command post for awhile.

    any doubt now about the CoS Haitian Orphanage not happening.
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Port-Au-Price, Hait: Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School
    CNN discussion Board

    Turia Hurdsmith:wrote on January 14, 2010 at 5:40pm Post #70

    Susan's (Susan Robillard's) site is safe to donate but so long as you donate to one of the charity's that's all that matters.

    As for Mr. Robert there thank you for your wonderful comments in regards to us Canadian's why don't you go hate somewhere else. The Canadian SUSAN who's charity started this thread came back from her humanitarian work in Haiti late last year with a little gift, a severe lung infection caused by mold that almost killed her but yet she's getting on that plane and heading into a nightmare worse then any image that you can see on the TV. I guess we could just call her a stupid Canadian but I like to call her Heroic, but then I'm biased she's my friend.
    (Turia Hurdsmith is assoicated with Susan through the Little Lost Hollywood facebook page)( that page is also deleted )

    it was it'was "Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary school" when that served a purpose...and it was "Martin Luther King College" it was different from post to post.

    Susan Robillard wrote on January 14, 2010 at 9:13pm post #71
    WOW, I had no idea all this was going...LOL..Thank you all for caring.

    Please look at the date when I posted my pictures..IN NOVEMBER!

    For all those who know me, this group was started LAST YEAR and there is much proof of this on my group site.


    1.See the date when I posted my pictures, of me with our children..NOVEMBER/09

    2. See all the previous posts of Christmas donations from my friends(before the earthquake)

    3. See our info on our School...Martin Luther King College.

    4. Since we are a small group of volunteers in our school, yes we posted LAST YEAR a paypal account, where our friends could donate to and help us.

    5. We are a small group that is very lucky to have some help from our friends and VM's Scientology Volunteer Ministers - The Largest Independent Relief Force on Earth


    This will be my only reply to this post as we have a lot to do, and have many children missing.

    later on it was revealed all the children were accounted for

    Turia Hudsmith wroteon January 15, 2010 at 5:58am Post #75
    @antonio who do you think she is going to recruit the dead child that lies in the middle of the road or the one stuck under the rubble that will die because there's no one to get them out. The people who own the school that Susan helps are not Scientologists and neither are the children. She just wants to help and has been doing so long before this earthquake. Why don't you bother checking out her page and see what her group does or better yet why don't you get off your high horse stop attacking others and donate to one of the organization you feel comfortable with.

    the antinio gentelman just asked the question why not say its for Scientology?
    the School where Susan is Scientoligists

    Turia Hudsmith wroteon January 15, 2010 at 3:36pm Post #79

    Susan's group the one with the school has nothing to do with Scientology it is something she has been working on way before the quake if you look at what she has been doing there rather then just judge her for her beliefs you might see that. There is no money going into Susan's bank account every penny donated will go to those in Haiti. Just because she is connected to Scientology doesn't make her a bad person she truly wants to help and has been doing so long before Haiti came back into the spotlight because of this terrible tragedy.

    Turia is also a Scientoligist

    Turia Hudsmith wrote on January 15, 2010 at 4:12pm Post #81
    @Antonio they are giving her help to get down there but she is still trying to raise more The school that she helps there is run by a family friend and she really cares right now she knows the owner of the school and his family is ok but they are still trying to find the kids. The owner has taken in people around him and trying to help them but everything is running out and they still can't locate all the children of the school. Susan is a volunteer minister but this school that she raises money for and helps has nothing to do with Scientology.

    Susan had lots of help from over a dozen other Scilons trying to raise money for her project with Claude Reginald Jean and Cary Goulston and a host of others and used the desaster to kick her "fund raising into high gear.
    Susan changed her story to suit her purposes... sometime she just solicited funds for the Earthquake and dropped the school pleas,.(Cache versions of Her posts can be viewed)

    The school is the same "large empty lot" with the brick walls surrounding it that "Claude Reginld Jean"owned where the VM orphanage stands now. With the Big Yellow Tent

    Claude Reginald Jean Left Haiti after the Earthquake and flew to Florida with his family courtesy of Mr Travolta.

    <object width="400" height="300"><param name="allowfullscreen" value="true" /><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" /><param name="movie" value=";;show_title=1&amp;show_byline=1&amp;show_portrait=0&amp;color=&amp;fullscreen=1" /><embed src=";;show_title=1&amp;show_byline=1&amp;show_portrait=0&amp;color=&amp;fullscreen=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" width="400" height="300"></embed></object><p><a href="">Fox 13 - Students from Haiti</a> from <a href="">Clearwater Academy</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>

    its "Global Pioneers in a dress"
    cache version of the Martin Luther King College-School
    Help Susan Robillard in Haiti to give a future for elementary school kids | Facebook

    interesting what you'll find when you just look and its all in the public domain
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Damn..Claude Jean Made out like a Bandit..
    Full scholarship for his Children at Clearwater Academy a Premier Private Scilon School a free ride out of the devastation in Haiti
    from Mr John Travolta and his Lovely Scilon wife unit,on Air Theaten!
    good to have friends like Fellow Humanitarian co-Worker friends like Cary Goulston and Susan Robillard

    so he just signs over a large crappy dusty dirty walled compound near the airport.and the Scilons Get their Orphanage.and his kids get a Full Scholarship.
    one dirty hand washes the other its a Win-Win
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Should add this link here as well
    Narconon Reaches Out to Help Haitian Children
    Narconon's most recent project, The Global Pioneers' Haitian "Adopt an Orphanage" group, lets people contribute directly to designated orphanages in Haiti. The idea being that the people can pick and choose from items the orphanage needs most and send it out with no middlemen. The current campaign is designed to get private food donations being sent to 20 orphanages in Haiti. These shipments will help feed more than 2,000 children of all ages. Once this is underway, other orphanages will be added. The products most needed to help the children include powdered milk, canned meats, rice, beans, oats, flour, multi-vitamins, oil and cheese.

    Cary Goulston's Global Pioneer Scam
    according to this press release they want to help orphans,the Press release says it wants to help all orphanages...any money collected will go to the newly opened Scilon orphanage, and that will be penny's on the dollar..
    and the rest into the pockets of Scamoligists running the scam...and the CoS will take its cut off the top of course
    they always have to hide the fact its for Scamology...
    noticed the with No-middlemen comment...Ha! Global Pioneers is the middleman
    its just like the fake school,run by Susan Rubatard,Claude Jean,Cary Goulston and others,create a fake front group,lie about it sent out a bunch of staged pictures,collect a bunch of money from CoS do-gooders,and other unwitting contributers for their bank accounts..give the guys at the top a cut...and do nothing...CoS members acting like a bunch of mobsters
    the people giving them money need to wise up.

    the press release is dated Aug 09 2009 so they have been running their confidence game for quite a while,long before the Earthquake hit. how many orphans have they helped since then?
    what a bunch of parasites and vultures.

    Press Release - Narconon Reaches Out to Help Haitian Children
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive talked to the network's Christiane Amanpour about the unsettling reality of trafficking of human organs from victims in the wake of the earthquake

    Hope DM didn't watch this he will put on his to do list in Haiti...Human Trafficking of organs

    Video - Breaking News Videos from
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Barbara Schneider:eek:ur return to the orphanage Yesterday at 10:52pm

    Google Italian translation from a public facebook page

    In my mobile phone the note of Elena says;" hello Baby, we arrived! Yesterday Navy and I returned to find the babies. They are itself things' excited and surprised! They could not believe that we had maintained the word than saremmo returned. They remembered themselves even my name. A baby and' race excited from Michela to say them that really we had returned. Here and' another world and for me a large news familia. And 'done the situated web? And the sponsorship are going?"

    I understand the pressure of a "things 'large family "and and 'for ioc' that we are doing them now small affinche 'all the cards to sponsor our orfanelli(orphan) we are in rule.

    .....E there we are almost. Tomorrow you will have the possibilita' of to see with your eyes the babies that Elena now calls its news large familglia.

    Eccovi a preview of our babies! !!!! Goodbye, Barbarian

    Login | Facebook

    on the page they show a couple cute photos of some kids...
    so they can drum up some cash for donations..and the CoS coffers
    thats just one of the ways of raising cash...suckering people into sponsoring kids

    playing on folks emotions...they can rake in a lot of cash that way...meanwhile the kid is on the "RPF diet"
    anyway the CoS raises money is un-ethical...because it never will go to the kids..
    DM dosen't give a damn about the lives of those him they are "fresh meat"

    smile for the camera kiddies... Davie needs a new pair of fine Italian leather shoes..

    The CoS is going to milk these orphans for a lot of cash...

    who says you can't make a buck off of someones tragedy.
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Davies Kids

    a lot of ways to profiteer from orphans DM will explore all of them

    1)get a bunch of suckers to sponsor them
    2)make big money matching them up with adoptive parents
    3)farm some of them out as slave labor
    4)having them sell pencils on a street corner
    5)sell off their vital organs(since that seems to be happening in Haiti according to the Prime Minister)
    6)and there is a big problem with sex trafficking in Haiti,..I'm sure thats on his short list
    7)maybe start a "boy band"-The Dienetics-DM will Make "Joe Jackson" Look like a cub scout..
    8) When they get too old to adopt they can send them off to the Sea org. for a billion years

    once they get their foot in the door in Haiti they can franchise the thing out to every third world country in the world and really branch out. if you don't think the Heads of the CoS aren't that devious think again.

    200 orphans is the number or orphans they are shooting for in the facebook posts

    some quick math 200 orphans X $30,000 an adoption =$6,000,000
    thats not including what they bring in for sponsorships
    and donations and all the initial money they raise off the back of the Earthquake

    the Talkingheads of CoS sees $$$$$ the lives of those children mean nothing to them

    Watch out you might get what you're after
    Cool babies strange but not a stranger
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Scientologists Run Their Scam Again… In Haiti

    Posted by mattusmaximus on February 7, 2010

    So it seems that the folks living in Haiti have had quite a bad streak of luck lately. First, they get hammered with a devastating earthquake which kills thousands and leaves millions homeless, and in the process their government – for all practical purposes – collapses & is virtually non-existent to deal with the crisis that follows. After that, Uber-Asshole Pat Robertson heaps scorn upon them for their cultural heritage, and now this… the Church of Scientology has arrived to “save” the Haitians.
    As this article from states…
    Scientologists Profiteering in Haiti - Scientology - Gawker

    Our Scientology sources tell us there’s an interesting reason that some members of the church are swarming into Haiti. And it’s even more appalling than you might have thought — tragedy profiteering.

    John Travolta arranged for one plane of supplies to get to Port-au-Prince, and personally flew another Boeing 707 there himself. Those planes contained much needed food and equipment and genuine doctors. But they also contained volunteer ministers, ready to spread the word of Scientology.

    Many Scientologists, says one of our sources, a longtime veteran of the church, “genuinely think that only they can help in an emergency.” They are misguided, but well-intentioned. But there are others who “are just total buzzards.” Those, he says, are engaging in a vain attempt to profit from the tragedy — a tale corroborated by another former church member. This email is doing the rounds:

    By ‘help’, they mean money. And if those seminars result in confused and vulnerable Haitians signing up for any further courses in Scientology — unlikely as that seems, given the poverty in that country — these Global Pioneers get a 12 per cent cut of their future course fees. Our source says that over 100 plan to go to Port-au-Prince, and that he gets email and Facebook spam all day from ‘Pioneers’ seeking donations.

    UPDATE: It seems, according to a tipster, that this email had done the rounds before the earthquake as well, apparently, as after. As such it’s not the smoking gun we first thought. But this may be. It’s a press release from the Global Pioneers, sent by the same man who sent the above missive — a Cary Goulston — outlining their achievements in Haiti since the earthquake:

    I’m all for people helping out the Haitians in their hour of need, but from these documents I get the eerie sense that the Scientologists are looking to use this tragedy as a way of 1) raising money for non-relief efforts, and 2) spreading their twisted ideology. One reason I say this is the constant reference in the above documents to VMs – also known as “volunteer ministers”. The VMs are the folks who will be spreading the Scientology doctrine among the vulnerable population in Haiti.

    My advice: people of Haiti, beware. Fortunately, there is a silver lining, because it seems that Anonymous is on the case.

    Scientologists Run Their Scam Again… In Haiti The Skeptical Teacher
  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    John Travolta: Haiti Scientology Mission

    by Jordan Yerman | January 26, 2010 at 07:38 am
    1097 views | 72 Recommendations | 12 comments

    this smacks of opportunism: carving out another territory for Scientology using the dubious opportunity presented by a huge disaster. (It's called "Casualty Contact", and the NYPD was having none of it after 9/11)
    Haiti Earthquake - MSF | Photo 28
    Haiti Earthquake - MSF | Photo 28

    see larger image

    The only problem is that Haiti needs as many doctors as possible, and let's face it: Scientologist healers are not doctors.

    Operation AnonyNEWS - Haiti Special VIDEO!

    John Travolta: Haiti Scientology Mission | NowPublic News Coverage
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    reposting of the Gawker
    Anonymous Pledge to Fight Scientologist Efforts in Haiti [Declarations]
    via Gawker by Ravi Somaiya on 2/5/10

    Anonymous, the internet-based group that has waged sporadic wars on Scientology over the last two years, has released a new letter. Prompted, apparently, by the fawning Today Show piece on Scilons in Haiti they intend to act.

    Real Think Tank: Anonymous Pledge to Fight Scientologist Efforts in Haiti [Declarations]
  24. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Poons sent over the weekend to several politicos that represent me in my area as well as to the Haitian Embassy in the US and to (seperately) Bill and Hillary. The poons stated my concern about the scientologists acquiring children, perhaps up to 50, and the possibility that some have already been taken out of the country. I have urged a thorough investigation into this because of the proliferation of posts claiming to have these children. I have also requested an investigation of Susan Robillard and her "charity" via the FTC.

    Additional poons would be good. Using these facebook posts word for word (with links back to the original post) are the best way to handle it. Let their own words come back to bite them. That usually happens anyway.
  25. Triumph Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    post #76 They secured a land, closed to the airport strip, the size of a football field where a new school/orfanage is going to stand. The land is enclosed by a wall that only suffered minor damage from the quake and is already been rebuilt as I write. Machates are at work to clear the filed and big tents that an earlier relief team has left to us are going up to accomodate up to 1000 orphans.

    thats 1000 orphans X $30,000 dollars=$30,000,000 thats some serious human trafficking

    I have done my share of writing e-mails
    it is the right thing to do.
    I intend to do more.
  26. Optimisticate Member

  27. Triumph Member

  28. Triumph Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    applied-scholastics-sponsors-4-Haitian-children this link relate to here as well
    slowly the story is getting out..but its from Scilon press releases..I guess no one in the media pays attention to those...Pat Harney made the statement in a press release as well

    Their father (Claude Reginald Jean)will soon go back to Haiti where he plans to continue the relief effort and to build an orphanage and school for many displaced and orphaned children.

    the orphanage is on his walled compound by the airport
    and the school the school that was never built...that the collected donations for
    we know from a couple of Barbara Schnider posts they they are asking people to send donations to

    2710 GULF TO BAY RD
    CLEARWATER, FL 33759
    Phone: (727)608-2080

    c/c in the name of Youth for Human Rights of Tampa Bay (this thread post #96)

    Barbara Santos - overrall I/C for the coordination of the groups - (that these groups are involved in it)
    ... See MoreClearwater Academy International - Laurie Miller - (academic support)
    Doria Kinzel, International Youth Theatre, Linda Dra Human Right for orphans Adoption, Ettore Botter (italian Civil Protection), Luciana e Donato (Italian OT committee CW), Antonella OSA Tampa.(this thread post #64)

    Clearwater Accademy and Delphi school are equipped to receive your donations or here are the data if you wish to make a donation;

    Youth for Human Rights of Tampa Bay
    (and post #59 as well )

    it pretty clear up to this point whats going on..when the media catches wind of it that they will put some lipstick on it..
  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    don't forget these two little gold nuggets

    Barbara Schneider
    No Kevin, I stayed back as a support for them (funding coodination, media, com.lines....
    January 22 at 1:49pm

    Barbara Schneider
    Luciana and I are left behind to keep the lines organized and to be a terminal for them. Roby and I have financed the expedition.
    January 23 at 10:22 am

    and this on page 7
  30. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    twitter post fresh from twitsville
    first time i have picked up or even touched my cameras since returning from Haiti.
    8:21 AM Feb 6th from web
    Brad Kugler

    Brad was the photographer of all of the orphan pictures and associated with Cary Goulston on his Global Peckerhead projects
    Twitter / Brad Kugler: first time i have picked u ...
  31. OTBT Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Triumph, thanks for bringing my attention to this thread.

    Hopefully there is going to be a USCIS vs. scilon showdown soon.

    USCIS - How to Schedule an Appointment for an Orphan Screening at the U.S. Embassy in Port au Prince

  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    everything here ties together in some way from the first post to the last.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    taken off a public search on facebook
    Susan Robillard + post by everyone

    Login | Facebook

    Michael Graves I WORK IN HAITI ! Major 7.0 EARTHQUAKE IN HAITI MASSIVE DEVASTATION, DEATH!! OUR VM TENT WILL BE SET UP TOMORROW TO HELP VICTIMS(Our group help & does humanitarian work 4 our school) I don't know if our kids/friends are dead or alive!!! I need Your Help with any donations, kind words!!!!!!! We need more VM's to help in Haiti! I also need a friend with an airplane to fly in Large amounts of food?? Anyone?

    Michael Graves
    The above is a re-post from Susan Robillard. Her message continues:

    "I will be meeting with Cary tomorrow in Haiti to set up the VM Tent..etc..etc...We need more VM' Cary.. 727-488-7988..or while in Haiti contact..Here is what is needed: 1. SEND FOOD: CANNED GOODS ETC.. 2. PEOPLE TO GO THERE. 3. MEDICAL SUPPLIES 5. CLOTHES HAITI ... See ... See MoreMoreADDRESS Claude Reginald JEAN 2, Impasse Jean, route SOS, Santo 19, Croix des Bouquets, P-au-P, Haiti. HT-631...0 Cel....(509)37 36 42 42 / (509)34 19 60 94 VOIP.(305) Call me with any questions; 727 488 7988"
    January 13 at 12:48am

    Susan Robillard
    Thanks Michael...We really need more help, donations, VM's,
    January 13 at 2:33am
    also can be seen on this CNN Discussion board thread
    I am a humanitarian worker in Haiti!!! | Facebook

    (notice this in the message its Claude Reginald Jean
    See MoreMoreADDRESS Claude Reginald JEAN 2, Impasse Jean, route SOS, Santo 19, Croix des Bouquets, P-au-P, Haiti. HT-631...0 Cel....(509)37 36 42 42 / (509)34 19 60 94 VOIP.(305) Call me with any questions; 727 488 7988")
    January 13 at 12:48am

    Google this phone # 727 488 7988 it belongs to Cary Goulston
    read the story while your there

    UK Indymedia - Scientology Targets Haiti for Slave Labor

    become aware.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam


    Mariana Cuenca
    A big abrazo Elena y a los demas!
    What you are doing is beautiful, you're great value! You are an example!
    9 hours ago

    Cinzia Perchinunno
    I can imagine the wide eyes of blacks to the surprise of those children having reviewed !!!!!!!!!! I am with you even if not physically! Strong strong strong I draw you!
    4 hours ago

    Cristina Poletti Sciaroni
    It 'a wonderful thing you are doing. They are beautiful and you a great help! Thanks so much for your work! What can I do from here to help you and help them?
    2 hours ago

    Barbara Schneider
    Hello Cristina
    Yes you can help. You can sponsor the orphan who choose and act as his mother. It 'a bit like a sponsorship.
    About an hour ago

    Cristina Poletti Sciaroni
    ah know why 'I must not pass through the IAS?! if I do have the data where it goes dell'orfanatrofio Elena and I do like it would be fantastic! so every time we send the money. if I can involve other people! beautiful sky!
    About an hour ago

    Barbara Schneider
    We crossed to an agency that takes care of orphans for over '18 years of organizing this adoption at a distance. If you give me your e-mail address I send you details and we'll show the kids like 'sciegli yours.
    About an hour ago

    Cristina Poletti Sciaroni Thank you Barbara!
    About an hour ago

    Felicidad Serrano | Facebook

    Felicidad Serrano | Facebook
  35. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Anyone have any ideas who this "agency" is? Name is needed NAO.
  36. Triumph Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    several news stories out of Haiti
    the Haitian Government has put adoptions on hold

    US State Department Web Site :Intercountry Adoption
    "office of children's issues" United States Department of State


    US Citizenship and Immigration Services
    On Jan. 18, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano, in coordination with the U.S. Department of State (DOS), today announced a humanitarian parole policy allowing orphaned children from Haiti to enter the United States temporarily on an individual basis to ensure that they receive the care they need—as part of the U.S. government’s ongoing support of international recovery efforts after last week’s earthquake.

    Interview on the Situation in Haiti and the Adoption of Haitian Children

    Michele T. Bond
    Deputy Assistant Secretary for Overseas Citizens Services
    Washington, DC
    January 19, 2010

    Interview on the Situation in Haiti and the Adoption of Haitian Children

    several links like this one
    Haitian adoptions on hold
    Posted: Jan 20, 2010 10:02 PM CST Updated: Jan 21, 2010 7:30 AM CST
    Many parents in the United States are still awaiting news on the status of adopting children.

    In light of the disaster, even more have come forward in hopes of starting the adoption process to help.

    The Haitian government has put a hold on adoptions until the chaos has subsided and parents, family members and children have had a chance to reconnect.
    Haitian adoptions on hold - North Alabama News, Radar, Weather, Sports and Jobs-
  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    I am sure the CoS and their lawyers are carefully wording their statements

    I will put what was on their web site in my own words...their message is brief..

    start scilon propaganda

    for a couple weeks Volunteer Ministers gathering and arranging food and supplies for hundreds of children Haiti. The VM's continue to provide food and care for the children, while they claim professional Haitian orphanage administrators trying to find parents or other relatives of the children in their care.and they provided clothes coming through from Dominican Republic and organized by the a unit there.

    end of scilon propaganda
    Keep in Mind that there could be as many as 100,000 orphaned children it will take some time
    to do this. the Haitian Government wisely put the adoptions on hold.
    no more children are leaving Haiti at this time because of the magnitude of the crisis and the
    recent issue with the Baptist Group trying take children out of the country
    up to a third of the children the group tried to smuggle had family's and were not orphans..

    the Haitian President admitted children are being trafficked out of the country illegally.
    as well as having a problem with the trafficking of human organs.

    groups like the VM's have no formal agreement with the government regarding an orphanage.
    orphanages that were in the country and were licensed will come first.
    the head scilons got a hard-on when the figured out there is big money in trafficing orphans
  38. Triumph Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    WSJ Wall Street Journal

    The process, which a decade ago typically lasted six months, now takes three to five years.

    Haitian Magistrate to Question Missionaries -
    I have yet to find anything yet on the name in question below .
    there was this in a message posted here (Linda Dra "Human Right for orphans Adoption)"post #64 in a wall post by Barbara Schneider

    See MoreClearwater Academy International - Laurie Miller - (academic support)
    Doria Kinzel, International Youth Theatre, Linda Dra Human Right for orphans Adoption, Ettore Botter (italian Civil Protection), Luciana e Donato (Italian OT committee CW), Antonella OSA Tampa.
    January 30 at 10:33am
  39. Triumph Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    "Human Rights for orphans" sounds like a front group. the words "Human Rights" make it sound like a scilon front

    Help for Orphans, Sarah Ehrlich, sarahehrlich, International, non-profit organization. Assist orphans with food, shelter, clothing and educational needs is A Scientoligist

    or some of these names
    Board of Directors
    Sarah Ehrlich Founder/President
    Lissa Hilsee Executive Director
    David Ehrlich Treasurer

    Jill Zarin
    Helen Gifford
    Larry Roseman
    Peaches Pook
    MarySue Connolly
    Timothy Murphy

    Help For Orphans International
    the second is Definite Front Group for Scientology
    clambake link below has info.
    Operation Clambake Message Board :: View topic -

    they are asking for $$donations on the web site
    nothing concrete... but my first guess is they go through Scientoligists.
    they cant do it without the help of a licensed and registered agency
    my guess is they want in one both ends of the money
    orphanages and adoption agency's are almost always separate entities
  40. Triumph Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Non-profit entities with links to Scientology: 990 filings

    this link is incomplete and a little outdated but it has alot of Scientologys present and past Non-Profits Listed.. with a nice chart that shows that many were dropping off the Charity radar as things rolled into 2008 they dropped quite a bit...of dead weight,..looks like 1/2 didn't pan out and folded...
    you can always check a site like guidestar to check an organizations current charity status.
    this chart is helpful it lists a lot of its front groups.
    Non-profit entities with links to Scientology: 990 filings

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