Haiti charity scam

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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Barbara Schneider 10 new orphans arrived to Future Haiti today. They marched in like 10 little angels, holding hands in white shirts like they had just arrived in paradise. Things like that just make my day!!!!!!!!!
    Welcome home kids! Let's work on your future now!
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    Re: Haiti charity scam (CoS site)

    In that picture, they're unloading Shelter Boxes with the Rotarian symbol on the box and the woman with the black shirt.

    (Those Shelter Boxes are full of great stuff.)

    Cynical me wonders why they're unloading it right where the VMs have set up their yellow sales tent, rather than one of the large tent ground areas... Are the VMs going to hand them out, or are they mooching tents and supplies again?

    Look for tents like these showing in the VM photos to see if they've "borrowed" a few:

    VMs: "Refugees, they drop loot!"
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    ShelterBox sends tents and shelter supplies to Haiti
    Every ShelterBox is individually numbered and donors of $300) or more are advised of the identification number of their box. The final destination of boxes can then be tracked via our website ShelterBox: - Home

    should maybe keep an eye out for #numbers on the tents on the compound
    they are big time moochers and ass kissers they are old hat on the disaster sites
    they use every trick in the book

    sent out the flirty scifags "me love you long time"
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words

    Q:When does Scientology really Help anybody? In a Disaster?
    A: Never

    Yeah! Come on, come on, come on, come on
    Now touch me, baby
    Can't you see that I am not afraid?
    What was that promise that you made?
    Why won't you tell me what she said?
    What was that promise that you made?

    Licensed massage therapy: Good.
    Loving touch for babies: Essential.
    Scientology's healing touch: Worthless.
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Let me guess. CoS recognises this is not the moment to start exporting hundreds of spurious 'orphans' to the basement of Big Blue. It was the original plan but there are now too many telephoto lenses focussed on Haiti and the orphan scam has come to a temporary halt. But the Church wants them; oh yes, it wants them.

    So they are using the VMs to collect 'orphans' meanwhile in a holding compound or prison camp. They will keep them there for six months or until the eyes of the world are elsewhere.

    Meanwhile they are building up their credibility in any way they can that doesn't involve spending their own money - the VMs again.

    And in a few months hundreds of Haitian children will fly away into a beautiful sunset and will never be seen again. I hope I'm wrong but does anyone have a better explanation of what they are doing there?
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    that is a frighteningly accurate assessment, of what is happening in Haiti.

    I would think whats happening now, is they have to jump through some hoops with the government of Haiti especially since the focus the "Baptist ministers" brought to the forefront when they tried to smuggle a few kiddies on out of the country throught the "Haitian underground failroad"
    Haiti Had its problems with "Restaviks" child slavery,and human trafficking into the sex trade in the past. serious problems, much of the world turned a blind eye to that fact. its has made it necessary for governments to look into the various religious organizations springing up everywhere.rushing to mine the orphans.
    Haiti Had almost 300,000 orphans before the quake and it is estimated that another 100.000 to 150,000+ have become orphaned. there is no way to tell until someone from the government does some investigating there.

    the President of Haiti Did a interview with CNN and he said, that human trafficking of children was a serious problem there.and he also said there was black market trafficking in human organs

    the CoS had probably had the minister of health poking around their thing to keep in mind is some Govt officials in Haiti are Corrupts as hell,.and a blind eye will be turned away,for the right amount of money.
    the CoS knew how much money could be made running an orphanage thats part of the reason they are there,to Profiteer.and exploit the situation it was ripe for the picking in the country.
    its Clear that with Cary Goulston and other Cos Vultures including Claude Reginald Jean ..that was there plan from the beginning. to rush in and snatch up as many children as they could.
    it makes the greed of the 1840's gold rush to California... look like childs play.

    thanks to the Baptists ministers the eyes of the world are focused on the problem in Haiti
    so the CoS will have change it's plans and play nice.
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    It's been four weeks since the earthquake. Vigilance is a necessity at this point. I'm hoping those in this thread will continue doing what they've been doing in gathering info and hopefully sending a poon or two or fifteen. Watching and getting the word out needs to be continued. Thanks to those who have been doing so! Being a moralfag ain't always a bad thing :)
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    at some point..when the government there decides to lift the temporary ban on sending children out of the country adoptions will continue.
    it will generate a paper trail..they will have to follow laws..which is a joke because the Heads at CoS thinks its above the law.

    the curtain hasn't closed yet its just getting started on act two.
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Felicidad Serrano | Facebook

    translated from spanish.

    Felicidad Serrano wall post
    They are passing many good things in Haiti. Many changes are being carry out in these moments.

    The Voluntary Ministers of Cienciologia are in different and various projects, to be able to carry out the different tasks are divided into five groups. Each one of these groups of Voluntary Ministers working very hard giving the best of if same, to help their proximity. The motto of each one of the components of the Voluntary Ministers of Cienciologia is can be DONE SOMETHING ON THE MATTER.

    In the group in which is found Ernesto Barrientos they are being organized with the President of Health that this directly co the President of Haiti so that the Voluntary Ministers be its referring counselors to the reconstruction National.

    Another thing that occurred in I gave of yesterday, they had a meeting with the Leader of the Policeman and I arrive at the agreement that from today the Voluntary Ministers coached to 15 policeman in different exercises of comunicacion in concrete in trs and once coached to these 15 first policeman, is they took charge of coaching to a group of 150 policeman and asi so on.

    On the other hand this same group of Voluntary Ministers of Cienciologia this working in a school and refuge of 12000 people to which them they are being coached to give aids, to the town of Haiti is real the great benefit that experience upon receiving the aid delivered by it Ministers of Cienciologia. Of these 12000 people they are coached to 20 and asi these 20 people coached to 50 and asi so on.these people are delighted with all the information and aid that themselves them this delivering. A Mision wants to be opened since this project is to give him a future upon mistreating town of Haiti. The group in which is found Ernesto this responsible for these three projects and two but different projects.

    As it counts us Ernesto at the beginning 5 groups of Voluntary Ministers exist, each one of these groups this working each hour of the I gave of very hard way, to imagine you everything that they are doing.

    They need but Ministers and need materials in Frances, this presses, pamphlets of aids, the road to the happiness for the children, manuals that is Cienciologia to give reality to the authorities, Red Cross, etc.

    We are going to help so that the Voluntary Ministers can continue helping. All we are able and we should help the Voluntary Ministers in Haiti so that they in the first one lines in Haiti can continue doing what better they know to cause to help being delivered body and soul to so worthy and valuable work.

    Put you in communication with Mountain Happiness, to traves of facebook so that since your homes we help who they lost them.


    Felicidad Serrano

    they are pushing and proselytizing their crap to the police
    requesting shipments of books and pamphlets in French
    so they can stop pretending to helping , and the pushing the tech begins
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    from a public post on facebook
    google translation

    Felicidad Serrano: VMs de Cienciologia en Haiti. Notas de Ivan Arjona Pelado

    CAMPS IN PORT AU PRINCE: For several weeks the Volunteer Ministers of the Church of Scientology have been providing food and other supplies to hundreds of children in Port au Prince. Volunteer Ministers continue to feed and care for the children while the administrative staff of orphanages Haitians working to find their parents or other relatives. Last week more than a ton of food, water and medicine was given to three areas of child and installed new stores. A van full of school supplies including appropriate clothing for children from the Dominican Republic was organized by the Volunteer Ministers Unit working from there. Ivan Arjona Pelado.
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    now they are taking the bother to look and see if the children they rounded up have family's.
    such a silly formality..
    I guess they shouldn't offer Bicycles balloons and toys to the stray kid on the streets.

    By school supply's they men stuff they mooched from "Shelter in a BoX" charity
    thats the picture in this thread where they are unloading supply's from a pickup in green boxes.. once again they are mooching supply's and claiming them for their own..

    the only orphanage they supplied with diapers and formula was their don't believe Mr Travolta cult PR BS.
    all that talking to the press about delivering stuff to orphanages was a bunch of hogwash to dumb down the masses. it all went to their "Project Haiti Kiddie Day Care Gulag"
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    Re: Haiti charity scam


    the Bike Balloon and toys reference
    Notice the UN Rations "mooching again"and looking to mooch some more
    the moochieness of the VM's is legendary

    they already mooched school supply's off of the "Shelter in a Box" Charity
    see pictures

    I think they may have around 200 kids holed up in the compound
    with plans for 1000 kids in the future

    thats 1000 restaviks to be sold into adoption and the proceeds used to buy the COB a New Summer Villa
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Scientologists in Haitian Disaster Relief – Some Questions (great article questioning what VM's are doing in Haiti)

    Aid Projects, People Systems, Society — by Craig Mackintosh February 1, 2010

    These are all points that permaculturists might wish to consider. In Haiti for example, there is and will be for a very long time, a major problem with mental health/trauma due to the shocking nature of the tragedy that has befallen them – see here, here and here for more on this – and on-going depression as many people fail to come to terms with life without legs, arms, homes, family members, means of sustenance and much more. Scientologists are using ‘touch assists‘ and possibly other assists in Haiti right now and are also training surviving Haitians to do so as well. Scientologists believe these methods to be very effective. (I’ve never experienced such ‘assists’, so can’t comment.) Permaculturists may thus wish to consider the relative merits of these methods compared with those that could be getting applied more widely in Haiti if other agencies were there instead of Scientologists. And, as surviving Haitians are being taught these methods, permaculturists should consider the relative merits of people being given such training as opposed to other types of training they could be receiving instead.

    The lines are worked out to get personnel in these planes through the security lines, etc and on site where it will count… They have the lines greased to get through to Haiti – all you need is a passport and malaria pills, and personal items. This is the best way to go in you will be with a strong, experienced disaster team who knows how to use the lines to get equipment and get things done in a chaotic situation, and are very careful of their safety, etc…. and the church has planes and lines strung to get them in fast…. I can get funding for plane tickets and even get you clearance from Homeland Security…. I’m serious, I’ll do that for you. - Cory Brennan, Scientologist

    Scientologists in Haitian Disaster Relief – Some Questions | Permaculture Research Institute of Australia
    Clearance from Homland Security...the GWHRC at work.
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Permaculture Relief Corps Forming For Haiti Earthquake Response?
    Aid Projects, Community Projects — by Evan Schoepke January 14, 2010

    Cory Brennans Scientoligist comments on an Article found here

    I am teaching a PDC in Little Haiti, Miami and as you can imagine, this community is impacted by what has occurred and is reaching out. We are working on raising funds to send permaculturists to Haiti or fund permaculturists already on the ground who can implement the steps outlined above to help with the disaster. Water is definitely a severe situation in the capital and elsewhere.

    What we need to raise funds are names of people who are willing to go there, how much they would need in funds and what they will be doing, when they might go, etc.

    I have a friend who has developed “kenaf-crete” similar to hempcrete. Kenaf is a sort of pioneer plant in Haiti, growing very easily and naturally there and also provides fodder for animals, food for people, fiber and the other good things that hemp provides.

    Please contact me if you would like to go to Haiti to help the relief efforts with the above information and we will see what we can do.


    Comment by Cory Brennan — January 15, 2010 @ 1:55 am

    Permaculture Relief Corps Forming For Haiti Earthquake Response? | Permaculture Research Institute of Australia

    “kenaf-crete” is most commonly used as a Carpet Backing
    the friend he is referring to is Cary Goulston

    Let them eat “kenaf-
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    More Ranting by Cory Brennan

    We are in negotiations to establish partnerships with two non-profits already working in Haiti and will post those links on our site soon. As Darren said, Haiti has numerous problems which revolve around soil loss and it will take some thoughtful observation to rebuild in a truly sustainable manner. Several permaculturists have volunteered to travel to Haiti and we are currently strategizing the best approach, getting info from on the ground there, and working out when and where to send volunteers to the area. There are safety issues that must be addressed as well as logistics.

    Anyone have ideas about how the materials from destroyed buildings could be used to create new structures that are much more earthquake proof?

    On water, one of the organizations we’re working with plants trees there and we are exploring possible use of moringa, the seeds of which make good water filters. (That’s long term) Moringa also holds soil, survives drought, and is highly nutritious food. Anybody have experience with moringa in Haiti? Short term, we’re awaiting word of available resources and the situation.

    We’re interested in any and all feedback on possible solutions for the area, especially from people who have been there and observed the conditions first hand (not necessarily earthquake, but in general – we are focused on both short and long term handlings).

    Comment by Cory Brennan — January 16, 2010 @ 5:26 am
    Angela and others,

    It appears I am taking on the “central hub” hat being in Little Haiti, Miami right now and working with a number of organizations that are doing fund raising, etc. We’ve continued to gather information about what is happening on the ground. I could definitely use some help in organizing the effort as I’m teaching a course here right now and doing a number of other actions to bring permaculture to Miami and setting up courses in other areas.

    A number of people have written to me to volunteer – is there someone willing to take on the hat of staying in communicaiton and coordinating these guys? We’re getting feedback from Haiti on what things are like there and where efforts would be most useful. There is not much phone or internet access in quite a few places. We’ll have a much better idea of what would be most effective in a few days. The rebuild efforts will seriously start weeks from now, but there is triage that can be done, like the plastic bottle bacteria killer. The Red Cross and other organizations specialize in that type of triage. I’d be very interested in getting supplies of seeds of key plants down there as parts of the countryside are being farmed and relatively ok, per one report we’ve gotten. One point for me is that attention is on Haiti right now and lots of funding pouring in and we could fund some really viable longer term solutions if we tap into that now.

    Comment by Cory Brennan — January 17, 2010 @ 11:53 am

    Permaculture Relief Corps Forming For Haiti Earthquake Response? | Permaculture Research Institute of Australia

    See some cult recruiting in this one... why don't they ever say its for Scientology?
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Notice the constant refrain, "Raising funds, raising funds", throughout the $cilon messages. Unlike other churches, not once to you see "The Church of Scientology donated $xxx,xxxx.00 to Haiti relief."

    All they've done is dump a bunch of VMs on the ground and left them to their own devices to support themselves and the victims they're supposed to be helping. Oh, and release PR blurbs about distributing supplies they imply they supplied, but were actually brought in by others.

    Who the hell let these people in?

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    Re: Haiti charity scam


    More By Cory Brennan

    I am so glad this discussion has begun. This is an opportunity to bring permaculture into mainstream awareness and to put all that we have learned collectively to work to help people in such a dire situation.

    For sure Haiti would benefit from a collaborated effort of permaculturists worldwide focused on sustainable solutions to the mulitiple problems and challenges the country faces. Coordination of groups, individuals, supplies and money will be important, but so will getting the US administration on board with supporting Permaculture based solutions to probelms. For example, I’m sure something like sandbags for use in building “perma yurts” could be supplied by governments, as well as supplies for composting toilets, solar ovens, etc.

    It would be great if large organizations like Oxfam, Care, etc. were willing to work WITH permaculturists in terms of creative solutions to huge probelms. In particular I think Americore youth would be very willing to work with permaculturists and that is a US funded program.

    I visited a number of permaculture websites and there isn’t mention of Haiti on most of them, with the exception of PRI Aus. I am planning to connect with goups I know of and send them the link to your site. I think pooling our resources (and minds) will be most beneficial. I am not in a postiion of go to Haiti physically, but am willing and wanting to help in other ways, such as fundraising and liason work with groups I know of.

    My heart goes out to the people of Haiti and all of the families worldwide who lost loved ones.

    Comment by Elizabeth Frank — January 19, 2010 @ 8:15 am

    hi corey,
    i saw on the website, michael reynolds and co. are heading to haiti and are looking for help with land and logistics and all other things. earthships would have to be a great design for this enviroment and has proven itself popular at other disaster sites. plenty for the locals to do and easy to imitate.
    hope you could help.

    Comment by david mattinson — January 19, 2010 @ 8:34 am

    Hi all, I am an active campaigner for permaculture, using root principles of Law as a very potent empowerment for a Global Permaculture rEvolution…. while this may not be directly applicable in the situation in Haitii, I can offer the resources of my web site at EcoTort for anyone concerned with getting governments to provide appropriate resources for the longer term.

    Very Best wishes to everyone involved in this project

    Comment by NIck St Clare — January 19, 2010 @ 2:37 pm

    This is to respond to the concerns of Robyn Francis and others about going in to help in a disaster setting. I did Robyn’s Sustainable Aid course at Quail Springs last summer.

    I totally agree that it is a waste of time and possibly dangerous to go to Haiti right now unless you are working with a very established disaster handling team. I’m putting together the elements that will make a volunteer effort of permaculturists useful and successful both now and for the future, with that full understanding in mind.

    I am working with a group of volunteer ministers who are extremely experienced in handling disasters all over the world and work directly with Red Cross and other major agencies. They have dozens of people on the ground already and are sending a plane of 100 more in a few days. They are well grooved in, they are “first responders”, and have been in Pakistan, SE Asia (Tsunami), New Orleans (they were one of the first response teams in, when the unrest was happening and had full access), 9-11 (full access), etc, etc.

    The teams can go in as Permaculture Relief Corp in liaison with this group and get food, security, etc, from them. We are focusing on sending in experts with key skill sets and some who already have disaster experience. I have disaster experience and well understand the risks and what it is like on the ground. We are currently working to get 3 sanitation experts in via the ministers groups and they will have food, etc, via that group and can get to work right away. One expert may fly in on a cargo plane that will carry 100 volunteers so will be in the center of things with established lines. We also need water specialists and water filtration immediately. Water is the #1 issue right now. Sanitation is the second. Volunteers will have access to expert trauma counselors as well, and they will be linked to a very good network of connection with other church groups, NGO’s, Red Cross, gov’t agencies, UN security personnel, etc.

    Permaculturists can set up systems that will be a lot more sustainable, even in disaster settings. Seeds can be planted – there is planning happening behind the scenes now which will influence the future for months or years (refuge camps vs keeping people in the city, etc). Permaculturists can give basic training the volunteer ministers and other rescue workers in how to build these, and give them the principles of permaculture which will then be spread worldwide in disasters. This group has already requested help from permaculturists in other situations like SE Asia where they still are working to do long term rebuilding. I gave the organizer in Los Angeles a 10 minute briefing on permaculture and she instantly got it – she instantly saw how it would be beneficial to start implementing long term sustainable solutions now rather than later, and to hat the people of Haiti on compost toilets, reusing water, etc. These guys move fast and they stay for rebuilding.

    We are keeping a database of volunteers who want to come later, for long term rebuilding, and are already in discussion about doing PDCs there for real long term development. We are not encouraging people with little experience or skill sets that don’t directly relate to what is needed to go there right now, but to wait until their efforts will be more meaningful.

    In disaster you have an abundance of chaos which can be turned into an abundance of order – out of great chaos comes NEW order – it is one of the major leverage points in a system because you don’t have to unstick entrenched systems – people are more open to new solutions and there is massive funding aimed at Haiti right now. That is a massive influx of energy into the systems which we should be using to put permanent systems there. There are many opportunities in a disaster that don’t exist otherwise. The problem is the solution, right?


    Comment by Cory Brennan — January 20, 2010 @ 5:49 am

    Permaculture Relief Corps Forming For Haiti Earthquake Response? | Permaculture Research Institute of Australia
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Frickin Cult recruiters.

    pdate on Haiti: There are two chartered planes going out of LA on Thurs and NYC on Saturday (exact times are not known yet). There is a medical tent going up on site and we are working on getting people who can build compost toilets on site so we can get sanitation in immediately when we set up the hospital. These guys are fast responders and are ahead of the curve of organizations that are still working out logistics to get equipment in, etc. The lines are worked out to get personnel in these planes through the security lines, etc and on site where it will count.

    They need medical personnel (RNs, emergency techs, MDs, etc) and water and sanitation experts. They have the lines greased to get through to Haiti – all you need is a passport and malaria pills, and personal items. This is the best way to go in – you will be with a strong, experienced disaster team who knows how to use the lines to get equipment and get things done in a chaotic situation, and are very careful of their safety, etc. If you have medical training and are a permaculturist, you will be very valuable from a number of angles down there right now. Write me at if you are interested. People who can just do physical work at someone else’s instructions are needed too, but it is highly recommended you have disaster experience or 2/3 world experience or both because it is quite a culture shock if you haven’t. It is a very rough situation right now and will be for some time and you will need to be emotionally prepared to deal with it. But you will be going in with a strong group of veteran disaster handlers who know how to pace themselves, help each other, and relieve trauma, and who “get” the importance of permaculture solutions and are excited to have us help.

    Comment by Cory Brennan — January 20, 2010 @ 10:01 am
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  20. Re: Haiti charity scam

    $cilon Tits

  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    The Scilon above is in need of some billion year implants. without a bra those look like they hang down to her knees.

    taken from facebook public wall post of Cory Brennan

    Cory Brennan Still looking for volunteers for Haiti, lots of really heartwarming things happening as people come together to help - a plane leaves from Miami next week - if interested, let me know. Medical personnel, water, and sanitation are priorities. We are focused on installing sustainable systems.,
    January 28 at 5:15pm

    Cory Brennan | Facebook

    flippin Scilon recruiters!
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  23. Triumph Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    you may need to click on the link once you get there. to view the blog post

    Scientologists in Haitian Disaster Relief – Some Questions

    some interesting things in the comments and the article..and the comments section

    the article was written in response to Cory Brennans posts seem she has for some time especially since the disaster in Haiti She has been pushing Scientologys Haiti agenda heavily and people there were questioning and discussing weather it is ethical to involve themselves with Cory Brennans heavy handed agenda.

    it was all of Corys post on the second address that brought up red flags about Cory Brennan Agenda.

    if you read the comments on the second address you will notice she is doing a hard sell, plenty of falsehoods in her really boils down to .recruitment...
    stinks like profiteering to me..

    one the first page they bring up fair game...and some of Scientology track record during disasters

    Scientologists in Haitian Disaster Relief – Some Questions | Permaculture Research Institute of Australia

    you can read Cory Brennans doing the hard sell on Her Cult agenda here.

    Permaculture Relief Corps Forming For Haiti Earthquake Response? | Permaculture Research Institute of Australia

    thanks for the read anon ..a interesting look inside the ugly side of Vulture ministers.and their agenda.

    Ill share one post from the second page here when a guy figures out Cory is a VM

    “Volunteer ministers”? I remember them at 9/11, using that tragedy to try to play on vulnerable people to get them to join Scientology. If Scientology’s involved I won’t fundraise or support this even though Haiti needs someone to do it. Haitians have enough problems without a predatory cult.

    Comment by Cindy5463 — January 21, 2010 @ 9:33 pm

    Scientology? No thanks. Count me out.

    Comment by Kxxxx Rxxxxxx — January 21, 2010 @ 9:34 pm

    you will have to click on the header to read the article when you get to the link page. for what ever reason it doesn't come up with the link here.
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Slow down, we don't know that yet. I asked people to keep a lookout for the tents in the VM pictures because that would be a provable [STRIKE]theft[/STRIKE] diversion of relief supplies. The "school supplies" could be from their Applied Scholastics stockpiles. (Hopefully they have some in French, if not Creole.)

    As much as I think that the VMs will do their standard mooch tactics (they are the most important people on the planet, so it's okay if they take supplies for refugees, narf!), keep in mind that Davey seems willing to expend significant resources for this one to buy good external and internal PR. For the price of one of those useless Idle Orgs, they could buy far more good PR right when they need it most.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    seems they are finding Scientology sponsors for the Haitian Orphans
    according the the facebook page of Barbara Schneider

    wonder what cut the COB gets?.

    Barbara Schneider | Facebook
  26. Triumph Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Operation AnonyNEWS - Haiti Special
    watched the video @2:51 into the video its Claude Reginald Jean in his VM shirt

    also noticed the label "Caldolor" they manufactures "ibuprofen" the one box in the close up
    its a mild pain killer..
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    a couple older posts taken off a facebook search
    just to let you see how they all roll..

    Antoinette Losito-Thomas please spread the word that clothing items, shoes, socks, blankets towles etc, etc, can be donated and brought to the victims in Haiti. Contact info is Cary Goulston 727 488 7988, or message me on here for info on where you can drop it off. ;)
    January 15 at 11:14am

    Raoul Widman Volunteer Ministers Haiti just had a 7.5 earthquake. They need food and clothing and many VMs to help aid this devastated Country. Call Cary Goulston at 727-488-7988 to make donations or to arrange going to Haiti with him. He will be up all night to receive your calls.
    January 13 at 12:57am
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    another older posts taken off a facebook search
    just to let you see how they all roll..

    Cathrine Ann just sent cash to Haiti...they need some help...if you can, please help. I sent to Susan Robillard through PayPal.
    January 12 at 8:36pm · View Feedback (3)Hide Feedback (3)
    Cathrine Ann
    Cathrine Ann
    Glad to help, Susan. I am in shock watching what happened on TV in horrible....
    January 13 at 2:12am
    Cathrine Ann
    Cathrine Ann
    Oh, my God...take care of thoughts are so very much with you. I care very much...
    January 13 at 2:32am
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    Re: Haiti charity scam


    Today at 9:55pm
    This is to let you know that we are moving the orphanage form the camp made out of tents to a 2 story brick building!!!!!!!!!
    The raining season is not going to catch us wet!!!!!!!
    We will have the kids dry and off the dumps!!!!!!!!!!!

    All this while we keep them in school which is actually the only school that is open for business!

    Our kids ARE getting an education NO MATTER WHAT!

    Love, just love to be able to bring you those kind of news.

    Sleep tight!

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    we have orphans on the move...
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    same message translated from Italian

    ALWAYS A STEP AHEAD !!!!!!!!
    Today at 10:01 pm
    The orphanage FUTURE HAITI shifts from tents to a building of bricks!
    The rainy season there sorpredera 'wet and miserable ........ our children will be dry, away from the mud and disease !!!!!!!

    And all that 'while our children are attending school, the only open throughout HAITI !!!!!!!

    I love, no I am mad with joy the news as well as speaking on behalf of '!

    Sleep sleep,


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    with a little different spin
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    another older posts taken off a facebook search
    just to let you see how they all roll..

    Laura Eberhard
    HAITI ADDRESS Claude Reginald JEAN 2...address- Impasse Jean, route SOS, Santo 19, Croix des Bouquets, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Cell....(509)37 36 42 42 / (509)34 19 60 94 CALL WITH ANY QUESTION TO REGINALD TO HELP, HE IS IN HAITI.
    January 13 at 11:57am
    Laura Eberhard
    Susan Robillard: Do you want to come? You need to contact Cary Glouston at 727-488-7988, he is organizing all the VM's from florida, (he is in charge and under VM International)There are VM's leaving today from florida with the tent, air plane of food for Haiti. Call him now!! I have no idea how you will get a flight back.
    January 13 at 11:58am
    because Cary's in charge damn it! how much do you think they bankroll personally where the accountability?your just supposed to hand over your money and trust these people to do what they will say? thats just naive and stupid!
  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Taken from a public facebook wall posting
    because this is how they roll

    Mariah Ball Up-Date on Haiti Disaster Response:
    Saturday 16 Jan. saw our first wave of 136 Volunteers arrive, followed Sunday 17 Jan. by another 61 Volunteers. We are now there and operational! We are working on getting another group over there in a few days... but we need more help. I am looking for people who can go to Haiti for... a month or longer, and I'm looking for donations to
    sponsor Volunteers who have the time but not the resources to fund
    their trip. Please call me 435-695-4011 or email me if you or someone you know would like to help.

    Mariah Ball This is the latest up-date I have from Haiti:
    Volunteers are URGENTLY needed in Haiti. The 7.0 earthquake that hit on
    Tuesday has left more than 50,000 dead and millions homeless. They
    desperately need our help. Charities, churches and governments have
    shipped vital supplies to t...he airport in Port-au-Prince
    but these are piling up there, not making it to the people who need
    them, for lack of needed help and organizational skill. They need
    Volunteers who have the ability to BRING ORDER, ORGANIZE and MAKE
    THINGS GO RIGHT. Literally every person on the island has suffered
    severe loss from this disaster.They need first aid and assistance in
    putting their lives back together. The lives of an entire nation are at

    Mariah Ball Here is the most up-to-date info we have from our poeple on the round in Haiti:
    "I am helping run the relief efforts into Haiti along with Volunteer Minister Int'al. I have been opening groups in Haiti for almost 2 years.
    Currently, the scene is no communication lines into Port Au Prince
    with my groups but I do have com...munication lines with the north, Cap
    Haitian. In short, though there is so much data to tell you, we are
    trying to get planes, VMs, and Doctors into Port Au Prince to set up a
    field hospital and get the VMs going. Its incredible the response and
    support for Haiti. The bug is getting them to land and set and operate
    SAFELY. I do not want anyone going in there who will be in harms way.
    Therefore, we are working with the Governments of Haiti, Dominican Republic
    and the US to get our teams military support and back up so we can be
    productive without any potential threats. We are close to
    accomplishing that. We will have info very very soon. Please muster
    any and all ...

    Mariah Ball I am working to get people into Haiti to get help to those injured. I need volunteers who can go and be there for a month, and I need funds with which to send them and get and keep them productive. I have 75 medical personel waiting to deploy. Please call me at 435-695-4011 or email me at if you are willing to help. Thank you.

    Mariah Ball Anyone wanting to help with Haiti Earthquake Disaster Response please contact me. Looking for $$ Donations and Volunteers to go help. 435-695-4011. We need as many poeple as possible as quickly as possible. If you can't leave your job and family for a month or more then please donate and sponsor someone who can. Minutes are lives at this point.
    January 13 at 2:31pm · View Feedback (1)Hide Feedback (1)
    Mariah Ball
    Mariah Ball
    The estimate is that $1,000.00 will get a volunteer worker there and keep them there for a month. Donations in any amount will help. And like I said, if you have the time but not the $1,000.00 let me know so we can match the money of those who can't go with the time of those who can.

    Mariah Ball | Facebook

    BTW- Cary Goulston is also one of Scientology's "Facebook Police". He has a list of scientologists, and he checks to see if they are friends with anyone on scientology's hit-list. If they are, he sends them a friendly message, couched in slimy passive-aggressive threats, of course.
  33. TorontosRoot Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    We must expose them, oh and do report the e-mail address being used for fraud.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    a paragraph taken from an article well curculated and written in 2008
    Scientology Cult Targets Haiti for slave Labor

    the introduction is given by Cary Goulston Cary is one of the VM's now in charge in Haiti
    shortly after the earthquake Reginald Claude Jean had his family evacuated to Florida on a return flight with John Travolta
    Claude Jeans 4 Children were given full scholarships to Clearwater Academy (Scientology School) immediately upon their arrival
    it is clearly a reward to Claude Reginald Jean for his help in donating property for the CoS orphanage

    this announcement was in 2008

    I would like to introduce and welcome an incredible Power House Pioneer and thetan, Mr. Claude Reginal Jean. He is a key member of Global Pioneers for Haiti. Reginald is the reason Haiti is such a success. Thanks to Reggie, and despite 80% of the country out of work, and no electricity most of the day, and no food, and many other barriers, through his work, and help, we have introduced over 5,000 people to Dianetics, gotten over 500 people started on Self Analysis and Dianetics Extension Courses and started over 40 new Co-audit groups since Nov. 2008. Reginald Jean is a true pioneer, and a very on purpose dedicated Scientologist. Please give a big round of applause to our friend and leader in Haiti.

    its all about recruitment and profiteering
  35. Triumph Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Be Positive Campaign
    here is a Cache of the page with the Susan Robillard Info that was removed

    this is the deleted text

    Friday, January 22, 2010
    Pray For Haiti Wristbands by the "Be Positive Campaign"
    Purchase your 'Red/Blue' "Pray For Haiti" Wristbands only $2.00 each and help the "Be Positive Campaign" raise money for Haiti and the victims of the earthquake! ALL funds would be donated to "Yele" and to the Volunteer Ministers to Help Susan Robillard in Haiti to give a future for elementary school kids! 100% of all funds will be donated!


    Be Positive Campaign: When we think positive, we do positive things.: January 2010

    you can delete things to try and cover up your misdeeds "Susan Robillard" but there will always be an electronic record.
  36. Triumph Member

  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    taken from a public wall post on facebook

    this was shortly after the Earthquake another refrence to Claude Reginald Jean
    as the Scilon inside man in Haiti and his association to Cary Goulston.

    Vanessa Moore Cary Goulston HAITI EARTHQUAKE: The Scientology Volunteer Ministers are going to Haiti to help. Here is what is needed: 1. SEND FOOD: CANNED GOODS ETC.. 2. PEOPLE TO GO THERE. 3. MEDICAL SUPPLIES5. CLOTHES HAITI ADDRESS Claude Reginald JEAN 2, Impasse Jean, route SOS, Santo 19, Croix des Bouquets, P-au-P, Haiti. HT-631...0 Cel....(509)37 36 42 42 / (509)34 19 60 94 VOIP.(305) Call me with any questions; 727 488 7988
    See More
    January 12 at 8:00pm · View Feedback (2)Hide Feedback (2)
    Vanessa Moore
    Vanessa Moore
    Cary is on my friends list. Please friend request and get involved. This is urgent!
    January 12 at 8:02pm
    Vanessa Moore
    Vanessa Moore
    I'm asking around.
    January 12 at 9:07pm

    Felicidad Serrano | Facebook
  38. Re: Haiti charity scam

    It is freaking amazing how these losers just cannot get a job and not try to take advantage of a serious situation. They are technically "robbbing" Haiti. Things like that just really make me immensely angry!
  39. Re: Haiti charity scam

    I find it extremely funny how this whore thinks she is a freaking God. Lul. I think to be a god you should have at least a good figure. I mean come on. That is the ugliest thing I have seen next to that picture of Britney Spears on stage with her belly hanging out. Someone please make a poster with this picture with subtitles saying "Her tits represent Scientology. Disgusting.". Lul.
  40. Re: Haiti charity scam

    Just threw this together in GIMP. Didn't feel like using Photoshop.

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