Haiti charity scam

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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Cary Goulston, Clearwater resident and founder of Global Scamoligists Pioneers, a bunch of thugs that has been cultifying Haiti since before the earthquake, was among the first to enter through a back door to respond. He and his staff plotted and schemed the chartered flights for the Vulture Ministers, and he was on the ground himself with the first flight. His gang of thugs has been dedicatedly raising money and TWTH books for Haiti. “From the moment the quake hit, I was flat out getting mo money fo Haiti,” Goulston said.

    Tampa Bay Inflamer

    trying to drum up some good press for Scary Cary Goulstongue


    Cary is the Giddy one seeking into Haiti
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Barbara Schneider AKA Barb Santos

    Florida Groups Unite To Build Orphange & School In Haiti
    is starting to spread her orphanage charity BS
    I'll spare you the propaganda here..

    the orphanage is Claude Regianld Jean's former bussiness
    and the School is Susan Robillard's ahem...former cough school

    Scientology Exploiting one Tragedy at a Time

    Humanitarian groups or businesses that would like to join the cause or individual people who would like to help by donating money, food, medical or educational supplies can do so by contacting the Project Coordinator or any of the group leaders listed below.

    Project Coordinator Barbara Santos at 727-643-3975 or at

    Florida Groups Unite To Build Orphange & School In Haiti | u want it? i blog it.
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Barbara Schneider AKA Barb Santos
    the Scilons are starting to send out PR crap to all their standard crappy PR outlets about the orphanage.
    same thing as the link above. same crap

    people all over the net ask the same question...what could they possibly want in Haiti? they have no money?..

    Well Haiti does have something, one of its only resources ("Children""Orphans""Restaveks")
    Scilons expect to exploit that resource. it was their intention before the earthquake.they used the natural disaster to get around the laws. there is potentially millions of dollars to them its all about the $$$
    and they believe and they want the world to buy into it that Scilons are there on a "goodwill mission" to save the children it will help their damaged public image,when in fact it is purely about profiteering.

    At least two thirds of our miseries spring from human stupidity, human malice and those great motivators and justifiers of malice and stupidity, idealism, dogmatism and proselytizing zeal on behalf of religious or political idols. Aldous Huxley:

    Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.
    Blaise Pascal

    or the same press release in Spanish

    all that crap about delivering formula and diapers and water purification was for this purpose.
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Got Restaveks? you betcha!
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    the Last little Bit of Tommy "Hate Crimes"Davis's Stats

    "Volunteer Ministers delivered several tons of food, water and medical supplies to three orphanages destroyed in the earthquake and procured and erected tents for the children to live in."

    that was the plan from the start to rescue Claude Reginald Jean's Resteveks and start a gulag Orphanage of their own.

    There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.
    Henry David Thoreau

    Scientology Responds to Haiti Volunteer Ministers Story - Catholic Online
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    think there was some kind of back door deal in Haiti?
    and Global Pioneers and their School and Orphanages? and the deal for full scholarships for Claude Reginald Jean's 4 children at the Clearwater Academy?


    The Haiti DianeticsT Center Volunteers are a group of people who truly
    beleive that the ultimate, long-term solution for the Haitian situation is
    to restore sanity in the area by getting the Haiti DianeticsT Center
    established, functioning, operational and expanding.

    President - Cary Goulston,
    The Natural Health Association
    409 Cleveland st
    Clearwater Fl. 33755

    Executive Director - Claude Reggie Jean
    Haiti Dianetics Center
    58 Rue Fernand, Canape-Vert
    Port Au Prince Haiti

    Scientology and Haïti? NScn dn and "natural health"?? - alt.religion.scientology | Grupos de Google

    on the far right Susan Robillard-Cary Goulston-Claude Reginald Jean

    who else can we identify in the picture?
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Glen Stilo OSA on Religious workers visas

    The U.S. has recently
    been revising the rules for such visas to make them more strict in
    order to avoid fraud. Homeland Security states that in 2005 about one-
    third of all R-1 applications were fraudulent. .... The Church of
    Scientology wrote against making the rules tighter. Glen Stilo,
    secretary of Scientology's Flag Services organization in Clearwater,
    Florida, explained in a letter that he feared use of the visas will be
    restricted to strictly religious duties. “A small percentage of our
    religious order perform work at our retreat that may not be considered
    'religious functions,' such as administrative work unique to the
    ministry section of our church, or upkeep of church property and
    grounds. However, all of these religious workers have taken lifelong
    vows, are performing functions in accordance with our scriptures and
    ecclesiastical orders, and are therefore working in accordance with
    their religious vocation regardless of the type of work they perform
    at CSFSO.” Yes, Scientology apparently needs to bring in foreigners to
    do menial labor. Stilo goes on to complain about many issues regarding
    the new rule proposals. One wonders why Scientology couldn't find
    laborers from its members who are citizens of the U.S. so they could
    avoid all the paperwork and hassle required to bring in overseas

    Scientology and Haïti? NScn dn and "natural health"?? - alt.religion.scientology | Grupos de Google

    PDF filing by Glen Stilo in regards to Religious workers visas

    Scientology and Religious Workers Visas by Jeff Jacobsen

    Scientology and religious workers visas, by Jeff Jacobsen

    More on religious workers visas

    There Glen Stilo of Scientology is essentially asking the US Gubmint to just let anyone into the US that Scientology claims will be a religious worker. Funny thing about that is that Artur Solomonyan was allegedly one of those religious workers. He was arrested and convicted in New York of trying to sell weapons to an FBI informant.

    Scientology and Religious Worker Visas Jeff’s Exposing Scientology blog

    Glen Stilo was also the "keeper" of Lisa McPherson's PC folders in Los
    Re: Glen Stilo: Putz. Lisa McPherson's PC folders
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    Re: Haiti charity scam


    A million things that are hauntingly wrong in Haiti's history... and they display this picture with no sense of irony. This should be in Time or Newsweek - wow - this picture is powerful.
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    Re: Haiti charity scam


    P.S Cary your Band Sucks!
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    a second MD found

    another doctor on the Air Travolta Flight...not a Dentist/Scientologist like Dr. Darrell Craig, this time its a plastic surgeon Richard P Glunk MD

    seems they used John Travoltas private landing strip.

    K of P surgeon flies with Travolta to help in Haiti (King of Prussia Maine)

    K of P surgeon flies with Travolta to help in Haiti - King Of Prussia Courier - Main Line Media News

    or read about the $20 million medical malpractice lawsuit against Dr. Richard Glunk, after the teenager ended up dead following a cosmetic procedure in 2008
    Dr. Glunk at his plastic surgery office in King of Prussia for liposuction on her legs

    Dr. Richard Glunk Law Suit Settlement
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    looking to go to Haiti with JT

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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    The Association of Haitian Physicians Abroad Web Site
    Interesting note: not one mention of the Scientoligists or Scientology or even a thank you for help with the flight to Haiti lots to say about the mission itself. not a single utterance of the flight provided on AIR THETEN! trying to distance themselves from the "touch assist weenies" in "Yellow T-Shirts" perhaps..

    AMHE - Association des Médecins Haïtiens à l'Étranger
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    WE FOUND 60 MORE ORPHANS.........!!!!!!!!

    Today at 6:54pm
    We found an other 60 orphans that survived the shake!

    We already organized the food drop off for them so they can eat, and are moving at light speed to get them back to the camp.

    As you can imagine they went trough a lot and NEED to be back with the only family they have; the other orphans!

    With the new kids, FUTURE HAITI is at almost 170 kids!

    I NEED YOUR HELP to feed them, give them medical attention and bring them back home to be reunite them with the other kids. They need to go back to school to fill their minds with positive and constructive data, away form the trauma they survived....

    We are launching the "sponsor an orphan campaign so that we can provide a long lasting survival for them and I'm really working against the clock here.

    Please get in com with me to find out how you can help!

    Your help really makes the difference!

    This calamity has brought so many of us together and so many more have come to join the fastest growing family I've ever known.

    Come and join us!


    170 orphans X $30,000=$5,100,000+
    no wonder shes ecstatic.. what percentage does a FSM get again? per warm body lured into the cult?
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Scientology... involved in a SCAM??

    Who would believe such a thing?
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Bless the Children, Inc.
    411 Cleveland St., # 195
    Clearwater, FL 33755th

    BB & T (Branch Banking and Trust)
    12995th Missouri Ave
    Clearwater, FL 33756-4174

    Barbara Schneider | Facebook
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Haiti in relief; a reporter's notebook
    By John Lantigua

    Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

    A Seattle doctor spoke of finding a girl, 14, on the side of a road, taking care of five younger children, possibly orphans. While he spoke with her, a woman arrived who insisted she ran an orphanage and would take the children.

    Some institutions that call themselves orphanages in Haiti sell poor children into slave-like conditions, to work for well-to-do families in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and sometimes the United States. The Haitians have a word for those indentured servants: resteveks.

    The doctor became suspicious, told the woman the children needed medical attention and he was taking them. The woman became belligerent.

    "But when I identified myself as an American physician and told her I was taking charge, she backed down," he said. "God only knows what she was up to."

    the reported doesn't elaborate,but it illustrates how people claiming to be in Haiti doing the right thing may not be
    the Scientologist have 170 children in their charge and according to some of their communications and they are looking at handling 2000 children

    2000 children X $30,000 in adoption fees =$60,000,000 or more
    people say there i no money in Haiti why would Scientology get involved there?

    remind people why they are there.

    Haiti in relief; a reporter's notebook
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Warning Scilon Front group. on facebook

    Vanessa Andriani
    Day 3 in Haiti, arrived on a 25 seater missionarie plane through Bahamas. All I can say is we need more PEOPLE.... NOW!!!!! Only bring clothes (light as it's REALLY HOT!!) and food and toiletries.... we have lots of everything else. Have given loads of assists and now I am the MLO for the staff :)

    assists!anyone can poke and prod people "asshat giving assists"
    pull my finger...FAAAAAAAAAAARRT. assist given

    ARTIST FOR A FREE WORLD.Inc | Facebook
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Scientology is using the Situation in Haiti for its own PR and to exploit the potential for future profiteering
    Scientology immediately after the earthquake in Haiti sent their Vulture Ministers in Washington to the Haitian Embassy to infiltrate the GWHRC (Greater Washington Relief Committee)
    they are using the connection with the Embassy to organize Doctors and supply to Haiti.
    the are using the tragedy as a Public Relations tool to misinform the media
    In each of their Press Releases they claim to be solely behind a massive effort to coordinate Doctors,medical supply's,logistics and food,when in fact they are using the direct connection to the Haitian Embassy to pull off the charade.
    the GWHRC is putting out press releases,contacting the media and medical professionals asking for help,while the outpouring of support is coming into the Embassy for the people in Haiti, it is Scientology that is putting out one press release, after another taking credit for arraigning the Medical and Humanitarian effort. the so called church is using that connection
    to grossly overstate its contribution,and exaggerate its role to the extreme.

    While the supply's,and trained medical professional are contacting the Embassy to show their support,for the country. Scientology only by its involvement with Volunteers inside the Embassy is using the connection for purely propaganda purposes.

    While the GRWHC has put out press releases thanking the CoS for its role, like a press release here DC GWHRC Haiti flight - Poten & Partners and here Products and Services : digital baby monitor › auf for example and with statements as
    All the volunteers were coordinated by the
    GWHRC and the Church of Scientology. The group will also transport
    medical supplies that have been donated to the Embassy over the past

    The Church of Scientology organized the charter flight out of New York
    to Haiti as a continuing effort to provide volunteer assistance to those
    affected by the earthquake on January 12, 2010. They have also been
    offering daily assistance at the Embassy since the day after the

    The Church of Scientology organized the charter flight out of New York
    to Haiti as a continuing effort to provide volunteer assistance to those
    affected by the earthquake on January 12, 2010. They have also been
    offering daily assistance at the Embassy since the day after the

    “The Volunteer Ministers from the Church of Scientology, as well as
    other volunteers and medical professionals, are gravely concerned about
    the conditions in Haiti and willing to do anything needed to assist in
    this time of terrible tragedy,” said Sylvia Stanard, Director of
    Government Affairs for the Church of Scientology. “Volunteers are
    already there from two earlier flights out Los Angeles and New York, but
    more are desperately needed, particularly medical professionals. We are
    working with the Embassy of Haiti and GWHRC to meet those needs.”

    The Cos in its press releases ignore the fact donations,supply and volunteers are going through the embassy and releasing their own press releases ignoring that fact, and claiming the supply's,the Medical Professionals,and the outpouring of donations are theirs.
    as usual they are using the situation to mislead their Church followers and the general public as well. of course Press release after press release the CoS takes credit for the supply's
    when in fact.the outpouring of Doctors Nurses,Supply's are going through the Embassy
    the CoS has not spent a dime on supply's, their own volunteer Minister must Pay their own way to Haiti,pay for some of their own supply's,etc..
    in their press releases the claim they arranged flights,doctors,supply's,and that is absolutely false,and without merit.

    many of the clearly deceptive Press releases are out there here is just one example
    Scientology-Sponsored Charter Flight Brings Medical and Spiritual Aid to Haitiof course if you know how the CoS operates you wouldn't be shocked by the blatant deception used by Scientology to bolster their Public Relations during this disaster.
    one only has to read a story on the Catholic online website written by Randy Sly.
    Tommy Davis, the official spokesman for Scientology took issue with some of the criticism of statements regarding the article that had run on the work of Volunteer Ministers in Haiti.

    they took issue with this statement “The Church of Scientology provides no money towards the victims in Haiti. None. Not one penny. The church supplies no food, no water, no medicine, no building materials, no personnel, no expertise, nothing for Haiti.

    you can read a standard press release here Scientology-Sponsored Charter Flight Brings Medical and Spiritual Aid to Haiti -- NEW YORK, Jan. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- where they never mention the GWHRC,in the press release they claim that They(CoS) are assisted byHomeland Security!

    “But they claim, in their press releases, that their Volunteer Ministers are "a major relief agency" helping in Haiti. If they do nothing,and supplys are provided by someone else, how can they claim this?"

    Tommy Davis responded with Statistics included in this article
    Scientology Responds to Haiti Volunteer Ministers Story - Catholic Online

    most of what Mr Davis refereed to can be traced back to donations made to the GWHRC and the Embassy for the people of Haiti,and The Churches only role was Volunteer Ministers inside the embassy helping to coordinate supply donated to the Embassy through the generosity of others not the CoS.
    on a further note the supply's handed out in Haiti are a controlling point,they are using it to further aim their goals. they are quick to point out what they are doing for propaganda purposes,they pass out and deliver supplies.. they did not purchase or supply these supplies themselves. They distribute other groups supplies and then make it seem like they are coming from them. which is par for the course when it comes to CoS.

    notice the last thing on the list on the Catholic Online Web site.part of Mr Davis's statement.

    "Volunteer Ministers delivered several tons of food, water and medical supplies to three orphanages destroyed in the earthquake and procured and erected tents for the children to live in."

    using a vague statement to lead you to believe they are being altruistic by helping Orphans
    how this makes what they are really doing ok. the food the water the medical supply's were donated by others they are using a little statement about children to spin whatever good PR comes their way.
    if the CoS can't be truthful and transparent in their own press releases,what else can be viewed as suspect of their efforts?.
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    So when did I die and go to hell cause this world sure is f'd.
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Vultures @ GWHRC

    Scientoligist for the DC area swarmed into the Haitian Embassy a day after the earthquake offering their help..the GWHRC is the organization in charge of assembling Relief workers they have a web sit up and plenty of PR
    most the Doctors Nurses, Emergency Personnel,arranging funds to pay for Jet fuel,logistics,medicines and supply's are being organized out of the Embassy through the GWHRC so all the money for this is not being provided by Scions despite their propaganda.
    Sylvia Standard is the Scions point person for Scientology inside the GWHRC
    they are using the association with the GWHRC to gain a PR foothold.

    Scientology is Not providing any of this, it is all being arranged and funded through the Embassy,and the GWHRC
    Scientology just happens to have volunteers on the inside helping out at the Embassy,they are using the connection to exploit and exaggerate their contribution and misinform the public, they are providing nothing make sure you point this out when you poon

    also someone wisely pointed out to the GWHRC and gave them a heads up about Scientology's vicious stance against psychiatry and all people wishing to contribute counseling and psychiatric help is being handled by the DC Homeland Security so Scions can't sabotage that.

    Operation Phenomenon Takes Off From Tampa - John Travolta Pilots Late Night Flight To Take Doctors and Medical Supplies to Haiti

    Contact: C.J. Jordan of The Greater Washington Haiti Relief Committee, +1-202-489-7864, or
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    More from this scam


    Links on "EARTHQUAKE HAITI" | Facebook

    Susan Robillard EARTHQUAKE HAITI: I
    this here, as you have many on who may be able to help..xx...Major 7.0
    EARTHQUAKE IN HAITI! MASSIVE MASSIVEDEVASTATION!!I work in a school in Haiti we help & do humanitarian work. I don'tknow if my kids in the school are dead or alive!!! I need Your ......Help withCash, Clothes, any supplies, prayers...,anything!!All VM's also contact me!!!We have We have 4 VM's from Florida, 3 fromMontreal so far, we need more! Anyone who can come help and come toHaiti, contact me! OUR VM TENT WILL BE SET UP TOMORROW TO HELP VICTIMSin Port au Prince.... God help us Pray for us all!!!!! All cashdonations can be made through PayPal to alsoneed medical supplies, as the hospital building has collasped!! And Ialso need a friend with an airplane to fly in Large amounts of food wehave collected ?? Anyone, Please also come join my group.. xxx.. Thanksin advance.Welcome to Facebook | Facebook
    See More
    Help Susan Robillard in Haiti to give a future for elementary school kids
    Susan Robillard is on a continuous goodwill tour to help Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary school in Port-Au-Price, Haiti. In providing hands-on help to the teachers and children in the school, Susan...
    January 13 at 2:42am · Share · Report
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    AnonyNews 10.5 (February 01st-07th) Part I
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Good going, guys.
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    I came across this Scilon Blog site by a Jenny

    Monday, February 15, 2010
    "It was disaster beyond belief. " - a doctor reports from Haiti
    not much to the story its a deceptive story because no where is the Doctor
    by mention Name and there is only a vague hint on his Specialty,lets face it medical professionals are very specialized these days
    when you get to the end of the story there is this
    With great admiration and love to the people of Haiti,
    Just the initials and DMD
    the D.C are the initials to the mysterious doctor's name and the "DMD"I'll spare you the mystery its a Dentist!
    Disaster Relief and the Scientology Volunteer Ministers
    This link below was posted here a couple days ago
    its about the same Dr. Darrell Craig, DMD, whats interesting about it is this is the only CoS doctor they have promoted and hes a frickin fang ferrier..
    California Dentist Volunteered in Haiti | Scientology Stories
    filling a tooth is low on the totem pole when it comes to a disaster like an earthquake...
    what else can we expect from them more dentists,chiropractors,podiatrists,veterinarians and undertakers?
    it about what you'd expect from Scientology.
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    "Future Haiti" now has a web site
    showing lots of pictures ..telling a sad story..and talking about all the good they will do for the orphans.

    FUTURE HAITI - Orphanage


    Scientology will guilt their congregations into big time support for these types of "missionaries" who are claiming to "save the lives and souls of children". In reality, these kids end up giving the "saviors" an income. and loads of it.

    there is already a "Sponsor a Restavek" donation link

    web site was done by Scilon Randall Gillion and RPG Media you may have seen their work on Cary Goulstons Global Pioneer Scilon site..(read the fine print at the bottom)

    no where on the site does it mention its a Scientology Front Group

    thats so the non-Scilons will donate..

    "The road to hell is paved with good intentions"
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    taken from a public post off the facebook page of

    Felicidad Serrano

    The Scientology Volunteer Ministers from Haiti from here we want to thank so many people whose help at all times and all days have done everything necessary so that we came to Haiti, as parents who have become to be looked after by our children (thanks German) to these nice people ... we are at the airport at 4 am, thanks Jamie and Ollie Suarez Rodriguez, to those great people we get a seat on a plane, Thanks Mercedes Alvarez. A CIENCIOLGIA International Church (IAS) at the service of volunteer ministers, doctors, nurses and aircraft ltodo the rest so that we do our work, help, who translates into English Maria Bernal.Y to so many people that from the first moment of the catastrophe in Haiti helped assist SCIENTOLOGY VOLUNTEER MINISTERS so once more we can do something about it.
    From Haiti Scientology Volunteer Ministers thank L. R. HUBBARD by ourselves known technology to help the people of Haiti.

    Felicidad Serrano

    43 minutes ago via Facebook for iPhone · Comment · Like

    Maria Bernal This is a translation of a note by Felicidad Serrano, published February 15th, 2010:

    Good morning from Haiti. The Scientology VM camp changed locations, 60 of us are now staying at a house where there are two buildings of two stories each. We have showers, bathrooms and a transformer that allows us to have electricity. ...Doctors and nurses are staying in tents, in each of the tents there are four to five VMs. In a few minutes we will be assigned the tasks of the day. Felicidad Serrano

    Felicidad Serrano | Facebook

    more "touch assist weenie Scilon Babble"
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    [ame=""]YouTube- Greaser's Palace - I Can Crawl Again![/ame]
  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    The first group of Scientologists arrived in Haiti two weeks ago, and were boosted last week by the arrival of actor John Travolta in his Boeing 707 . The Scientologists, who are carrying out an operation called The Volunteer Ministry Disaster Relief for Haiti, have already begun plans to build an orphanage in the country.

  30. Anonymous Member

  31. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    The Douchebaggery Report
    Disaster-hit Haiti ripe for Scientology expansion

    And now we learn that Scientology is in Haiti to stay, with a spokesperson telling The Times “I have no doubt that in some form or other there will be a church of Scientology here". This doesn't exactly help with claims that Scientology's Haiti operation is an entirely selfless affair – after all, there's nothing quite like a humanitarian disaster to help kick start a conversion drive. Although you have to wonder what one of the world's poorest countries really has to offer a religion that costs truth-seeking followers hundreds of thousands of dollars as they tread the path to enlightenment. One hopes they're not looking for new employees – if my interview with ex-worker Marc Headley is anything to go by, no level of desperation would turn that into a wise career choice.

    The Douchebaggery Report - Disaster-hit Haiti ripe for Scientology expansion (Scientologists in Haiti: A Firsthand Account)
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  33. Triumph Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    ]the Sciontoligists are mad because those damn Baptists foiled their plans.
    its hard to find a charity,where someone isn't making a buck off of peoples suffering.

    Disaster Capitalism, its the Scientoligists MO DM couldn't wait to get on the ground after 911 and start capitalizing on the tragedy,and the Cult has continued to try and capitalize on every disaster since, it's all well documented,not surprised in the least that they would jump on Haiti to exploit it in the least,
    especially since they already had plans for it with people like Cary Gooliestone and Susan Rubatard, and Claude Jean willing to join in.and handful of vultures were already working their way around Haiti 2 years before the quake,
    Haiti by its very location it is ripe for Hurricanes and Earthquakes,and the CoS knows that
    they are giddy about the opportunity that presented itself in the wake of the tragedy.

    ambulance chasers and body snatchers that bunch. arrogant and way to eager to scoop up what's left in the name of profit,what better way than "Restaveks"those forgotten children of Haiti. they aim to profit from it while spending little of the CoS's own money.
    guilt there followers into giving even more of their money to DM and his army of sycophants.

    they didn't calculate one or two things into their sick little scheme,
    people pay attention when children are involved, just look at the mess the Baptists are in.
    the eyes of the world are watching.
    they don't like it when children are exploited. and the World also has a horrible public opinion and cynical outlook an anything the CoS is involved in.

    they can try and play public opinion by using children,that may backfire on them.
    its hard to cover up your ulterior motives when you have trashed your Public relations time and time again..
    and the world know they can't even keep their own house in order.

    if not this little escapade in Haiti,then it will be some other scandal,they are not done ruining lives or attacking their perceived enemies.
    they are going down kicking and screaming.and it's going to get ugly.

    the future holds far worse by the hands of CoS's own doings.

    the CoS has never ever taken the high road, I doubt they can find it now.
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    taken from a public facebook wall post

    Barbara Schneider So much is going through my mind but for once they are not thoughts......
    it is more the contemplation of ancient goals coming into being.
    Some I remember, some just reveled to me.
    It is as though a gigantic puzzle has follen into place and I'm no longer piecing it together but rather left free to co-write the gigantic pl...ay that is life.

    You too CAN!

    Make a difference for yourself by making a difference for another!

    FUTURE HAITI - Orphanage

    photo of exploited children goes here.

    ancient goals come into being..WTF. clearing the planet one Restavek at a time

    YOU CAN NOW SPONSOR AN ORPHAN AT FUTURE HAITI!(Give Money to David Miscarraige)
    FUTURE HAITI - Orphanage

    at least try and use a spell checker!

    you all know how DM is obsessed with STATS

    175 children X $250 a month to sponsor=$43750x 12 months=$525,000 of yearly revenue

    175 children X $30,000 each adoption =$5,250,000

    but thats just chump change..

    here is their ultimate goal according to Barbara Santos AKA Barbara Schneider

    of 2000 children x $250 in monthly sponsorships =$500,000 x 12 months=6,000,000 a year
    total damages 2000 children X $30,000 each adoption =$60,000,000 clams

    when they get too old to adopt it's straight to the Sea Org. and a chance at the top prize of a visit to the RPF. or the top prize of a billion year contract!

    with over a 1,000,000 Million orphans and Restaveks in Haiti there is an endless supply

    for your reading pleasure A Childhood in Scientology
    A Childhood in Scientology

    Part of Tax-exempt Child Abuse and Neglect

    Scientology and Dianetics - Tax-exempt Child Abuse and Neglect


    ex-Scientology kids .com
    Ex-Scientology Kids

    Involuntary lock up of Scientologist children

    YouTube - Scientology Wally Hanks beating 15 year old kid

    there are hundreds more links
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Daily Kos: Cult Connection in Santa Clara County

    Speaking of public money, there's not a lot of it available in California at the moment. States, counties and cities are all in budget crises. Many little county offices might feel pressured to justify their expense and existence, which has led up to a problem one county official might regret tackling.

    Ms. Delorme McKee-Stovall is head of the Network For A Hate-Free Community, one of the marginal offices Santa Clara County might decide to cut out of the budget. So it must've seemed like Christmas and Halloween all rolled together when she was approached by Scientologist John Allender of the San Jose Scientology organization. He somehow, despite all the information available about Scientology abuses, convinced her that his "church" is the target of internet terrorists. Suddenly, a purpose for her existence has presented itself! Ms. Stovall is a lucky little bureaucrat indeed! And, because Mr. Allender is such a nice man in a nice suit representing a religion, she doesn't bother to spend one second researching the project she's about to plummet into.

    Ever vigilant, Anonymous first heard of this project from an email leaked from John Allender, sent out to all South Bay Scientologists.
  36. Triumph Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    A Visit To Your Door By Your Local Scientology "Charity" Fund Collector

    its satire and its, free speech,we can agree and we can disagree, but it is what it is...

    A Visit To Your Door By Your Local Scientology "Charity" Fund Collector - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia

    The cue in all this is, don't seek the co-operation of groups. Don't ask for permission. Just enter them and start functioning to make the group win through effectiveness and sanity.

    -L. Ron Hubbard, HCOB 23 June 1960, "The Special Zone Plan" Something like whats happening with the "GWHRC"
  37. Anonymous Member

  38. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Scilon Press Release

    Reginald Jean, a native of Haiti, owned two orphanages with 200 orphans prior to the earthquake. One of them collapsed and the second one is unlivable. To give those orphans and other children who have lost their family a home, he teamed up with a group of Church of Scientology Volunteer Ministers from Florida, Youth for Human Rights Florida, Clearwater Academy International, Washburn Academy, Delphi Academy of Florida, El Especial Newspaper and International Youth Theatre. Together they are giving a permanent home to those original orphans that survived plus others who recently lost their families.

    The Angels of Soccer of Haiti visited the 99 orphans currently at Future of Haiti Orphanage. Upon arrival they were greeted by dozens of very excited Haitian children. The youth were so happy to have an opportunity to play with athletes, they spent the beginning of the visit hugging, jumping and giving high fives before the soccer began. Being with these kids Casares felt the passion his father once had for orphans and committed to bringing his soccer program to Haitian children.

    For more information about the Future of Haiti orphanage contact the project coordinator Barbara Santos at 727-643-3975 or at

  39. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    taken from a public wall post on facebook

    Julianne Marie Boudreaux Is helping Global Pioneers to put together a benefit CD to benefit the Orphanages in Haiti !! Its all very exciting, any musicians or performers who want to be part of it must act right away as it is being put together for this week end and will be released at a benefit production here in CW.... let me know of anyone ...
    16 hours ago

    I don't think Issac Hayes is performing.
  40. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Mentioned in this Press release By the GWHRC the donations by Mr Travolta on the first flights,they were Mr Travoltas donations not the CoS, "the CoS did supply jet fuel for the first flight" the Doctors,Medical teams and EMT's were arranged by the GWHRC

    this is one of the connecting flights that left 70 doctors and nurses on the tarmac at JFK, 30 VMs were on that flight. the plane sat on the runway for an hour,the 70 trained medical professionals were kept off the plane because John Carmichael spokesperson for the VM stated it was a scheduling mix-up.
    (this is just speculation but it stands to reason)maybe they were afraid there might be a few psychiatrists among the 70 Doctors and Nurses
    wanting to board the flight on short notice?
    instead valuable medical supplies brought by the 70 doctors and nurses on the CoS Flight made it onto the airplane without them.

    DC GWHRC Haiti flight - Poten & Partners
    on the later flights
    Miami-based Prudential Aviation donated the use of the aircraft for Sunday’s charter flight and earlier flights that left from New York Kennedy Airport on January 16 and 23 and Los Angeles on January 21, with fuel and all other operating costs donated by the International Association of Scientologists. for John Travoltas flight,Jet fuel being the only charitable donation by the ISA members International Association of Scientoligists ISA is a group of wealthy church members(Not The CoS itself)

    Peter Teahen A former spokes person for the Red Cross flew to Haiti with Mr Travolta Mr Teahan is a professional Disaster specialist doing work mostly for the Red Cross at the invitation of John Travolta,
    he was a "paid consultant" on the first flights into Haiti with Mr Travolta,Mr Teahen is also a director of Teahen Funeral Home and he also ran an unsuccessful Congressional campaign in 2008

    Cedar Rapids Disaster Specialist Returns from Haiti | KCRG-TV9 | Cedar Rapids, Iowa News, Sports, and Weather | Local News

    in refrence to Peter Teahen

    "One example open to scrutiny is on his resume under the heading of Education. Mr. Teahen lists Liberty University,

    Lychburg, VA. M.A., Human Services Management. Postgraduate studies. According to Transcript Verification Officer Deborah

    Stone at Liberty, "Peter Teahen has not received his MA degree and has not met his requirements for graduation at this time.

    He is not currently enrolled." Despite not having earned his MA degree, Teahen lists it as a credential as a member of an

    academic board at the University of Iowa.

    In another example, Teahen listed himself as the Deputy Medical Examiner in the Oklahoma City bombing, April, 1995.


    Not so according to Oklahoma authority. There is no record of Peter Teahen being employed by the Medical Examiners office

    during that time frame. Further, medical examiners in Oklahoma are by law required to be a physician licensed to practice

    medicine in that state. In conducting a records research, Peter Teahen is not a licensed physician in Oklahoma. Members of

    the medical examiners agency have indicated that Peter Teahen was in the Oklahoma City area at the time of the incident, but

    did not have any role in any capacity with the agency."

    Coralville Courier: How well do voters know Peter Teahen?

    Cedar Rapids Disaster Specialist Teahen Heads to Haiti,
    with Actor John Travolta wich is a good part of the reason Mr Travlota was able to land in Haiti ahead of other disaster

    agencys ( there were also Haitan government officials aboard the flight.)MR Travolta a reported $400,000 out of his own

    pocket. Scientology uses the doctors and supplys provided by Him and the GWHRC as their own.

    Teahen, who is not a Scientologist,Teahen said he first met Travolta and his wife, actress Kelly Preston, in Louisiana in

    the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

    Cedar Rapids Disaster Specialist Teahen Heads to Haiti, with Actor John Travolta | KCRG-TV9 | Cedar Rapids, Iowa News, Sports, and Weather | Local News

    Following the devastating earthquake that struck the Haitian capital city of Port-au-Prince and the surrounding area on Jan. 12, Teahen responded as a part of a 200-person medical team.

    “It was actually a project funded by the Church of Scientology, so I got some recognition back home because I flew down there and John Travolta was my pilot,” Teahen said. “He has a big, four-engine passenger jet, so there were 24 of us on his custom plane, and he and Kelly [Preston] flew us down there. They’re a nice couple. I had worked with them before.”
    along for the ride were several un-named Haitian Diplomats as well

    with Mr Teahan and his team and the few Haitian Diplomats it gave Mr Travolta a inside track to land into the Haitian Airport.

    Although Teahen is a funeral home director by trade, he has a specialty in mass fatality situations as the president of the International Mass Fatalities Center.

    WLF sponsors national Haiti fundraiser - West Liberty Index - West Liberty, Iowa

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