Haiti charity scam

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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Children constitute almost half of Haiti's population of 9 million. Before the earthquake, an estimated 350,000 children lived in "orphanages," yet only 50,000 of them had no living parents.1 Desperately poor families have often felt compelled to place children in residential care facilities, only to return later and find that they have been given away for adoption. Throughout the world, many families have historically relinquished their children when they reached a tipping point due to unmanageable birth rates; parental death, disability, or unemployment; physical insecurity; displacement; or natural disasters.2 In pre-earthquake Haiti, many families had already reached such a crisis.

    Local officials estimate that there are about 350 registered orphanages in the country and about twice as many unregistered and unregulated ones. Even most registered institutions do not meet international UN guidelines. A related long-standing threat to child protection has been the common practice of sending children away as restavèks (Creole for "stay with") to live with others in exchange for work. An estimated 150,000 to 500,000 restavèks work essentially as unpaid domestic laborers, with little or no access to education or recreation and subject to physical, mental, and sexual abuse.3 The restavèk situation and the practice of institutionalizing children reflect the extreme destitution of Haitian families. Thus, the earthquake occurred against a background of economic extremity driving family separation, aggressive trafficking networks, inadequate law enforcement, and a growing global demand for adoptive children.

    This disaster has imposed a massive socioeconomic burden on a country that was already struggling with poor governance and an impoverished population. Stripped of all assets by the earthquake, a growing number of families are parting with their children. Given Haiti's unregulated borders, weak law-enforcement practices, and insufficient numbers of international monitors, traffickers face few deterrents. There is growing consternation among child-protection workers about the lack of financial and human resources for protecting Haiti's vulnerable child population, which is estimated by some at 1 million.5

    Having to Care for the children is a bi-product for the Scientoligists, not their true intentions

    its aim is to exploit the situation as a cash cow...having Haitian Child restaveks is profitable enterprise in Haiti and the Leaders of the CoS know this. the fact that regulations are almost non-existent plays heavily to the favor of the Cult looking to exploit the situation

    sponsorship can be pushed through a "Hard Sell" to the members of the cult to squeeze even more money out of their bank accounts.

    when adoptions open up they can really make the cold hard cash,while the CoS doesn't spend a dime on the children,with all the money coming in is, siphoned off the top to pay those pushing the program,..and to keep the top leaders in the cult pockets full.

    and children that become too old for adoption can be systematically be pushed into the Sea Org..with a billion year contract binding them into a life of slavery for the CoS.

    Dying in Haiti: Protecting the Children of Haiti

    Ex-Scientology Kids
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    taken from a public facebook page'

    Barbara Schneider Working working working for my kids.......

    Barbara Schneider we have 170 kids!
    You and your family can become the terminal for one or more. They are amazing!
    17 minutes ago


    You know the Hard sell is just know better bet there are several e-mails floating around... pushing cult member to sponsor these children...complete with pictures of the tikes dressed in their Sunday best smiling for the cameras..

    Barb Santos AKA Barbara Schneider is going to make a lot of money shilling for the cult...
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    taken from a public facebook page'

    Barbara Schneider: WHERE IS MY VOICE!
    Today at 4:17pm
    I found my cause,
    I need my voice,
    I found my kids,
    I need your help.

    I'm sitting at my computer,
    when I feel I should be running,

    I'm looking at solutions
    when I should already have them

    I'm one when I should be many,
    there are many that are just one.

    This is the time to come together,
    this is the time to help.

    For the sake of our 170 orphans I ask for your help.
    They need food, love and education,
    they need so much more than just a handful of us,
    they need YOU TOO!

    FUTURE HAITI - Orphanage

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    Blah blah..cult money raising scam help Barb get rich
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Barbara Schneider This is the moment I wished I would have a voice strong enough,
    this is the moment I wished I would be big enough,
    this is that moment I wished I would have a crowd large enough,
    this is that moment I wished I had worked hard enough
    this is that moment I wished their voices would be loud enough,
    this is that moment I wishe...d your hears would be tuned enough
    this is that moment I wish your hands are stratched far out enough
    this is that moment I want our harts to be kind enough,

    FUTURE HAITI - Orphanage

    Randall Gillion
    she meant link FUTURE HAITI - Orphanage
    about an hour ago
    why ?because Randall Gillion makes money off this too..
    get off your damn wallets and give to the cult! now NOW scilons!...
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Postcard from IAS; just in.



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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    I see Claude Reginald Jean is featured in the ISA poster doing a fist bump with some children haitipostcardpage1.jpg

    I guess thats part of the perks for supplying the orphans...
    to Future Haiti Archipelago Restavek RPF
    as well as his 4 kids being relocated to Florida and given full Scholarships
    being Cary Goulston Global Pioneers "Powerhouse Claude Reginal Jean" inside man" has its perks

    $10 Bucks says none of that money makes it out of the grasps of David Misscarraige greedy little palms
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    taken from a public wall post on facebook
    google translation from Italian so the translation is a little weak

    Story from the trenches
    Today at 7:34 pm
    Are days now that I have a conlitto of consciousness.
    Although we are and we have worked miracles to our orphanage in Haiti,
    are strorie that I have not told ........

    Within a few weeks we saved from hunger and poverty 110 children, we gave him a house, although they are just curtains for these children means being able to stay dry and protected from the dangers of vagabonadaggio and abandonment.

    We have clothes and we make sure that 'staff who cared for them previously prorpio overcome their trauma and was able to take back the things the orphanage.

    We have even secured the school equipment, toys and sports equipment so that 'they could resume a normal life, far dall'esperinza just experienced horror and the loss of more' do 70 children who were like brothers for so 'many of them.

    We have secured a source of drinking water and even procured 2 cows so that 'there was fresh milk for at least the most' little ones.

    I tried to do a diary of my reports positive and of hope.
    I kept volonatariamente away from stories that are the daily lucubre so 'many people in Haiti.

    And I'm glad to say that during the journey undertaken with our orphans, so 'many of you have come to give us a hand. Who in one way and some another, and become part group that nothing in the world can 'never separate.

    And this aspect of your unconditional help and 'probably the most' emotional this whole catastrophe with our orphans of Haiti.

    For this I thank you 'and I thank you forever.

    But today, after days in which I am now convinced Michelle to take care of his health and not because 'and' act cute but because ', as Helen after his second trip to Haiti, Michele and' sick and did not take the time to be examined so that 'can be cured.

    "I can not" she says, "I have no time!"
    Children, work all'orphanage again, the rainy season approaching, the other 60 children that we found but we have not yet repatriaite to the field for lack of space and tents, the money can not be wasted even in a medical ,......

    "ENOUGH MICHELA" I said. "If you do not care these children return back to misery!"

    I even threatened to suspend the finances so as to force her to return home if ADAV hospital for treatment, but she and 'laughed. He says "Barbara here and 'a jungle, things are beyond all imagination, I can not stop, I can not!" And coughing adds, "I have also stole his passport so that you see there is no 'so I come back until this work' done!

    Speechless and hopeless I renew my request for help.
    We need volunteers, money and sponsors for our children and we need them now !!!!!!!

    Please help us to help our children and the heroes like Michael and Elena do not stop at nothing until the work and 'Done.

    But at least we can make a little 'more' easy easy even if the word does not exist in the language of these people.


    FUTURE HAITI - Orphanage

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    sound like theres trouble..lack of funds.lack of manpower and illness

    of course it could be played up to raise money, thats really the only goal.

    I hope Unicef is watching them
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Scilon Press release

    Local School Sponsors Four Children from Haiti

    January 28, 2010

    Contact: Laurie Miller
    Director of Community Activities
    Clearwater Academy International

    Clearwater School takes in Four Haitian children

    Clearwater – Clearwater Academy International sponsors four children from Haiti.

    This week Clearwater Academy International welcomed Marie Lyonel 14,
    Phiteas 12 and twins Anais and Anabelle 9, from the Island of Haiti.

    The children and their father survived the massive earthquake that hit Haiti about two weeks ago. Their father, Reggie Jean, brought the children to the U.S., after the devastating earthquake to provide them with a safe home and to continue their education. Mr. Jean was at work and the children were home when the quake hit. Mr. Jean escaped his building, and when it was over he said, “My country was gone.”

    After three hours of struggling to get in touch with his children he got word from a neighbor that his children were safe.

    Reggie quickly got to work with the disaster response teams that arrived in Haiti with the first wave of international disaster relief. Through his work with a local humanitarian group prior to the earthquake, Reggie had already established many friends here in Clearwater; and with the safety of his children foremost in his mind, a plan was formed to bring them here.

    Clearwater Academy, upon hearing of their story, promptly agreed to sponsor the childrens’ education. “As an international school Clearwater Academy has a number of staff and students that speak French and an excellent English as a Second Language program. As a group we knew we could really take care of these children and make the change much easier for them.” said Jim Zwers, Executive Director.

    Their father will soon go back to Haiti where he plans to continue the relief effort and to build an orphanage and school for many displaced and orphaned children.

    Clearwater Academy has been collecting relief supplies since the earthquake hit. "Boxes of Hope for Haiti" are being shipped directly to the very orphanage that Reggie is helping to build. It is both the school's hope and Reggie's hope that united, we can bring help, change and hope to the children of Haiti.

    Please take the opportunity to help with our "Boxes of Hope for Haiti". Donations of canned food, toiletries, blankets, sheets, diapers, baby supplies, children’s clothing, medical supplies and water are being accepted at 801 Drew St., Clearwater, Fl 33755 from the hours of 10:00 am to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

    The school has targeted February 10th to have 900 boxes collected for shipment.

    Clearwater Academy is a non-profit school licensed to use Applied Scholastics™ educational services and materials.


    it was an inside take the orphans and the land.. and the kids get a free ride...

    Claude Reginald Jean was part of the Haiti Dianetics center and in partnership with Cary Goulston
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Haitian family settling into new home in Clearwater - Bay News 9

    Jean is working to keep his children in Clearwater by extending their visas beyond 90 days. He said it is too soon for them to return.

    Jean said he plans to go back to Haiti, however. His business crumbled, so he donated the land to an orphanage. While his children continue their educations at Clearwater Academy, Jean plans to help those who are still in Haiti.
    by business he means 2 orphanages-by going back he means hes now part of Vulture Ministers.
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    from FB of someone currently in CW - Julianne Marie Boudreaux Is helping Global Pioneers to put together a benefit CD to benefit the Orphanages in Haiti !! Its all very exciting, any musicians or performers who want to be part of it must act right away as it is being put together for this week end and will be released at a benefit production here in CW.... let me know of anyone ...interested in helping with this fantastic cause....
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    an English translation is up

    its pure hard sell fund-raising interesting to see who the note is sent to
    one of the persons the note is sent to is Bodhi Elfhman..maybe he and his batshit insane wife are supporting Davies restaveks.

    what a bunch of vampires hounding people for money night and day-day and night. blood suckers.
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    they will beat it like a dead horse,especially if someone higher up see the orphanage campaign is ineffective.
    I am sure DavyBoy is whipping his staff as we speak, calling them incompetent..throwing a tantrum, locking people in a room till the problem is handled.

    the underlings in charge of the program will,bombard the scilons with pleas,begging for cash
    all those fund raising schemes the Scilons post on facebook are the same, they are relentless
    pictures and exaggerations,of dire conditions
    asking them to join some newly created front group ,its for the kids,please help,
    ,yada yada

    it be interesting to see an e-mail,on the subject or a leaked document.

    I did a lot of Reading on the subject of Restaveks...turns out every one of the 33 children that were taken by baptist ministers all had family members and were not-orphaned.

    the Majority of Children in orphanages in Haiti, Have Family and are not orphaned, in the true sense. families either give away their children to these orphanages, or the orphanages give them a small fee, in exchange for the child. they make that up by trafficking these children or selling their labor, or as sex slaves
    it's usually a few organizations and Ministries that run a clean program where the children are not exploited,the majority come from other countries,and are religious in nature. but they are a small percentage.and even a few of those are corrupt. and sell the children into the restavek system

    Most of the Haitian run orphanages almost all of them exploit the children without exception ,and its a profitable one for the person running the scam. and its an accepted practice in Haiti,most don't give it a second thought and the government looks the other way.
    the orphanages also go out looking for children, promising educations and a better life,..thats usually not the case,
    most of the orphanages aren't licensed or regulated,and the ones that are aren't checked or held accountable. and often are part of the trafficking of children

    going by the percentages,and the extremity of the exploitation in Haiti it is more likely guy like Claude Reginald Jean ran a Restavek orphanage, the orphanage/school would be in the minority if he did not, and in a country with extreme poverty and orphanage that doesn't sell its children inside Haiti cannot survive without outside help.

    David Miscavage is drooling at the prospects. greedy evil little prick

    its just a different kind of evil Scinetology will bring to the lives of these children
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Common Interest - Activities
    Estas son las notas, de un grupo, que movidos por el impulso de ayudar, han logrado muchas cosas.
    Queste sono le lettere di un gruppo che si muoveva con l'impulso di aiutare, hanno realizzato molte cose.
    These are the letters of a group that moved by the impulse to help, have accomplished many things.
    Privacy Type:
    Closed: Limited public content. Members can see all content.

    FUTURE HAITI - Orphanage
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    Welcome to Facebook | Facebook
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    taken from facebook post

    Ministros voluntarios de Cienciologia desde Haiti.
    Yesterday at 10:45pm

    Google Translation from Spanish

    Today, if given the first seminar to the Haitian police, getting some spectacular gains by the police attending the same. Nis so extensive that has visited the room prepared for this occasion the head of all polucia in Haiti and welcomed us and asked to please continue making more data more seminars L. R. Hubbard. The seminar is taught by the majesty of the Mexican group, whom I have the belong.
    Mychos of you will know or have heard maybe ever talk about the humanitarian group SAMU, for those of you that have not been well, I think they would be clear if I make the comparison as an example the group of the Red Cross, will clarify this inform you that yesterday we had the honor of being invited to visit their headquarters in Haiti, the humanitarian group SAMU was very cordial and friendly at all times with the Scientology Volunteer Ministers who were in that meeting on behalf of all VMs Scientology on planet Earth.
    From Haiti Thanks again to all VM Ciencioligia and all doctors, nurses and others who are helping cimpañeros in Haiti.

    Good niche again from Haiti, certainly does ina nice evening.
    Felicidad Serrano.

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    more touch assist
    people are still dying and they are running around doing touch assist and pure recruitment.

    haitian cops thought this horny chick was being frisky.

    spectacular gains! making more data! more seminars!
    if She tells herself that enough it must be true
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    SAMU... as in...

    SamuSocial? The one based in Paris, France?
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    that would be my guess,

    you have to take what these Ron-Bot's post with a grain of salt, its all exaggerated to a certain extent ..they have to show the "wins" even if they have to make that shit up.its all a con-game

    they also have claimed that the have supervised the Red Cross in the past
    and that they are providing "400 doctors" we know where the doctors are coming from.

    "acceptable truths" thats how they string along their followers

    Samu Social International
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Exactly. I wonder how a humanitarian group based in France will feel about the cultists claiming that they've (the VM's) latched on once again as they did with the Red Cross.
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    I don't think they would be too pleased

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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    a couple of intresting things in this News Report'

    1) his children are here on a 90 day visa( its on record his children received full scholarships to the Scilon school)

    2)he donated his land to the cult for an orphanage is reported.(a tit for tat)the cult got what they wanted,and he got a little something in return.

    3)its stated that his "business crumbled" ( it doesn't say that the business was 2 orphanage's ) thats what is reported to be in a Scilon press release
    most Haitian run orphanages traffic in Restaveks

    maybe one day they will get to do a follow up story..and report some of the facts
    like his Association with "Global Pioneers"and maybe how much of this was a payoff.
    and maybe the background of his business
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    on the Scilons front group facebook page "ARTIST FOR A FREE WORLD.Inc"
    Vanessa Andriani
    Day 3 in Haiti, arrived on a 25 seater missionarie plane through Bahamas. All I can say is we need more PEOPLE.... NOW!!!!! Only bring clothes (light as it's REALLY HOT!!) and food and toiletries.... we have lots of everything else. Have given loads of assists and now I am the MLO for the staff :)

    (I am under the impression MLO is Medical Liaison Officer)


    Photos from ARTIST FOR A FREE WORLD.Inc | Facebook

    English courses in East Grinstead - learn Englsh for life
    Greenfields English Language College

    Where is her Medical Training?

    Vanessa Andriani - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project

    MLO, sometimes MO
    to M to index

    Medical Liaison Officer. In Scientology's Sea Organization, a Medical Liaison Officer is a staff position within Division Five — Qualifications Division. Although Sea Org staff often refer to the position by the acronym MO, the correct title is MLO. This position usually is not filled by someone with medical training.

    Scientology Glossary - M
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    "Key to Life Training Course" is her means shes been Brainwashed thoroughly

    Key to Life Course

    wide open to suggestions, wide open to
    implanting, the fact that they have lost their *entire* original
    thought process, and all the semantic structures that are their OWN
    have been irretrievably removed, makes them candidates for accepting
    any piece of data that the "Church" feeds them.

    "The Key to Life"

    see the brick wall---> smash your head into the brick wall----> now bleed

    brainwashing complete
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Oh my god - you know who uses "open to suggestion" as a mantra? This LGAT called Lifespring.
    Lifespring - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Oh these scummy little bastards just love to steal techniques from each other.
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    Re: Haiti charity scam


    calling doctor screwball
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Looks pretty Culty to me

    Lifespring was founded in 1974 by John Hanley Sr., after working at an organization called Mind Dynamics with Werner Erhard, the founder of est. Lifespring concentrated on how people experience each other, whereas est dealt with changing the way people experience themselves. However, there are many similarities between the two, as well as with Scientology

    Lawsuits were filed against Lifespring for charges ranging from involuntary servitude to wrongful death. The suits often claimed that the trainings place participants under extreme psychological stress in order to elicit change. Lifespring was ordered to pay money to participants who required psychiatric hospitalization and to family members of suicides
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Trust me, I went through a short course at age 15, and in the words of Will Fry, "it messed me up." They had a big emphasis on everything bad in your life being "your fault." Conversely, you had the power to change everything, just with your own actions. To this day, I can't help thinking that if something goes wrong for me, it's only because I'm doing it rong.

    For other people there were psychotic breaks and suicides.

    Point being, "wide open to suggestions" touches a nerve with me. We've got to stop these bastards before they wreck more people.

    / bawwwww
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Maria Bernal This is a translation of a comment posted by Felicidad Serrano:

    Yesterday there was another earthquake in Haiti, another one. Don’t worry, we have drilled and everything is taken care of. As you know, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers are trained to be there and do something about any situation anywhere on the planet.
    34 minutes ago


    Felicidad Serrano | Facebook
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Elizabeth Eveillard ... Suzan Robillard is looking FOR Voluntary Minister(VM's). She NEEDS 200 MORE CANADIAN VM's,(CANADIANS contact SUSAN ROBILLARD/ DENIS ROUSSEL at 514-969-4421 or 514-623-4402 AND VM's I/C CANADA AT 450-332-7376) ARE IN CHARGE OF GETTING YOU THERE FROM CANADA, WE WERE POSTED BY Voluntary Minister INTERNATIONAL!!
    January 23 at 11:28pm · View Feedback (1)Hide Feedback (1)
    Nancy Eveillard
    Nancy Eveillard
    élizabeth Susan demande de retirer le post car il y a son tel personnel...
    January 24 at 10:28pm
    Elizabeth Eveillard
    Elizabeth Eveillard ... Elizabeth Eveillard "A friend of the familly: Suzan Robillard is looking FOR Voluntary Minister(VM's). WE NEED 200 MORE CANADIAN VM's,(CANADIANS CONTACT MYSELF at 514-969-4421 514-623-4402 AND VM's I/C CANADA AT 450-332-7376) SUSAN ROBILLARD/ DENIS ROUSSEL ARE IN CHARGE OF GETTING YOU THE...RE FROM CANADA, WE WERE POSTED BY Voluntary Minister INTERNATIONAL!! SEE YOU ALL IN HAITI WITH ME!!"
    January 18 at 10:24pm via Mobile Web
    Michael Graves
    January 16 at 6:28pm · View Feedback (1)Hide Feedback (1)
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    Cory Brennan | Facebook
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Yesterday at 11:38pm
    It's OFFICIAL,
    we moved 110 orphans from the tents camp to the house!

    In less than a month from the beginning or our journey with the orphans at FUTURE HAITI, we went from leveling a dumping ground to putting up a provisional camp to rescuing the orphans that survived the earth shake to starting a school to renovating a 2 story building to move the kids to!


    The kids are scared and need your love and attention.

    During the recent nights the earth shaked again and again in a saddle way but enough to scare the kids over and again. Even though they have a house now, they run outside into the night to escape their recent memories of horror.

    As a mom, as a human being and as a friend I know that a gentle word and a caring hand can fade away bad memories and replace them with hope and a well worth future.

    I urge you to be that hand and to speak those words...

    You can do it by sponsoring an orphan.

    FUTURE HAITI - Orphanage
    They have food, they need love

    Felix Kunze photography

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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Felicidad Serrano facebook

    The seminar to the policia of trs continues ahead they are having many profits the policias of Haiti. Different seminars in different camps they are giving themselves. One of these seminars given they are expected for tomorrow the assistance of 200 new people. This seminar was carried out by the team of ...Ministros Voluntary of Cienciologia Mexican. Said Mexican team is the attendant tambien to coach to the policia of Haiti. Mountain happiness 24 of February from Haiti
    TR's for the police ... I guess they are done passing out food..and moved on to straight recruitment

    they did this routine during the Tsunamis "Training Routines" using mind control techniques with the police

    look at the wall,look at the book ,look at the bottle ---->pull my finger
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    The invasion of well-intentioned but useless woo continues

    Category: Alternative medicine • Medicine • Quackery
    Posted on: February 25, 2010 8:00 AM, by Orac

    Pity the poor Haitians.

    Not only is their nation dirt poor, but to kick off 2010, they suffered an earthquake that killed approximately a quarter of a million people, left at least 300,000 injured, and resulted in 1,000,000 homeless. Huge swaths of its capital of Port au Prince and Léogâne, among other cities, had been leveled. The devastation was (and remains) almost beyond comprehension, and it will be years, if not decades, before Haiti can recover. Disease and hunger are rampant. In the immediate aftermath, looting and violence were common.

    Unfortunately, disaster seems to attract quacks as nectar attracts hummingbirds or, more appropriately, the rotting corpses of the unfortunate victims of disasters attract flies and rats. First it was Scientologists showing up to do the Scientology version of faith healing and doing it so badly that Haiti would have been better off if they had stayed home. Assisting with this was John Travolta, flying in planeloads of medical supplies and doctors (for which he should be praised) and Scientology ministers to do "assist," which allegedly "reconnects" nervous systems shaken by trauma. In reality, it is nothing more than the Scientology version of faith healing, just as reiki is faith healing based on Eastern mysticism. Indeed, I was watching David Letterman the other night, and Travolta was on. I was profoundly irritated at how Letterman obsequiously fawned over how "humanitarian" Travolta was, while neglecting to mention the Scientology quacks that Travolta also flew in with the real medicine, real doctors, and real nurses. I know, I know, it's a talk show, and Letterman wasn't going to criticize Travolta, but there was a huge gorilla in the room that no one was acknowledging.

    Disasters are hard, cold reality. They cause human suffering through death, injury, disease, and starvation. That is what the people of Haiti are experiencing right now. They do not need a religion made up by a clever but washed up science fiction writer or its adherents engaging in a grotesque form of faith healing. They do not need acupuncturists coming into their country claiming that they can provide anesthesia for amputations by sticking little needles into the ears. They do not need homeopaths bringing their sympathetic magic placebos consisting of substances diluted to the point where not a single molecule is left. They do not need woo-meisters cmoing in to tell them that all their emotional trauma can be alleviated if they'd just tap, tap, tap their heads.

    Read More Here The invasion of well-intentioned but useless woo continues : Respectful Insolence
    No, they need clean water, real food, real medicines, and real shelter. Magical thinking won't help them. The resources to provide real, science-based medicine will.
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    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Google Translation

    FIRST NEWS SINCE OUR GROUP IN HAITI Share Today at 3:37pm Retrasmitiendo a telephone conversation of Michela, member of the Italian team of Flag that was transferred to Haiti.

    She said:

    "Three days ago they received us in a hospital as 'the ones that truly help'. We did not know a lot of what was going to result of 'really to know how to help'. Good, to each one of our team him was assigned a unit in the hospital. To my they assigned me the unit of intensive cares. The doctor gave me a traveled through quickly by the unit and later, when they left me alone, I began to attend to "my" patient. While it did him, a girl came toward my and he asked me if their mother had died since he carried a while without being moved. He went to see (seeking him the pulse) and as him I could not find (I am not doctor neither nurse) I called the doctor. He was so busy that asked me that him did not he bother if he was dead and he ordered that it he was removed to the morgue. What morgue? Where? Of course I did not ask any question. I did it, I attended the girl and I continued being in charge of my patients. The second time that found another dead person in my unit I decided that was not going to permit that this to pass again in my department. I evaluated quickly the situation and I found that the medicines were not functioning because the patients were not eating neither drinking, and they had not done it in days… so I left and I found some nuns that were giving food. I organized the things so that they came to my unit to feed my patients. They did it and they continued doing it durantes the following days…Later, we began to solve the theme of the water. We install a water filter. Fact. And, and, and…

    Michela was giving me so much information that am sure that escaped itself me a lot of what said but I will publish it as soon as i remember. To finalize the conversation, told me that finally had bathed and hot food had dinner.

    We find that an Orphanage of 300 Children completely was destroyed by the Earthquake and the Children were dispersed... Share Today at 8:20pm Michela and Fabio have reported me that and 'was position at your service an adjacent land to the airport (that' the more 'sure island). And "the size of a field of soccer. The project? An area where the island can be found ofani house and to receive an education. Yes they have heard well. We begin the project of an orphanage / school! The land and "surrounded, with the exception of a piece of wall and" fallen during the earthquake. But ours already they are in the work. A squadron of natives is the reconstruction of the wall, while other they are the deforestation for the sound of machete ..... OH if you are thinking "I ask me '¿how much time will take "a surprise and here is the reason" I have called to this development of the things OT. The teams of rescue that arrived since the foreigner to recover the victims underneath of the materials go back, but leaving their stores to our disposition to the school! So the land, the security, the stores, to listen and to hear the water. Is the floor has a well! And three of master that "recorded.... With all this, because I believe that we are going to mount a camp for 200 children that already are in its perimetro? NEWSPAPER thanks to those of us that had the bravery to do another sacrifice, excavating in the pockets and deep "and thus" to do permitted me to send to our group of advanced to five thousand dollars of the United States in bills of 5, 10 and 20 for to continue the work in progress! Thanks Luciana, Antonella, Enlivens, Tom, Mónica, Jonathan, Paola, Placid and Mónica. The money collected in less than two hours already are flying over the sky in a private jet. The time assigned to the goal, in the night! And 'an at the front DONE team! To all you, since the camp base, with humility and dedication.


    obligatory standing around doing nothing photo
  35. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Maria Bernal This is a translation of a note posted by Felicidad Serrano:

    The TRs seminar for the police is still being delivered, the Haitian policemen are having tons of wins. Different seminars are being delivered at the different camps. One of these seminars is expected to have tomorrow an attendance of 200 new people. This semi...nar will be delivered by the Mexican Scientology Volunteer Ministers. This Mexican team is also the one in charge of training the Haitian policemen.

    Felicidad Serrano
    February 24th
    Felicidad Serrano | Facebook
    so much for aiding the victims of the earthquake
  36. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Buy a shirt that exact color. Spend a couple hours wearing it while tiding up the basement or garage. Then see what color the shirt is.
  37. Herro Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Looks like the VMs are still helping out and doing what they can. Good on them.
  38. Triumph Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    By that you mean TR's and touch assist,and mooching supplys off of other orginizations, come on Herro Just Admit your "Marty Rathburn" and get it over with.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

  40. Kalashnikov Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    "You touch my kids, I'mma beat your ass!"

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