Haiti charity scam

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anonymous, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. Triumph Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    My Favorite Picture "Hanging Tech"
    thats Casey Kasems daughter in the center I think shes a DJ like her dad
    and the tall lanky kid Josh Hawkins , is the one who cut his finger with a "Scalpel" now he has to worry about
    Josh Hawkins was working alongside Darrell Craig, DMD, Scilon Dentist in the operating room
    and Dr. Richard Glunk a plastic surgeon from Maine on the MSNBC puff piece video.



    Main Line Media News

    Read about Dr Glunks 20 million dollar medical negligence and wrongful death suit he need all the PR he can get.
    Dr. Richard Glunk Law Suit Settlement
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    WTF is James Bond doing there? Is he a Scilon too?
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    how do you think they got into that hospital!..

    Read the Scilon Press Releases for one, there are half a dozen floating around

    they were Desperate for doctors..any kind of medical training

    Scilon dentist Darrell Craig DDM was Assigned to General Hospital, he and Scientology Volunteer Minister Ayal Lindeman, who is also an EMT and LPN, in the Critical Care Unit

    on the first day you might remember the Press Release where Six Scientoligists were turned away by the Army well,
    on the second day they allowed Six in,and only six Scilons: Dr Craig DDM and Lindeman an EMT/nurse and a Scilon woman who a Midwife and Josh Hawkins and two others..
    a day later a few more were allowed in. when the MSNBC piece was filmed

    they were only in the Hospital working for a few days they had plenty of real doctors by then
    they were all there long enough to get a little PR from the network. and they were all off doing something else.
    Dr Craig examined the Scientology orphanage children and did dentistry work.

    the stories are written by scientoligists on their blog site, so take what is written there with a grain of salt. I can read then without throwing up.

    California Dentist Volunteered in Haiti | Scientology Stories

    Scientology Today Scientologists

    you can spot Dr Craig and Ayal in the MSNBC puff piece
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    yes the Idiot (Josh Hawkins) cut his finger with a dirty scalpel now he has to be treated for aids for the next six months thats in the MSNBC piece too you'll see the "hanging tech" rope in the video too.. Josh was cleaning and sterilizing surgical instruments for the medical team if you watch the video thats very clear

    at about 56 seconds into the MSNBC piece you see josh at the table Josh talks about soaking some of the surgical tools in alcohol - its just a prep table.. no way real doctors would let that moron go near a paitent
    ( they switch to a shot of real doctors doing surgery Josh isn't in that shot at 1:09)

    in the picture here theres a table and boxes (he was cleaning and handing out surgical tools he wasn't operating)

    in the MSNBC video at 1:47 theres a Nicole Greenwood doing touch assist(shes the blond with the Herpies scab on her bottom lip)tickling some helpless little girl for 20 minutes. and calling it a WIN for the cameras.

    at 2:50 we see Josh showing off his cut and a comment about his having to have aids medication. for the next six months

    there are hundreds of photos showing Dr Craig,and Ayal In the Hospital and Josh and a few others inside the hospital they took ton of PR pictures

    Kerri Kasem a Scilon Semi-Celubtard ..was there for PR purposes as part of the "dog and pony show".

    the piece mentions 150 volunteers in Haiti... not in the hospital..
    someone else can go look and find the photos ..they are everywhere.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    I'm not a Doctor, But I play one in Haiti

  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    a few more days and the Herpes flare up will be gone , then its back to kissing all the boys

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  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    a few more days and the Herpes flare up will be gone , then its back to kissing all the boys


    you can view more of Nicole and Her Herpes, I mean Haiti Pictures here
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    they stuffed this young man in the Cargo Hold and took him back to Clearwater

  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    on KP duty pealing spuds for Nicole and Ellen

  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    the Bride to Be

  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    all they do is pose for pictures


    photo shop this one!
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    I't nothing but a summer camp romp

  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    worst disaster in the History of Man kind and she has time to pose for 300 pictures just like this!

    yea they are doing a lot of nothing!
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Seriously!! now what was "Herro" saying??? something about all the good work...??

  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    She couldn't work a street corner any harder![IMG]
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    no cowboy boots

  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    which one is the Waxt dummy?

    Conan Saved me from Scientology
  18. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    I can see it now:

    VMs in Haiti: The Musical
  19. Triumph Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    The sure have a bunch of time spent posing for pictures.

    they must be able to buy extra film at the airport gift shop.
  20. Herro Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

  21. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    There must be a cleaners there too where they get those shirts washed and ironed.
  22. Triumph Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Not to mention the makeup people- the hairdressers-all the photographers and the Cameramen
    video technicians,key grips,best boys,and gophers

    thats a exaggeration obviously-

    but then again it is always one big photo-op there is plenty of truth there.

    I have several Google alerts set I get 30+ alerts a day for Scientology Haiti Press releases
    and the great thing is the Media never covers their bullshit stories..
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

  24. pedrofcuk Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    No, no, no, they stopped helping just long enough to pose for pictures, innit?
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Do we ever see pictures of them doing something useful? Cuddling confused kiddies doesn't count.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Helping out with Haiti's school...
    Saturday, February 6, 2010 at 9:30am
    Send from: Susan Robillard

    Hello my friends.

    Unfortunately our school in Port-au-Prince Haiti has had huge damage and will cost to much to repair for the moment.



    Our school will supply study tech and all school subjects to 400 students and Orphanage boarding for 50 students.

    Our budget has been set, a large piece of land is being negotiated.

    *Urgently needed..Donations, Construction Materials, Construction Crew.

    *Needed and wanted...All Study Tech Materials, Books, Pens, School Supplies.

    *Needed and wanted...Trained Sup's, Staff. This will be a great opportunity for any person wanting to help Haiti. The time spent in Haiti can be negotiated as we will have staff coming from various places in the world.

    Thank You to all those who helped us in the past year, to make our dream school a reality. We are counting on you again.

    For serious inquiries I will send you our proposed budget/building plans/ non profit registration number and full outline for getting this job done.

    ML, Susan Robillard

    An honorable mention to the following who past away at Martin Luther King College in Port-au-Prince.

    Jean Phanor - Chemistry Teacher

    Joseph Constant - Literature Teacher

    Claude Desamein - Math Teacher
    Lets help each other out...
    Lets help each other out...
    I believe we can help them out in any way possible...
    February 6 at 9:32am · Report

    Lets help each other out...: Helping out with Haiti's school... | Facebook
    see post #1 in thred
  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

  28. Triumph Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    this was on the CNN Discussion board on the thread Port-Au-Price, Hait: Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School
    a little back story.

    Susan Robillard and several of he Scientology frineds flooded the CNN message board posting messages and asking for donations,several people there questioned her because of Susan and her friends asking to send money to a private e-mail address.
    the people there looked at her page an noticed she was a Scientoligist so the questioned her
    you can read what the others posted by checking the address
    the Scientoligist(Susans & Friends) started bull baiting.people there started raising the questions and them removed their posts to cover their tracks
    Susan deleted 2 of her fake charity pages and her personal facebook page over the incident.

    Port-Au-Price, Hait: Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School | Facebook

    Port-Au-Price, Hait: Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School
    CNN discussion board

    MarieBeth Adams Susan Robillard works in a school in Haiti that helps w/& humanitarian work. She doesn't know if her kids in the school are dead or alive. They need help with cash, clothes, any supplies, prayers, anything.

    Please check out their Facebook site Humanitarian group for Haiti. Paypal donations accepted.

    Welcome to Facebook | Facebook
    January 13 at 6:04pm · Report
    MarieBeth Adams Just do what feels right. Been FB friends with Susan for a time. I also donated through President Clinton's website. I couldn't give a whole lot, but at least I tried to do something.

    And yes Kingo, some folks just have no class at all.
    January 14 at 6:23am · Report

    Port-Au-Price, Hait: Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School | Facebook
    Turia Hudsmith Susan's site is safe to donate but so long as you donate to one of the charity's that's all that matters.

    As for Mr. Robert there thank you for your wonderful comments in regards to us Canadian's why don't you go hate somewhere else. The Canadian SUSAN who's charity started this thread came back from her humanitarian work in Haiti late last year with a little gift, a severe lung infection caused by mold that almost killed her but yet she's getting on that plane and heading into a nightmare worse then any image that you can see on the TV. I guess we could just call her a stupid Canadian but I like to call her Heroic, but then I'm biased she's my friend.
    January 14 at 7:40pm · Report
    Susan Robillard WOW, I had no idea all this was going...LOL..Thank you all for caring.

    Please look at the date when I posted my pictures..IN NOVEMBER!

    For all those who know me, this group was started LAST YEAR and there is much proof of this on my group site.


    1.See the date when I posted my pictures, of me with our children..NOVEMBER/09

    2. See all the previous posts of Christmas donations from my friends(before the earthquake)

    3. See our info on our School...Martin Luther King College.

    4. Since we are a small group of volunteers in our school, yes we posted LAST YEAR a paypal account, where our friends could donate to and help us.

    5. We are a small group that is very lucky to have some help from our friends and VM's Scientology Volunteer Ministers - The Largest Independent Relief Force on Earth


    This will be my only reply to this post as we have a lot to do, and have many children missing.

    January 14 at 11:13pm · Report
    Turia Hudsmith @antonio who do you think she is going to recruit the dead child that lies in the middle of the road or the one stuck under the rubble that will die because there's no one to get them out. The people who own the school that Susan helps are not Scientologists and neither are the children. She just wants to help and has been doing so long before this earthquake. Why don't you bother checking out her page and see what her group does or better yet why don't you get off your high horse stop attacking others and donate to one of the organization you feel comfortable with.
    January 15 at 7:58am · Report
    Turia Hudsmith @Antonio

    Susan's group the one with the school has nothing to do with Scientology it is something she has been working on way before the quake if you look at what she has been doing there rather then just judge her for her beliefs you might see that. There is no money going into Susan's bank account every penny donated will go to those in Haiti. Just because she is connected to Scientology doesn't make her a bad person she truly wants to help and has been doing so long before Haiti came back into the spotlight because of this terrible tragedy.

    January 15 at 5:36pm · Report
    Turia Hudsmith @Antonio they are giving her help to get down there but she is still trying to raise more The school that she helps there is run by a family friend and she really cares right now she knows the owner of the school and his family is ok but they are still trying to find the kids. The owner has taken in people around him and trying to help them but everything is running out and they still can't locate all the children of the school. Susan is a volunteer minister but this school that she raises money for and helps has nothing to do with Scientology.
    January 15 at 6:12pm · Report


    on the right Susan Robillard,Cary Goulston,Jean Claude Jean
  29. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    And in the back, two guys wearing Dianetics t-shirts.
  30. Triumph Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    I see Applied Scholastics on the bottom of the pictures and Study Tech in the posts and I see a picture where half the scientoligists were photo doctored out
    Study Tech.. sounds like a Scientology School to me...

    the school is now twice the size,and now they have 50 resteveks

    this is the school they were talking about in the Scilon press releases!

    the one with the hat is Cary Goulston of Global Pioneers... the Guy mentioned in the Gawker Article
    Profiteering in Haiti

    that was a Good find Anon!

  31. Belladonna Member

  32. Triumph Member

  33. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Schools that use it pay up to 10% of their gross income for the privilege. (There was a sample contract on the ABLE site that used 4% as the rate.)

    The unperson June 25, 2006, Robert Farley, St. Petersburg Times

    So probably 10% of donations to the school go straight to ABLE and up the money bridge.
  34. Triumph Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    theres always an angle .. knew they make some money from it..10% thats good to know.
    so... Davey gets his cut off the top.
    I bet Susan get a big fat chunk to run the program,I imagine thats how it works. shes not down there, out of the kindness of her heart.

    that gross income will go up with the addition of 200 students and an orphanage,

    She insisted 100% went to the children in some of her posts! theres a red flag!.
    having it sent to a personal e-mail address anotherred flag!

    heres the kicker
    all that time she was posting messages on face book she never once mentioned her non-profit registration Number
    no wonder people questioned her motives right of the beginning.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Felicidad Serrano facebook page

    Felicidad Serrano is a Volunteer Minister in Haiti
    Felicidad Serrano 1.500 personas entrenadas en Ayudas.
    Yesterday at 5:56am via Facebook for iPhone · Comment · Like


    1,500 people coached in/about Aids

    Scientology claims that everything from dyslexia to HIV/AIDS can be cured by Dianetics


    From this moment on, Jenna Elfman shall be known as the Grinch who stole Christmas. During the last holiday season, the Dharma & Greg star refused to take part in a celebrity autograph auction for an organization that
    raised money for the care of children with HIV. As a brainwashed devotee of The Church of Scientology, the bah-humbugy Elfman stated that she couldn't support any organization that raised money for AIDS research or relief because "AIDS is a state of mind, not a disease." Get over it! They're babies, for Buddha's sake!! (or should we say "for Xenu's sake" -- in honor of her wacky alien leader/god?).

    Ironically, Scientology megacelebs Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and John Travolta all donated autographs for the same auction. One word of advice, Jenna: Watch out for the ghost of Christmas past.

    and this Jem

    AIDS Miracle!
    By (Cerberus)
    11 Jul 1995 12:03:37 -0400

    Someone asked for the AIDS cure post on AOL. Here it is, with some of the follow-ups. I particularly like the way Jim Kale keeps a weather eye on the FDA.

    Excerpted from the AOL "Ethics and Religion" section (keyword: "religion"), "Other Religions I" section, "AOL Scientologists Communicate" folder:
    Subj Miracle? Date: 95-06-28 19:49:07 EDT From: Jim Kale

    Dearest Friends,

    Thought I would post this "win" which some might call a miracle.

    Six weeks ago I was asked to consult with a young man who had previously done some Scientology services but wasn't currently active. This young man who we'll call "Bob", was "gay", HIV positive, and he knew that something was really wrong with his life. His sexual orientation wasn't a problem to him and his medical condition was of surprisingly little concern to him. In the course of our two hour meeting, I helped him to locate exacty what from his viewpoint was truly "ruining his life". As it turned out, Bob was stuck in a real problem. On the one hand, he was trying to live his life, achieve his goals, be successful as a college student etc. On the other hand he was very dedicated to the goal of STOPPING HIMSELF AT ALL COSTS! He had no clue as to the whys and wherefores of his condition. I did.

    I enlightened him on an "auditing rundown" known as the "False Purpose Rundown" which LRH specifically develoloped to handle this variety of "ruin". The False Purpose Rundown, or FPRD as it is more commonly known, is an extremely powerful and effective procedure. Although it can be delivered to those with relatively little previous auditing, it is in fact a byproduct of LRH's "upper level" research. As I went over this material with him, Bob really came alive as he gained a rudimentary understanding of his situation. Subsequently he signed up for an auditing program which consisted of necessary "set-ups" followed by FPRD.

    Today I Iearned that after about 25 hours of auditing he is no longer HIV positive. His doctor concluded that as unbelievable as it may sound, all his previous tests must have somehow been in error because such things just don't happen. His "T cell" count (a measure of immune system function) which had been in the 30s (extremely low) is now also normal.

    AIDS Miracle!

    Haiti doesn't need these fraudsters and their quackery!
  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    facebook fanpage for the Scientology orphanage

    The notes are written by Barbara Schneider, Spanish by Maria Bernal.

    Le note sono state scritte da Barbara Schneider, spagnola di Maria Bernal.

    Las notas está escritas por Barbara Schneider, en Español por Maria Bernal.

    FUTURE HAITI - Orphanage
    Company Overview:
    This is the story of hundred of orphans and how a group of people saved them from the vagabondage and despair
    Questa e' la storia di centinaia di orfani che dopo il terremoto di Haiti, un gruppo ha salvato dal vagabondaggio e dalla disperazione
    Ésta es la historia de cientos de niños huérfanos y de cómo un grupo de personas los salvó de convertirse en vagabundos y llegar a la desesperación

  37. NewfAnon Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    The VM's are crowing over being patted on the head by Georgia Senator Donazella James (can we 'poon her? maybe too late...), and they are also setting their sights on Chile.
    See the Wall posts on their Facebook page here:
    Login | Facebook

    And let's keep an eye out for appeals for donations on FB for sending VM's to Chile.

    Here we go again...
  38. Triumph Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    time to beat the drum..

    most of the potential VM's are in hiding,there afraid to pick up their phones,because there is someone calling constantly looking for money,or badgering them and calling them wanting them to leave their comfort zone,and go to some awful third world country.on their own dime. the one's willing to go have already gone to Haiti, the gung-ho types are already there in Haiti

    they might get a few people to Volunteer from their South American Orgs..but they a few in number

    the Logistics are a little different this time

    Maybe the people in the cult will wake up a realize they just don't have 200,000VM's
  39. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Restavek RPF?
  40. Anonymous Member

    Re: Haiti charity scam

    Vulture Minister Photo Op Felicidad Serrano in center

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