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Discussion in 'Anonymous Iran Archive' started by Sol Mann, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. Sol Mann Member

    I know there was a protest at the Public Gardens the other day.

    Anything else planned in Halifax that anyone is aware of? :)
  2. Or anywhere else in the maritimes...
  3. Umm

    Well we could do something this weekend - go out with green banners etc... but I would say we should wait until tomorrow morning when we'll find out the results of tomorrow afternoon's rally in Iran (8:30am in Halifax is 4:00pm in Tehran).

    Also a rally wouldn't be much good with only a couple of people...

  4. grokitt2 Member

    Plan something and put it here, on Facebook, and Twitter. And anywhere else you can think of. You might also want to phone/email any human rights advocate groups in your area, and see if they aren't planning something, or if they'd like to join you. A lot of ppl are following this, and a lot of ppl want to add some kind of support.:)
  5. Godspeed! Member

    Anybody else in Cape Breton? [/sarcasm]
  6. Mousavi apparently put out a request for all major cities to be bathed in green on Sunday... but like I said before I don't think we have the numbers for a green bath...

  7. 666300 Member

    Yea, is there anything planned in Halifax any time soon?
  8. Sol Mann Member

    I think we need to try and make contact with the local expat community and find out if they have continuing plans.

    I'm trying my best to do so.
  9. 666300 Member

    Yea that is definitely something that needs to happen.
    If I find any resources that might help to contact the appropriate people I will try and let you know.
  10. Seriously? Iran?

    Jokes on you guys. While Armour Dinner Jacket MAY suck balls they won the election at the expected 60% that was tossed by several media outlets.

    let me ask you all, how exactly do you rig 10 MILLION votes?

    If the protests were happening ANYWHERE else they would be tollerated but when they turn violent the cops come, jesus christ

  11. Godspeed! Member

  12. Sol Mann Member

    Communists in my Halifax?

  13. o0o0o0o0o0o0o PRETTY GRAPHS
    Protip: Graphs mean fuck all unless you can provide accurate data to back it up, on a blog site expessing an OPINION to boot.

    Population of Iran:
    Votes for Armour-Dinner-Jacket: 24,527,516
    Votes for IR: 13,216,411
    Votes for other: 1 million

    lets see..... Voter turnout was 70-73%
    which would mean ADJ won 62% of the motherfucking vote.

    let me make this clear: I don't support ADJ or Abadgaran because its a theocratic rightwing party on par with the Neocons in the GOP, but the people chose and now the WEST are the only ones BUTTHURT over it.

    Stop meddling in other people's affairs
    and take some directive about things happening in CANADA

  14. Godspeed! Member

    A. That blog has been consistently right on a plethora of issues, most notably the presidential campaign (CNN has cited it as a source.) It is full of facts, where are your's?

    B. What makes you think that the numbers weren't just made up? The numbers just don't add up. If Ahmadinejad won, he won by a very, very slim margin.

    C. I am active in Canadian politics. I'm a card-carrying member of the NDP and I recently worked as a volunteer coordinator on the campaign that helped launch the Nova Scotia NDP to power. What the fuck are you doing?
  15. ok so,
    A) "This site is an expert on an issue because I SAID SO.
    B) "If Bush won, he won by a very, very slim margin."
    C)Let's see.... I've been on a construction deligation to Cuba on behalf of the YCL-LJC, I I am ALSO A CARD CARRYING PSEUDO-SOCIALIST whom I might add will be hangin' out at the federal convention in Augest. and I'm also an armchair troll.

    see? I can be an internet tough guy too! How about focusing on the fact the provincial government decided its a GOOD IDEA to let NS power to not be held accountable for the costs they charge. That they sell the natural gas theyre suppose to be using to the states to increase profits, yet also hike rates up so the working class struggle more.
    After that why don't you call up the federal party and bitch about Uranium City, Chalk River, Khader still in Gitmo, and minimum wages being too low to live on.

    Then maybe you should make the point that the NDP adopting Blair's 3rd way policy just further diludes the traditional position of the NDP standing up for working Canadians and only addresses the needs of the middle-uppermiddle class Canadians and not the bulk of the population, y'know, like the Liberal party does.
  16. dear faggots

    Dear faggots,

    Please become an hero post haste.

    Thank you,
    The interwebs.
  17. Godspeed! Member

    Not even going to try anymore. Communists are just people who haven't read the Communist Manifesto. If you want to start a pro-Ahmadinejad site for Communist wackjobs, have fun.
  18. Do you understand how STUPID you sound? A Communist making a PRO Armour-dinner-jacket website? HUUUUURRRRRRRRRRR

    Lets see, first things first: Abadgaran: the political party that WON, is composed of the religous right in Iran, groups in favour of a free market system, and pro-millita. Hell if I didnt know any better I would say they are the Iranian equivalent of the GOP. Now how exactly could a COMMUNIST support a political organization on par with the REPUBLICAN party, can you see how stupid that sounds? But wait, I forgot you're obviously someone too stupid to see beyond black and white.

    Oh, and before you start going on about "commies r dum" perhaps you should look into the history of the CCF before it became the NDP and notice how the political platform ended with the eventual destruction of capitalism. Who drafted that? Tommy Douglas? NO WAY HE GAVE US FREE HEALTH CARE!!1!

    oh by the way, if you've actually read the manifesto perhaps you should sit down and read Kapital...... Oh wait I forgot you've made up your mind, look at it this way: If Black Jesus can pull America's free market out of troubles in 5 more years our two countries will be perfectly prepared for the next 10 trillion dollar debt bill: retirement of the babyboomers.

    at the end of the day I support ADJ's opponent, but he's been offered a recount, there's meddling from foreign powers, and everyone is just getting more angry.

  19. You have a good chance of finding supporters/local activists at Nova Scotia Public Interest Research Group (NSPIRG). Their office is the Dalhousie Student Union Building, and they have a website.
  20. Freedom Day Support

    I'm a student in Halifax wanting to get involved with activities happening in Halifax on Freedom Day, or in future. Are you in touch with anyone in Halifax or can you tell me if there is an active community for this here?

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