Handle or Disconnect - Policy on those Against CoS

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anonymous, Apr 4, 2010.

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    Handle or Disconnect - Policy on those Against CoS

    Here's the "Handle or Disconnect" policy.

    If we hear Scientologists talk about how this doesn't happen, here's the "source" from Hubbard. This does happen, as we all know. Tommy Davis would like the television audience kept in the dark, and offers lies. After all, we are just wogs.

    Here's the truth.

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  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Handle or Disconnect - Policy on those Against CoS

    Document is the whole PTS/SP course, could you point out the actual "Handle or Disconnect" policy?
  3. themadhair Member

    Re: Handle or Disconnect - Policy on those Against CoS

    The policy letter 'PTSness and Disconnection', 10th Sep 1983, is where to go for the disconnection dox. That policy letter, and the associated references, lay it all out.

    A copy of the red volumes are your friend.
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    Re: Handle or Disconnect - Policy on those Against CoS

    Or, just try the Scientology Handbook online!

    Source - Beware! Scilon site. Proxy up: [SPOILER]PTS Handling - Cause of Suppression, How can Scientology help me...[/SPOILER]
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    Re: Handle or Disconnect - Policy on those Against CoS

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    Re: Handle or Disconnect - Policy on those Against CoS

    This 1964 policy letter was later seen as the answer to the problem of having to cancel the disconnection policy.

    The history of this PL is addressed in detail here (probably a scn site so proxy up: [SPOILER][/SPOILER]
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  9. SOJOA Member

    Re: Handle or Disconnect - Policy on those Against CoS

    This made my laugh after reading the link. Sounded kind of like a PSY 101 class text book lol
  10. PodPeople Member

    Re: Handle or Disconnect - Policy on those Against CoS

    Any scientologists still "in" at this point know this occurs for the simple reason of the volumes of those who are leaving. What these sci's might not know is how their church officials are publicly and legally denying same, since they're not allowed to view much of any media or internet.

    However, it is because of this volume of those leaving, especially OT 7's & 8's, that has continued to get those in looking on the internet. The reason for this is their dedicated belief in the tech: Suppressive Persons are 2 1/2 % of the population. They are witnessing something like 50 to 80% in their own group?

    The tech works in freeing people from the tech.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: Handle or Disconnect - Policy on those Against CoS

    Damn, you posted the link before me.

    I know it's also in A New Slant on Life, not that anyone cares to buy a copy, but I like to look around and try to find references in actual books so that the Scilons can't say "You read that on the internet," I can say "No, I read it in your books."
  12. themadhair Member

    Re: Handle or Disconnect - Policy on those Against CoS

    Ups&Downs in life or Intro To Scn Ethics are better sources imo.
  13. PodPeople Member

    Re: Handle or Disconnect - Policy on those Against CoS

    Have to admit I'm not clear who your target audience is. If it's sci staff and public, read my Post #10 above. That audience needs to know their Sci officials are denying this disconnect policy exists. Those in know already it does but freaked out about the huge numbers of those leaving and forced into disconnection. It just doesn't jive with any "tech" they know. srsly
  14. themadhair Member

    Re: Handle or Disconnect - Policy on those Against CoS

    I simply responded to a poster. If you want to pointlessly take my comment out of that context then so be it. But it is, as previously noted, pointless to do so.
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  16. PodPeople Member

    Re: Handle or Disconnect - Policy on those Against CoS

    Mea culpa. I was just trying to help. Point taken.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Free and Clear | May 20, 2011 at 8:14 pm | Reply

    Thanks Steve! This is a huge step forward in breaking the stranglehold. DM’s boldest stroke was the re-introduction of disconnection- a practice that earned Scientology many black eyes in the 3 or so years that LRH had it in effect. LRH saw the damage and potential for much more and cancelled it. Smart man. DM saw the control factor and revived it like some kind of Frankenstein monster, and it has been terrorizing people and wrecking havoc on the Scientology religion ever since. Everything you have done has been groundbreaking. Every Scientologist in the world owes you a huge debt. (DM obviously excluded as he is so obviously not a scientologist).

    View attachment 21de83577b0a1971097888837abc046b?s=48&d=identi Thoughtful | May 20, 2011 at 9:52 pm | Reply

    Thank you Free and Clear, You made some great points — I hadn’t realized it was only 3 years the policy was in effect; and “Frankenstein monster” is the perfect summation of it all. Wow!

    • View attachment a28bf9eaacc7589da8b8d985afe0cc49?s=48&d=identi Free and Clear | May 21, 2011 at 12:20 am | Reply

      Dear Steve,
      The story of the disconnection PL is really facinating. I researched it at one time and had the exact dates. I don’t have that research anymore but I recall that it was between 3 and 4 years that disconnection was in force. Those on staff at that time will recall that disconnection policy sparked several governmental inquiries due to breaking up families and in one country there was even a legal ruling requiring the C of S to renounce disconnection policy. LRH moved swiftly to remove the policy and by around 68 or 69, the only polices in effect were normal justice policies, no disconnection. Scientology rolled along without that policy from ’69 til 84 and expanded like crazy. Disconnection policy was not used by LRH during all those years of explosive expansion. The Man only used what worked. Then the other bizarre thing about the disconnection PL is that it is dated 2 full years before it was actually released. Again, I don’t have any documents on this anymore, but the PL was physically released sometime mid 84 and was dated mid 82. Mid 82 LRH was still slightly connected- by mid 84 he was well off all lines. By backdating the PL it seemed more plausible that LRH wrote it. And then of course the is RV Young’s repeated statements that he wrote the PL at DM’s behest and that it was never seen by LRH. In the light of DM’s subsequent behaviour, this claim has looked more and more believable as the years and revelations have rolled forth.So the policy that LRH tried for a few years and then discarded has been in effect now 27 years under DM, with the end result of just obscene amounts of grief and hatred towards the C of S, thousands of antagonistic news pieces and a whole army of anti-scientologists created. But I am 100% certain that in DM’s mind it was worth it, because to this day it is the one thing that silences the voices of the thousands of Scientologists in “good standing” who are repelled by the blatant abuse of Scientology policy and tech being perpetrated every day by this “ding-dong here comes the wagon leader”. DM will never give it up. It will have to be wrested from his dying clutching hand. And that’s why have the greatest respect for you, the first indy, the guy who stood stood up and said ” shove it where the sun don’t shine”. Hats off Steve, you are the man.

      • View attachment 21de83577b0a1971097888837abc046b?s=48&d=identi Thoughtful | May 21, 2011 at 2:59 am | Reply

        Thanks for the props. When I got into Scientology in 1979, like many others, I soon had a PTS situation brewing with a family member. I was not allowed to disconnect however, because the practice had been canceled. Honestly I wanted to take the easy way out, but the Church wouldn’t let me! THAT was Scientology. So, I did the PTS-SP course, the PTS Rundown and the Suppressed Person Rundown to its full OT EP (for those unfamiliar, on the Suppressed Person Rundown the pc runs problem processes from all angles until the attacking person experiences a profound change and originates letting bygones be bygones. This rundown actually changes another person from a distance). And yes, it totally worked. Today I am very glad I was not allowed to disconnect but instead forced to handle.

    • View attachment 286104071e3dd29356507bd5d8bb8f84?s=48&d=identi Watchful Navigator | May 21, 2011 at 4:17 am | Reply

      Be sure, everyone (this is a “must listen” for all Independents!) – get a copy of RJ68 (an LRH lecture of 1968, suppressed and lost to all of us – completely written out of the church’s history!). In it you hear straight from Ron himself WHY he canceled Disconnection.
      In fact on RJ68, LRH repairs the gamut of troublesome, short-lived, out-ARC policies right there in one fell swoop. The same ones DM later snuck back in, as all remaining references to this lecture were stamped out.
      Listening to it really proofs you from the DM lies, as well as the LRH blamers. It’ll make you weep. You’ll swear LRH made it for us Independents. It’s the simple restoration of ARC and Basic purpose and policy: MAINTAIN FRIENDLY RELATIONS WITH THE ENVIRONMENT.
      I’m sorry I can’t provide a reliable link to a leaked copy. An internet search reveals DM’s secret service (OSA staff – do you know of a good reason this genuine and non-confidential LRH lecture has been deleted from church libraries? – I didn’t think so – what are you still doing on post – NCG???) has been ruthlessly chasing posted leaked copies off the web. I wonder why…
      However, there may be some folks who’ll offer to e-mail their copy. Or keep trying (use for a secure search) as it appears from time to time.
      RJ 68. DISCONNECTION CANCELED. In LRH’s own words.

      • View attachment 286104071e3dd29356507bd5d8bb8f84?s=48&d=identi Watchful Navigator | May 21, 2011 at 4:38 am | Reply

        Further thoughts/ideas:
        *Had RJ68 not been seized and all but wiped out completely, Scientology was well on its way to shedding and avoiding most of its “cult-ish” connotations and truly going mainstream. Well, thanks to websites like the one released today, we’re really doing it now.
        *RJ68: the original, source, “de-cult-ification” guide to ending abuses and abusive policies from Scientology
        *Independent Scientology: the “un-cult” – bringing friendly, effective Scientology help to the world
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    My Bad. I thought it was a streaming link but it's a file. Link is correct!
  21. Well if you click to open a file Mediaplayer plays it for ya if you don't choose download
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    What absolute bollocks. The frequency with which 'handle or disconnect' was present in the p/l's flat out refute this, and demonstrate clearly that Hubbard himself was the source.

    Here is a brief analysis of PTS/SP tech that shows how central this idea was to Hubbard's creation:
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    Bollocks is correct.

    In reality, neither disconnection from Suppressive Persons (SPs), nor the Fair Game Law, were discontinued. It was a public relations matter, and was serious enough that Hubbard made official statements, and even issued a couple of policy letters, to "prove" that disconnection from SPs, and Fair Game, had been discontinued.

    What's remarkable is to watch people who still haven't figured it out.

    The brainwashing runs deep.
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  24. Smurf Member

    The official Scilon line nowadays is not to deny disconnection exists, but that it's not mandated or forced upon people, that it is purely the decision of the families involved, which is utter bullshit. Tommy understands this as he has disconnected from some of his family members who want nothing to do with him as long as he's sucking up to the cult.
  25. Anonymous Member

    The Independent Scilon line is what surprises me. These people, the "Independent Scientologists," despite no longer belonging to corporate Scientology, are still mind fucked.

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