Hank von Helvete: "Vaksinen er giftig"

Discussion in 'Prosjekt Chanology' started by Vir, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. Vir Member

    Hank von Helvete: "Vaksinen er giftig"

    Hertis vil ikke ta vaksine mot ribbe-sjuka, og velger å risikere familiens liv og helse for L. Ron Hubbard.

    Fra VG 30. okotober 2009, side 31:

    Og her har vi et par gode kandidater for Scientologikirken:
    Sett i gang og rekrutter, Hank, så får du kanskje salgs-bonus du også.

    Hør også Misjonen på P4, 30. oktober:
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Hank von Helvete: "Vaksinen er giftig"

    googlebot translate =

  3. Skwee Member

    Re: Hank von Helvete: "Vaksinen er giftig"

    A perfect example of idiocity:
    Per Sundnes (number two in the orange box above): "I'm sure I had [the flu] in the '70's there was an epidemic back then too."

    Sure genious, it might have been an influenza virus, but as a flu virus lives on it also mutates. Swine flu is a mutated string of influenza, it has probably mutated beyond recognition since the 70's (if it is the "same" virus). The immune system of the body doesn't recognize the virus and can't fight it even if you have had almost the same kind of flu earlier. Swine flu might not be deadly, but it sure can be a nuisance to society if a whole bunch of people have it at the same time.

    Unni Lindell, lower down in the orange box claims that have been 4 reported cases of death from the vaccine in Sweden. What she forgets to mention is that 3 were sick and one was old and all of them were in danger of dying if they got the swine flu for real. People with compromised immune systems who couldn't handle a small amount of the virus. You can't save them all, sad but true.
  4. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: Hank von Helvete: "Vaksinen er giftig"

    inbf Swine Flu was created by Psychs
  5. Basement Member

    Re: Hank von Helvete: "Vaksinen er giftig"

    Implying it wasn't?
  6. Swede Member

    Re: Hank von Helvete: "Vaksinen er giftig"

    It is true that 2 people died AFTER getting the vaccine, but it was not BECAUSE of the vaccine. One was a heartfaliure guy who would drop dead any day whatever they did and the other was cancer death.

    The risk with the vaccine is far far less than the risk of the swineflu. Any healthy adult should have no problem with it. It's a new vaccine, yes, but only for the A H1N1 strain. This kind of vaccine is p. fucking old and tested.

    The mercury amount in the preservative is much lower than it has been in previous vaccines. It's about the same amount you get just by breathing for 2 days.

    Furthermore, since the fuck when did Hank get a MD title? I really WANT to believe in a fat, halfassed dark/goth rocker from Norway but I must know that 1st.
    CCHR are such a reliable source of BullShitt he just can't be wrong.....

    also; antiBACTERIAL should tell you something....
  7. _You_ Member

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