HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by pooks, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. Anonymous Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

  2. agentxyzzy Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    Why don't you take your fair game tactics over to some scilon message board?

  3. Anonxmous Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    I thought you were exaggerating. I really did.

    I was born in the highlands, but left at the age of three... I didn't read the flyer - until I read your post Barb, and thought I'd better take a look.

    RAEG!! OMG I swear my blood pressure is so high I can see the redness in my fingers!

    I am comforted solely by imagining over and over someone with a fixed smile wearing a plaid-skirt cutting off half their foot while trying to skip over a scabbard.
  4. Ogsonofgroo Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    Lol @ giant ginsu knife CoS-sucker, '"That there ain't na forkin sword, wheres da pommels!" >, (edit, they're there, just hard to see, even harder after a few mugs of rum, duh *shame*), my Scots mates an' me are farting in scotsilon's gereral directions, (oh we're drunk and lolololing), tis an ill wind that follows that sinkin' ship......
    Yeh, foolish blather, but we're havin' funs :D

  5. re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    "...Yeah it's painful. I've just been repeatedly kicked all weekend by my reactive mind. But we are all in this together,so have your reactive mind assult you too."

    Perhaps someone can do this poor chap a favour and tell him he's mocking up his 'reactive mind'.
  6. DeathHamster Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    Their Ideal Org pretend site is more of the same:

    They even have a sad video.
  7. Anonymous Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    We in Scotland are all about freedom and personal independence!
    That's why we follow the words of some yank from Nebraska!!!!

    Wankers. Can't even pick a decent cult to the colonized by.
  8. Anon1260 Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    He reminds me of Nick Frost.

  9. pooks Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    Tuesday, July 28, 2009
    "Hubbard Academy" <HAPI-IDEAL@BTCONNECT.COM

  10. Optimisticate Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    This sounds like a call to arms... freedom fighters, beds of gore, swordsmen, reactive mind assaults, troops needed, battalions of staff...

    And note at the end... "LRH will be proud", not "LRH would have been proud"

    Interesting! Thanks for another great leak :)
  11. re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    Once again, CoS faggotry knows no bounds.

    Scotsfags, we expect you to raid the shit out of their so-called Homecoming...
  12. DeathHamster Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    He countin' us?

    Pet peeve: People who insist on "translating" Scots when it's no even broad Scots, just archaic spelling.
  13. Hater Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    Here's the video from the site.

    I believe their ultimate goal in establishing a fortress in Scotland is to somehow convince the Loch Ness monster to join their side. Lord have pity on our souls!

    [ame=""]YouTube - correctedhapifullq[/ame]
  14. stc Member

  15. pedrofcuk Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    ok, let's discuss that crap above.
    1. Braveheart was a hollywood movie and famous for being historically inaccurate in many areas.
    2. Clan does not mean group, it is the irish (gaelic) word for children.
    3. they give reasons for joining their "group", pipe bands marching up an down the street and the edinburgh festival, amazing!
    4. "no social middle class nonsense allowed here", is just plain crazy, being social is what sane people try to be, middle class is often an accident of birth...
    5. "They may take our lives but they will never take our freedom" is pretty rich coming from a group that enslaves its members mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
    o ok i've said enough already, maybe i've said too much...
  16. xenubarb Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails


    Damn it, I hate when they pretend to be things they're not. I hope the real clans come down on them hard. It's not just some fantasy; Scot clans have a long and tedious history and I'm sure they won't appreciate these jumped up fanatics usurping their culture.

    Also, now they're bestowing TITLES on each other? This is a travesty!
  17. DeathHamster Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    They'd be better to join the SCA. Almost as much pretend, and far more fun!
    (And the food's better.)
  18. pooks Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    From: Hubbard Academy <HAPI-IDEAL@BTCONNECT.COM>
    Date: Tuesday, September 8, 2009



    Carol Smith
  19. pooks Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    From: Hubbard Academy <HAPI-IDEAL@BTCONNECT.COM>
    Subject: There's a whisper...
    To: xxxx
    Date: Thursday, September 3, 2009


    There's a whisper spreading through the fields
    and up and over the high mountain passes...


    ...there seems to be many voices

    ...whispers from different places

    ...whispers in foreign tongues even.

    The rhythm of marching feet heading this way...

    ...what are they coming for?

    Special Video from the Executive Director

    [COLOR="Red"]NOTE: This is a Scilon website[/COLOR]

    Clan Gathering

    For itinerary, prices, buying tickets and more information:

    [COLOR="Red"]NOTE: This is a Scilon website[/COLOR]

    International and Scottish Alliance - HAPI Ideal Org Scotland
  20. pooks Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    NOTE: This is a Scilon website

    Contributors to the Ideal Org Scam Hapi Org, Scotland Sept 09

    Here is the page dedicated to all you people who are helping to put this Ideal Org here in Edinburgh.   Correctly named an "Honour Roll."

    Here is the page dedicated to all you people who are helping to put this Ideal Org here in Edinburgh.

    Correctly named an "Honour Roll."


    Tom MacFadyen


    Colin McNeil

    Teresa Kane & John Moffat


    Stephen Larkin


    Eric & Rhoda Calder

    Bernadett David & Iain Calder

    Gordon Reid


    Angie Reid

    Andrea & Nic Webb

    Dave Fraser

    Catherine Neil

    Gavin & Jen Foster

    Duncan Macleod

    Susan Holmes

    James Stewart

    Patrick Bourke

    Jaqueline Docherty

    Sharon McNeil


    Drew Robb

    Matt Brown & Gillian Sherwood

    Pat Brunton

    Luc Roelens

    Christina Bleny

    Gunilla Gerber

    Joan Pigge

    Joe Tole

    John Sutherland

    Rubin Sipkofki

    Shauna Shields

    Vivi Hansen

    Donat Perbohner


    Ken Littlewood

    Frank & Wilma Laidlaw


    Craig Martin


    Angie Lockey

    Danny Kenmure &

    Natasha Meikle

    Nicole Keppler

    Rita Nikamaa

    Sheila Gaiman

    Frank Watson

    Jonathon Kluss

    Shelley Gerber

    Sarah Fraser

    Nadine Fernie

    Eve & David McKenzie

    Fran Perbohner

    John Gourlay

    Nancy Grier

    Art & Sue Moore

    Colin Fraser

    Mark Gibson

    Michael Lowe

    Neil Stewart

    Tony Echavarria

    Valentin Juhasz

    Jenny Scarfe Beckett

    David Jackson

    Tom Shuster

    Alison Enright

    Arianna Tremayne

    Gordon Calder

    Ken Beer

    Mark Gardner

    Peter McColm

    Rosie Fraser

    Sophia & Malcolm Fraser

    Tim Sutherland

    K Benson

    J Grier

    Pat Wordie

    Marketa Johnson

    James Simpson

    Lisa De Has

    Madara Liepa

    Gill Bustamante

    Alex O’Paula

    Jim Grainger

    Doreen Wilson

    Brenda McQuade

    Andrew Calder

    Tony Jackson

    Chris Hamilton

    George Henderson
  21. Obi-Wan-anon Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    So if you didn't contribute, what does that make you - Irish?
  22. Ann O'Nymous Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    Made me laugh. Sorry...
  23. fitch2000 Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    I noticed they are having a 3 day something or other October 12th.
  24. Anonymous Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    I see that Gillian Sherwood is in to film making.

    If 10 of us anons each chuck in £100, I'm sure she'd love to star in a gang bang movie.

    Any ideas for a suitable title?
  25. auchraw Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    So Scotland is an insignificant little country which these morons can clear in no time. I used to think Scientology couldn't get worse but it just has.

    And you've got it wrong. It's Lady MacSherwood to you now.
  26. Anonymous Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails


    OT XXX

    Gang-Bang Sex Check
  27. Anonymous Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    Oh no... not more Bagpipe tech at Saint Hill!

    If they bring out the piper this year to blast at anons, please, someone have a quick whip round and give him some small change for busking for us.
  28. Anonymous Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    ... and don't forget the Anonymous Kazoo Orchestra joining in with the piper...
  29. Jinkii Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    I have been communicating with the Office of Lord Lyon, King of Arms (Scotland), misuse of heraldric arms in scotland is a serious offence, it is considered a form of tax evasion to grant yourself or others arms without honoring the crown (paying for the privilage).
    His secretary thanked me for forwarding the leaked emails to the Lord and assured me that if any criminal granting of arms had occured charges will be brought against HAPI and any officers of that organisation found to misusing Heraldric Arms for personal or organisational profit.
    also clans have to have a checkable history reaching back centuries if not millenia.
    So MacQuarie of Ulva = clan due to having been around for over 1200 years and having had a king of Scotland in the geneology,
    Scilon of Hunter Square = not a clan due to being an offshoot of a cult formed by a ginger maniac in the 20th century.
  30. auchraw Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    Does anyone know what building 'with a big hall' they are aiming at?
  31. auchraw Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    Is John Gourlay always drunk? Does he never clean his clothes? Is there no Mrs Gourlay? Could some talented person add him to a video of Before Scientology and After Scientology? Or am I wrong? Is this great oaf perhaps Frank Laidlaw?

    Edited to say, no I was right first time round. This eejit joined the cult in 1978 and has gone steadily downhill ever since, to judge by what we see.

    And the best I can do for Clan Hapi is 15, spread out very carefully so that every beaming little face shows.

    Sorry if this article has been listed before: from 2007, by Alan Caldwell.

    The controversial Church of Scientology is planning to target students at Scottish universities and colleges in a new recruitment drive.

    Leaders of the church, which is largely regarded as a cult and believes humans descended from aliens, have revealed they intend to send workers into campuses to seek out impressionable youngsters.

    Ironically, they believe recent bad publicity after the movement featured on the BBC's Panorama programme has helped attract new converts.

    Following the programme screening two weeks ago, which featured presenter John Sweeney becoming enraged at a Scientologist, leaders say they have seen interest in their Scottish activities soar.

    Until now, Scientology which counts a string of US celebrities as converts, including Tom Cruise and John Travolta has only had a small following in Scotland and a single base in Edinburgh But now it plans an assault on other parts of the country and has earmarked Glasgow as its next 'parish', with proposals already underway to recruit in the city's universities.

    Church leaders view students as a future source of income, as all Scientologists donate a large part of their salary to the 'cause'.

    And the group also hopes to use the young converts to form a recruiting pyramid, encouraging friends and family to join a process which has already been blamed for family break-ups.

    Now there are fears that more youngsters will be drawn into the cult, which was banned four years ago from running a drugs counselling group at Edinburgh University.

    Last night, a source in touch with the Scientology movement said: 'They are quite open about what they plan to do. Scotland has never really been a stronghold for them, but now, ironically, after the Panorama programme, they've had a flurry of interest.

    'It has led them to look at going into universities and colleges, much in the way the Moonies did, and target young people going through a stage in their lives when their minds are most vulnerable to suggestion.' The church, which has its largest following in America, uses celebrity congregation members to promote itself, but has failed to achieve official religious status.

    Even Victoria Beckham has now reportedly distanced herself and her footballer husband David from Scientology, despite their friendship in California with Tom Cruise.

    The Scientologists' bizarre belief that 'evil alien souls' have attached themselves to human bodies has led to worldwide scorn and derision of the 'religion', founded by science fiction writer L Ron Hubbard in the early 1950s.

    Its aims are also in doubt, as Hubbard was once famously quoted as saying: 'Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wants to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion.' Last night, John Gourlay, who heads the church's Edinburgh base, openly admitted the plans for expansion in Scotland and said the Panorama programme had led to a surge in the number of hits on its Scottish website.

    He said: 'Normally we get about five hits a week but, in the week after the programme, we had 150. More people are also calling into the building and buying books and DVDs and agree that the BBC was biased.

    'We are now looking to Glasgow. It would be great to expand there. At the moment, we do not have enough staff, but we will try by arranging meetings at weekends in Glasgow and hopefully build on that. The university campuses have always been a good place for us to recruit.' Despite having only a few followers in Scotland, the Edinburgh base boasts Frank Laidlaw, the former Scottish rugby international and British Lion of the 1960s and 1970s, as one of its converts to Scientology.

    He now acts as an 'auditor' at the Edinburgh Hubbard Academy of Personal Independence in South Bridge and plays a significant part in converting people to the cult, which does not recognise any one god in particular.

    Laidlaw, from Melrose in Roxburghshire, did not respond to requests for an interview but, on his website, he states: 'In my local Scientology Academy in Edinburgh, I have studied courses that have made me more positive in everything I do.

    'With the knowledge and drills within these courses, I can confront, communicate well and assist my family and friends to lead happier lives.'

    Scottish singer and former Generation Game hostess Isla St Clair has also visited the Edinburgh centre and is performing on Thursday at a Scientology Scottish event at the cult's headquarters the palatial Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood.

    Former scientologist Roland Rashleigh-Berry, who was briefly linked with the cult's Scottish operation, said yesterday: 'The Church of Scientology is a vicious and dangerous cult that masquerades as a religion.

    'Its purpose is to make money. It practices a variety of mind- control techniques on people lured into its midst to gain control over their money and their lives.'
  32. xenubarb Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    Although remotely distant from the homeworld, I haz a clan. It is hundreds of years old. I suspect there's some kind of authority governing such things, and if the Clam Scilon tries to invade Scottish games and other traditional cultural meets, they should be expelled. Caber toss, anyone?
  33. FUCK Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

  34. Optimisticate Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    Bad shoops in email are bad shoops.

    One reminds me of the wizard of oz though.
  35. Obi-Wan-anon Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    ORLY?, I thought that scientology didn't believe in ANY God.

    Or rather, they have but one God, and Hubbard is his name.
  36. pooks Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    From: Hubbard Academy <HAPI-IDEAL@BTCONNECT.COM>
    Date: Saturday, September 19, 2009

    Brags that Gordon Calder was 12 yrs old when he joined staff . Doesn't Scotland have child labor laws?

    Clix the pix to enlarge


    Gordon Calder

    Frank Laidlaw
  37. Shalashar Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    Assuming that nothing has changed since Scottish devolution, their labour laws should be the same as Englands.

    I believe that you are legally allowed to work even as young as 13, but there are ferociously strict laws on the amount of hours and the times when that work can take place. Basically they're allowed to do paper rounds and not much else.

    If he was on staff, doing regular staff hours, Scientology is in severe breach of labour laws as written. And by severe I mean the first thing would happen would be an inspection of current $cien orgs or other workplaces attached to them to check if it's still happening and if so almost certainly those in charge would face criminal prosecution, if not the entire network shut down (note that any judgement made in Scotland would not effect $cn in England, Ireland or Wales. )
  38. Random guy Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    Heck, even a Scandinavian like me have at times been' eating of the good haggis and initiated into a clan. That little haggis-fed part of me is screaming with rage, and the forlorn viking-part of me is screaming with rage at the defacement of the old enemy!

    Should they rear their ugly head at a Highland Games, ye all know where to aim the cabers!
  39. Anonymous Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    and now the poor kid is being shipped off to join the SO :mad: Clearly he hasn't been told the truth about "time off" and that he'll not see anybody outside the SO for many years to come.

  40. auchraw Member

    re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    Where is this fantastic futuristic landmark building they keep hinting at and boasting about?

    Are there any planning applications in for converting some large building in or around Edinburgh into an Ideal Org? If so it might be a good idea to put a wee spoke in the works.

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