HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by pooks, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. pooks Member

    Re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    I LoL'd at how they put a Scottish proverb about Fools after Chris Whitham's win giving money to idle org and IAS.

    Chris Whitman

    From: Hubbard Academy <>
    Subject: HAPI NEWSLETTER 72
    Date: Thursday, August 19, 2010,

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  2. SeenTheLight Member

    Re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    They'll have a Volunteer Minister tent "slap bang in the middle of Edinburgh on Sunday".

  3. basil Member

    Re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    I noticed that HAPI on Google Maps had some reviews but really could do with more.

    hapi edinburgh - Google Maps
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    Done. Let's see if it stays up.
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  5. coc Member

    Re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    say, any idea if if distilleries're affected by Scilons?
    I love scottish whisky and collecting that juice...
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    I do believe you are right.
  7. Panther Member

    Re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    I think I figured why HAPI must be an Idle Morgue; it's so DM can get a pipeline set up from there direct to Building 50 for his scotch supply. Thirsty work, kicking the living shit out of your staff.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    Well I am in Edinburgh right now for a couple of days and am sat in the bus stop outside Poundstretcher, opposite HAPI. I was expecting something impressive but its basically a doorway between two shops with an unmanned sign outside. Cant be arsed to go in and wind them up. If this is the best they can do then Scotland has nothing to fear. I see the bust of Hubbtard in the top floor window but no sign of any people anywhere.
  9. OpThetXVI Member

    Re: HAPI - Scotland - Leaked Emails

    Wait long enough and you may see some of them come outside for their smoke break. 10 points if you catch any of them looking anything other than bloody miserable.
  10. OpThetXVI Member

  11. tamsonsbairn Member

    Sorry if this has already been posted but if you check newsletter No1 and scroll down the page you will see the building they want for their ideal org. I think it is one of the old Bank of Scotland / Royal Bank of Scotland branches, not sure which one, should cost them a few bob I would think.
  12. Jinkii Member

    Haha! the bank of scotland, a well known institution who loves to throw their money away on lost causes (ABN AMRO) and expects the peons (UK Taxpayers) to drag their asses out the fire when they find out that loaning $500k mortgages to pizza delivery guys isnt a good move, if ever a building was suitable for their needs......
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  13. CarltonBANKS Member

    • Why were they [their org] "penalised" in the first place?
    • That Dani Halasz is a child, I think. His older brother is banging Steph Kane. (I think she's knocked up?)
    • Re: Damian + Zoltan, what are their surnames?
    • Are some of these parodies, SeenTheLight?
  14. SeenTheLight Member

    They're not parodies. You can read them on the HAPI website
  15. CarltonBANKS Member


    Are you allowed to walk around with a giant sword in Scotland, I wonder.
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  16. tamsonsbairn Member

    He seems to get away with it a lot, yet a guy who carries say a pen knife to use in his job can be arrested here, crazy law.
  17. eclectus Member

    Can't wait for an event with these patronising ***ts. Are there anything planned? Would love to go, not just for them and their hideous biscuit tin version of Scottishness obviously but for their totally barbaric , insane cult and in particular their treatment of the mentally ill, which is just so scary it hurts. Have had a wee bit of an encounter with one of them before, they drew me a pic of an alien and a pyramid as a gift after the join us stuff. Why those policies/ beliefs don't land them in jail, or a locked ward I don't know. I suspect that they are not successful up here because we are a bit careful with our money and a Church that charges you for everything is a bit funny, we used to palm our collection money at the normal Church when we were younger and it was only 10p, so they have no chance.
  18. AnnieOnOmas Member

    Punch me if i'm crazy but would it not be an idea to poon Alex Salmond while he is on the offensive for making Scotland a better place? If we got as far as taxing the twats they might (hopefully) crawl up their own arseholes and die.

    I can see from the previous posts that the CO$ is nothing to be feared at and the "church" in Edinburgh is nothing more than a drunk mans toilet at 3am but the fact that it's still here (no matter how small) still pisses me off.

    Thankfully the price of bucksfast is going up and people now have to prioritise.
  19. Anonymous Member

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  20. DeathHamster Member

    Oh dear, it's Clan Dumbass again along with the Mexican improv rescue troop.

    It looks like they're stealing images again. (Or taking pictures of other people and re-purposing them.) I doubt those people with the yellow flag beside "Here come the Scots" were at a Scientology event unless they were hired for the occasion.
  21. anon walker Moderator

    It seems that Malcolm forgot that he painted his butt blue, and he's been playing scratch n' sniff...
  22. "A big Thank You to all those guys (sexist) who flowed money (conned it out of innocent folk) to the IAS (Incredibly Arrogant Scam) via HAPI whilst at Saint Hill (Shit hole base of the cult). Also those who paid online. (But those of you who gave your last penny, slaved in the kitchens at St Hill, sold books, etc and didn't pay several hundred pounds for a ticket are useless scum). Also those of you who donated money to get the new psych DVD to Scotland (because we couldn't afford to pay the Royal Mail to post it and the two copies we need are way too heavy for us to carry back).

    Your names all went onto our Freedom Fighters Scroll (files that do not comply with the Data Protection Act and will be used again and again to try and get more money from you) which will be presented to management (used as toilet paper by DM)

    We are the IAS (and our numbers are falling rapidly)!"

    Meanwhile somewhere on the internet, Anons are fighting for our freedom from the cult and one day we might wake up!

    "Fools look to David Miscavidge, wise men join Anon"
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  23. SeenTheLight Member

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  24. DeathHamster Member

    As a Scot, I'd like to say that these people are dumber than this Mourning Dove:

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  25. "Scotland full of missions, field auditors and so on is a Ramming Smash to the middleclass world PTSness"

    Such a poetic summary, I have no idea what it all means but I just wet my pants laughing:)
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  26. kthnxbai Member

    I haven't been here for a year or two and wonder, did anything happen to these tartan pseuds in the interval?
  27. DeathHamster Member

    No new newsletters since March 2012.

    Here's something to fill that gaping void:
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  28. Cassie Member

  29. DeathHamster Member

    They're like Dungeons and Dragons levels, but you buy them with money instead of Experience Points. Just as real too.
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  30. Cassie Member

    I think I read way up there you are a Scot?

    It's the first time I've noticed this thread and oh jeeze I'm almost choking with laughter.
    It's maybe time to give the thing a reboot in some way?

    Just a thought.
  31. DeathHamster Member

    First generation Scottish-Canadian.

    Can't really restart the thread without more comedy material from their manky little org.
  32. Cassie Member

    I was thinking of something comedic myself.

    As I'm going down there next week I could do a recce or?

    Also Frank and co don't know me, I did my time elsewhere.

    Scot/American here.

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