Harlem Ideal Org opening. July 31st 2016

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  1. Harlem Ideal Org to open soon!

    Mike Rinder has a post up with quite a bit of news. I am excerpting only the part relevant to this thread.

    Mike Rinder: New From The Bubble

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    And finally, Harlem “ideal org” has obtained its Certificate of Occupancy and will open soon; late July is what the whispers speak. In fact, you can predict Dear Leader will be heading up to Harlem this weekend or next to yank his ribbon and pose for the video teams so there is something to show at the next IAS event in October. He will want to do this trip while he is still on the East coast, so it will happen soon so as not to cramp his plans for the summer.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
  2. I am a little concerned about this development, given that Harlem is historically black, and given the inroads that Scientology has made with the Nation of Islam in recent years, which is also historically black. I'd like to brainstorm a few ideas for limiting their potential pipeline from Harlem. For now I am doing research on the NOI presence in Harlem and NYC.
  3. /r/ mods update title with date mentioned in the flyer upthread - July 31 2016
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    Of the numerous spelling, grammar, and punctuation fails within that document, the hilariousest must surely be "the LRH tech we be able to deliver", because lol ebonics.
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  6. The Wrong Guy Member

    Harlem gets its Scientology ‘Ideal Org’ today, and David Miscavige doesn’t want you there

    By Rod Keller, The Underground Bunker, July 31, 2016


    Today at 1 pm, Harlem will get its own Scientology Ideal Org when church leader David Miscavige presides over a ceremony at the twin buildings on 125th St. We say “twin” because Scientology is not only opening its Ideal Org but also a community center two doors down on 125th between 2nd and 3rd Avenues.

    This project is a long time coming — the buildings were purchased way back in 2007, and Scientology has been talking about opening them for years.

    If this event is like other Ideal Org events, Scientologists will be flown in from around the country, but curious local onlookers will be kept far away with the use of closed streets and sidewalks, barriers made up of potted plants, and other techniques.

    Continued here:
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  7. will smith might be there with joseph travolta and tom mapother ?
  8. The Wrong Guy Member

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  9. cotq3pmwyaaoxqe-jpg.259164.jpg

    Looks like Question Mark and the Mysterians or perhaps it's Douchebag and the YesMen............

    They gonna cry.......cry, cry, cry now............
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  10. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology opened a new ‘Ideal Org’ in Harlem, and we weren’t made to feel very welcome

    By Tony Ortega, August 1, 2016


    If you think about it, it’s kind of amazing. Eight years ago — eight years — the Church of Scientology finished purchasing two buildings on 125th Street in East Harlem as part of its “Ideal Org” program. (They had actually started buying the lots in 2003, 13 years ago, for a total of about $8.5 million). One of buildings would be the org — Scientology’s version of a church — and the other would be a community center.

    But besides the millions spent to buy the buildings, there was millions more to spend on renovating them. And then tens or hundreds of thousands more spent just on the grand opening event itself, with an elaborate but temporary event space set up on a parking lot across the street. And who knows how much spent on scores of security guards, police presence, and other costs.

    But even with all of that work and all of that money spent, Scientology wanted no media or any outsiders at its event.

    Just think about that. Any other organization that had spent millions of dollars and nine years putting together gleaming new facilities, especially in a place like East Harlem, would be begging for coverage in local and national media.

    But Scientology is a bizarre world, and we kept that in mind as we walked down 125th Street yesterday a little before noon, carrying a couple of cameras and looking for a vantage point to see what we could of the ceremony.

    Continued here, with photos and open comments:
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  12. Makes me wish I wasn't banned although I have been banned from there like 10 times, Just create another disQus and you are in.
  13. The Wrong Guy Member

  14. Very good observation from TheOriginalBigBlue on ESMB.

    My Executive Summary: The Harlem Ideal Org is a PR action. Period, full stop. Nobody, including DM, expects Harlem to make money, nor cares.

    * * * * * BEGIN QUOTATION * * * * *

    My sense is that this is purely a lobby reinforcement strategy.

    If you are lobbying members of Congress and Congressional Committees for things like Religious Freedom agreements in foreign countries so they can treat public and staff like they do here, and co-opting other group's lobbying agendas like NOI and Ban the Box then those people who ally with them need to be able to point to something high profile to lend credibility to their association with Scientology and to neutralize the bad PR.

    Just for that purpose this could be worth subsidizing 100% from IAS funds and its added insurance for maintaining charitable tax exempt status - a cost of doing business. If I were planning this I would absolutely try to locate it in the center of an area with high name recognition and reputation for much needed social improvement that could piggyback on other group's already well established efforts.

    Scientology is for the "able to become more able" but that can just mean more able to sacrifice time, money and friends and family to Scientology. The challenge here is for the Harlem community to verify that it means what they want it to mean or minimally for the net benefit to the community to be sufficient to offset the negatives. The Church may indeed attempt to make this their case study for charity and successfully mask their true nature, at least locally.

    I'd also add that there is a PR advantage to the Church going into this hiring local law enforcement en masse and getting them on board with the idea that there is a threat out there that triggers their protective instincts on the Church's behalf. The Church evokes loyalty of public and staff by stirring up fears of government agency threats against Scientology and then gets the government agencies stirred up about threats from critics. Its all good. LRH loved to play PSYOPs and he infused it into the organization's dna. Personally, I think this cumulatively ends up backfiring on them but they can't help themselves.

    * * * * * END QUOTATION * * * * *
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  15. The Wrong Guy Member

    Here's an article by Brendan Krisel, a reporter from the Harlem Patch. Except for one paragraph, the cult will love it.

    Photos: See Inside Harlem’s New Scientology Church and Community Center


    Scientology is a religion shrouded in mystery. It's drawn attention for its gaggle of Hollywood star believers such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta, but for the most part the religion likes to preserve its secrecy. The church also been the subject of much criticism. The religion has been called a greedy cult and was the subject of an Emmy-winning HBO exposé.

    But the new Harlem location isn't trying to hide any secrets, letting this reporter in for a full tour of the facility.
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  18. The Wrong Guy Member

    Bonus items from our tipsters

    By Tony Ortega, June 3, 2017


    We got this great shot from our friend Kate Bornstein, who had this to say about the photo she snapped: “Today is a huge music festival. People are pouring out of the subway at 125th & Lexington. To get to the festival, they all (hundreds of them) have to walk by the org in East Harlem on 125th between 2nd & 3rd Aves. No body routers, no one handing out fliers, empty org.”


    Kate certainly has a point. After all, this is the reason that you spend the big bucks to have a storefront on a major street — for the foot traffic! And then when it comes, no one is out there with tickets for a Dianetics movie or handing out personality tests? How out-tech.


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