Has vic toews lost his mind?

Discussion in 'Canada' started by PresidentShaw, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. PresidentShaw Member

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  2. Anonymous Member

    My best guess on what Toews is saying:
    Jinny Sims took part in illegal strike action. (Probably when a teacher?)
    Boulerice has criticized Canada for taking part in WWI and, as Toews claims sympathizes with communists.
    He thinks these two MP's, because of their above stated views and actions, are weak ammunition against the current government and he is tweeting about them now in reference to the NDP caucus meeting: #NDP13.
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  3. grebe Member

    So politics in the frozen north is mostly name calling just like here, eh?
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  4. Anonymous Member

    I speak conservative fluently. It is my mother tongue.

    He says, "Bring torture back to the prisons, make the Red Ensign the national flag again, outlaw abortions, bring back leaded gas, get rid of medicare, and make Canada a Christian Fundamentalist state with Billy Graham as our ayatollah."
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