Discussion in 'Projects' started by Sponge, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. Sponge Member


    I noticed use of the word "HATE" on some picket signs in Australia.
    e.g. "Honk if you hate Tom Cruise" and others.
    It is generally not good IMHO.
    The cult will twist this and call you a bunch of "hate mongers/marchers" to the press.
    Before the next rounds of pickets start, please bear this in mind and if you can then please use better alternatives such as "against" or "oppose".

    Just some friendly advice.
  2. Amomynous Member


    Constructive criticism = win!
  3. hence why brisbane protest had a sign "Honk against Scientology"
  4. Grey Anon Member

    Sounds great. Remember to keep the hate out!
  5. But my internet hate machine only prints poster like that.. :oops:
  6. x13630 Member

    "Honk of you oppose Scientology"


    "Honk of you're against Scientology"
  7. I agree with the thread starter 100%.

    A little history: back when the cult first slipped in to Clearwater using a false front to purchase the Ft. Harrison Hotel, demonstrations were common for the first year or so right out in front of their HQ. I remember signs typically read "Honk out Scientology".

    Knowledge is power!
  8. eclectric Member

    Boy this needs to be a sticky. The COS is right on top of this and had a handy little statement ready that they aired on the newscast and called us all hateful bigots of their religion instead of their corporate business practices. Though we AFAIK had no "hate signs" around. While it was certainly a COS smokescreen for general public consumption, remember that COS IS taking pictures.

    Anons DO NOT want to give anything for them to hang their hat on.
  9. New York Anon here agreeing 100%. Hate isn't the word we want to be using out there, Against and Oppose are much better.

    And while we're on this subject i'd like to point out that we should not have signs that say we are "Against Scientology" but instead against the Church of Scientology as well as the Religious Technology Center (the corporation which owns the filthy Scieno Copyrights that disgust us so).
  10. anon375 Member

    DC had Honk if you think Scientology is a $cam

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