Have any Hubbard Policies or Tech been denied by Rathbun/Rinder?

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Lightattheendofthetunnel, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. Both Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun have lied and protected L. Ron Hubbard's brutal Fair-Game Policy and many others for decades which are still in full force to this day.

    Per Hubbard himself, only calling it Fair-Game was cancelled because of the bad PR it caused, none of the policy was cancelled in any way and continues unimpeded.

    They have a zero tolerance for any negative LRH comments (Entheta) which they both must still believe in or pretend to believe in for profit.

    Imho, these two are both operating under Hubbard's influence (OUI-LRH) and trying to profit from ex-scientologists who need to get away from Hubbard's mindfuck, not get sucked back in.

    How can they pretend that Hubbard was not a totally abusive lying fraud and censor the very people who need to hear the truth about this conman they have devoted their lives to.

    I wish that both would take an honest look at what they are trying to promote and protect and one day operate their lives outside of Hubbard's evil controlling, abusive influence.

    Google: L. Ron Hubbard / Fraud / Abuse

    Hubbard's policies towards children and their treatment constitute child abuse in and of themselves. Google: L. Ron Hubbard / Commodore's Messenger Org. (Abused children, all of them, imho)
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  2. I saw this vid today for the 1st time posted by an anon, very well done, it's been around for a year, don't know how i missed it...........
  3. Have any Hubbard's Policies or Tech actually accomplished what they claimed to deliver?
  4. Zak McKracken Member

    Has anyone since L Ron Hubbard actually followed the Tech exactly as Ron spelled it out for them?
    Maybe we'd all be Clear by now, if people actually used it instead of strutting and squirreling like Scientologists do today.
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  5. an0nim0uz Member

    Even if Hubby's tech worked, I'd rather die a lowly wog than participate in this faggotry.
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  6. Yeah Clear is exactly where I want to end up, I'd rather pour gasoline all over my head and light myself on fire than end up like this fuckbag.

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  7. Mark Cabian Member

    Mystic over at ESMB made up missed-withhold (as I recall) which was stolen and made into cult "tech". This was long ago when ol' Ronnie could still present new ... crap.
  8. RightOn Member

    must be hard to follow tech that doesn't work
  9. You'd think Scientologists would be pissed when they never attain any of the promised abilities claimed by the abusive fraud Hubbard when they allegedly reach his state of clear after they've paid in so many ways to the cult. There's never been one, never, not 1 motherfucking clear as their friend Jason Beghe would say so wtf are they selling, these two frauds, Rathbun and Rinder?

    The only way to control someone is to lie to them, per LRH, so he accomplished his goal of controlling all the poor bastards who joined to better themselves and now lie to promote the scam themselves.

    Operating under the influence of L. Ron Hubbard is no way to go through life. Marty and Mike are both OUI-LRH.

    To Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder: Please Stop committing fraud by selling more of this insane shit to ex-scientologists, give them a chance to reclaim their lives and help everyone by exposing what you know of this criminal enterprise you have protected for so long.
  10. I remember when the cult re-released a steamy pile of Hubbard's shit and called it "The Basics". They sent out a DVD of Miscavige's Nuremberg Rally announcing the release. Instead of being pissed off about wasting money and decades of their lives on material that was wrong, the retards were on their feet cheering about being charged once again to purchase a pile of shit which they already bought and wasting another few decades of their life on it. That is what Scientology is all about, dumbing them down, while brainwashing them to believe they can think for themselves and have their shit together.
  11. Mark Cabian Member

    The LRH claims used to be crazy! They PROUDLY said: Hey, you'll have control over mass, energy, space, and time. You know what that is Kyle? A fucking wizard. AND once "clear" you'll NEVER be bored again! You'll be way up on the "tone chart" for this and every lifetime! AND you won't need eyeglasses, you won't get sick, and your spirit can leave your body with all full sensory use, all under your command. You will remember past lives with perfect recall, as well as the entirety of this lifetime. So, you're planning on pre-paying now? We're going to clear the planet ...


    It is different now, like what I see in the Flag emails, for example. They are proudly selling: Havingness, beingness, expansion, knowingness. Yeah, a million dollars for "beingness"? Oh, I see my spellchecker didn't like that word. Because IT'S NOT A WORD! Try to sue for non-delivery of beingness from your classes. Sure, they still have references to all of those wild claims, but they are not spoken loudly. Some were deleted in later publications ... like that one bit about the soul having measurable weight. It's one thing to say that there were volcanoes on Hawaii (or Hawaii) 75 million years ago. Some people may no nothing about the world they live in. It's another thing to be obviously both-barrels of bronze-age bonkers and say a soul has measurable weight.

    I guess I am amused how they squirm and delete or ignore the fully insane writings of Hubbard. Maybe this is why DM is insane -- it's his job to make sure the cult looks good and is prosperous, and abundant with new clients.
  12. Smurf Member

    LOL. That will have the same effect as telling Moammar Khadafi to voluntarily leave Libya.
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  13. Exposing the Rathbun/Rinder bullshit is always a good thing. Now, gtfo, Moammar, i mean even BigBad Smurf left OSA, Anything's possible. :)
  14. Smurf Member

    Except, I left OSA poor. :-(
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  15. You did leave though, you saw through it all and chose to fight against the abuses, i wish a lot more would. There's a lot of good exes out there.
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