Haystack vs Virtual Machine

Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by MK_NED, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. I have a VERY GOOD idee. But first I want to know if Haystack already works in Iran. Does anyone know this? If yes it is wonderfull! BUT IF NO PLEASE CONTACT ME AT MK_NED@YAHOO.COM

    Please spread this.

    Thanks a lot.
  2. Who are you and why shoule we?

  3. lissnup Member

    Haystack works inside Iran :)

    From post on Haystack's blog Building the ’stack 22nd July 2009
  4. I am an Iranian living in Holland. Computer engineer and have good idea if Haystack is not (yet) working in Iran.
  5. Glad to hear that.

    Glad to hear that. That was all.

    Thanks for reply.
  6. Q-B2 shimmer


    i saw ur post on twitter.

    there are very serious question bout haystack. i think u to look at the haystack pinned thread in the "Keeping your Anonymity in Iran" forum

    quote from one of the post:

    -Who is the Haystack team?
    -Who sponsors them?
    -Where are they getting the money to write software to circumvent one of the most sophisticated filtering systems in the world in just a few weeks?
    -What is their background or expertise in cryptography, steganography, networking, etc.?
    -How do we even know this is the most competent team as opposed to simply the team that has garnered the most press and came up with the idea?

    the ppl who make haystack dont let anyone see it or know how it work , not even security proffesional. do your research remember real ppl could be impact by this if haystack dont work, so unregistered say in that thread:

    with friend & family in iran it must be safe for them. ppl already take enough risk in street. no need for computer to be more risk. who know what this haystack really do if nobody see it.
  7. Haystack

    My idea is GREAT. I have tested it with an ADSL line and it works. As I don't have a dial-up connection I can't test it and need someone in Tehran to test it.
    Someone replied this "Building the ’stack" but it is the Austin Heap himself. Does anyone from Iran confirmed that it works? Is Austin Heap not a man who is using the situation to get rich? And as you say how can we (blindly) trust him?
    I have done my best on Twitter, Facebook and here. But unfortunately not even one e-mail YET.
  8. Well, this is what Austin Heap team said. Does anyone from Iran confirmed this?
  9. Nedjarsan Member

    Got the reply from several ppls telling me it works.(still u never know)

    Anyhow Mr.Heap is a well known person !

    Just do some research on him and You will find out that it will be very hard to outmatch him in net-security walk-arounds.

    Never the less ...

    ... u do not have to support it if You do not trust it. It is Your own joice.

    And... why u need further Information about Mr.Heap and Haystack if u know very much about this all ? (no accusation, just a question)

    If You got a great solution just develop it up to the finishing touch and get it to our suffering Iranian brothers and sisters. (no worries, i am not family-related to all of them)

    It is always better to have several different sytems which have no proofable links to eachother.
  10. Virtual Machine

    I do not need any information about Mr. Heap. My question is about Haystack.

    Does Haystack work in Iran?

    I just want to help as I am an Iranian who was active 30 years ago with a "fake" revolution. Now I feel I am responsible to do something useful and help Iran and Iranians.

    I am a computer engineer and have wrote a manual "how to install, configure and work with a Virtual Machine (VM).
    You can surf anonymous (with NO filter) using a VM. I have tested it in here (Europe) and it works. But as you know we use ADSL and not all of Iranian do have an ADSL line. Most of them use a modem and dial-up connection. As I don't have a dial-up I can not test it.
    I need someone in Tehran to test it. That's all. Besides I don't ask any donation or need ANYTHING else.

    Hope to have been clear this time, let me know if not.:)
  11. I too am a computer engineer a well as a fairly aged security expert. If the protocol stack is reletively the same there is no reason why the physical layer would medium should change the way the application a presentation layers work. so I suspect teh answer is yes sure it should work fine. Bits is Bits
  12. MK_NED Member

    As I am not a security expert, I don't have any idee about protocols like stack. I just like to know if there are people in Iran who using Haystack. I've seen and heard from people on the net "Yes, its working". But nobody from Iran has confirmed this on Twitter, facebook. I am new in here and have no idea how to search and find someone from Iran saying "Yes, it's running on MY PC."

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