"He would not listen to anything and acted straight SP."

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  1. Here is a look into the activities of the "Office of Special Affairs" in Russia during the 1990s. A progress report done by "OSA" chief Birthe Heldt, former GO staff, on the attempts of Scientology Russia to infiltrate Russian hospitals.

    3 MARCH 94


    Dear Sir,
    As reported on my dr line in January I got into contact with Dr. Boiko, head of the
    Moscow Psychotherapeutical Clinique. He then expressed a want to have us, meaning our
    Dianetics delivery activity, under his sphere under the name of cooperation. He expressed
    his wish to form the future psych treatmemt in Russia. He told that he has worked out a
    psychotherapy like Dianetics but not the same as Dianetics and this is filed for
    registration as his property. Apparently he expects this to be something very valuable to
    him. He commented upon it as a commercial secret.

    On 26 January I met head of Moscow Medical Department Mr. Salaviof, who was
    upright antagonistic towards Dianetics being used for people as we help people and any
    help to people must be done under a license with his department. I met him in companion
    with Dr. Boiko and Dr. Filimonov, who works in Boikos Clinique.

    Salaviof claimed we violated the law by helping people without medical license. He
    would not listen to anything and acted straight SP. He said he would take a protocol note
    of having given us first warning about breaking the law by not being under medical

    Boiko then told me we should apply for getting a license as performing educational work,
    but the main point he stressed is that now all activities in Russia must be under license.
    His reference for this is a law enacted and valid per 1st Jan 94. We checked this with OTL
    lawyer, who said we should not enter into any agreements about any licenses as if we do
    then we are target for being kicked out when some SP gets this idea and will use the
    license as a way to create a violation making it legal to kick someone out.

    During the recent week a div 6 staff of the Moscow Dn Center met with a wellknown
    professor of Medicine Dr. Chaposnikof and found him antagonistic towards Dianetics
    practice as it is not under medical licence. He did not change his mind and let it be known
    that he only would do so in case we changed the attitude of some «Committee» of
    important people.

    A couple of days ago I got a call from Dr. Filimonof, who said he had seen a Dianetics
    newspaper telling that we have activities all over Russia, if that was true? Like e.g. in the
    region of Ivanof? I confirmed this and asked what is in this for him? He answered this
    was very interesting, that he was calling for Mr. Boiko about this. That they should
    discuss this. And no more data. I take all these indicators as a sign of potential trouble as
    there is an idea of wanting to control the activities of help to people under medical regi.
    Anyway in these contacts we relay the reality of the nature of the help we give and how
    really people learn to help themselves.


    1.Continue to find commlines to find out who is in positions to rule and who wants to
    control all help. Locate and develop commlines to the medical field/psych field and get to
    know the OLs there. Find ways to get them properly understanding the help activity we
    do and how it doesnt belong to the physical field.

    2. As a legal rud ensure we dont use wrong words in our com in written materials or in
    verbal comm like «treatment» and keep spotchecking staffs to understand the Dn
    Registration PL.

    ML Birthe, CO OSA RUSSIA.
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